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  1. Saw this on Facebook. Exciting stuff!!!
  2. Booking schedule for new Brisbane International Cruise Terminal is available... Vision and Voyager are booked from October 2020 onwards. I am intrigued!!
  3. Wonder if Royal Caribbean will base a ship in Brisbane once the new port is built...
  4. Oooh exciting!! Can’t wait for more sailing dates to be released!
  5. The rewards haven’t come back yet :o:confused:
  6. Fingers crossed they do!!
  7. I was having a look at the MyVegas rewards and noticed the RCI rewards have disappeared. Is it the same for you guys? I really hope it comes back soon, as we would like to redeem points for OBC!
  8. It was showing in the ships list part of the cruise search engine. Now it isn’t showing :confused:
  9. Spectrum is now showing on the RCI website, however cruises don’t appear to have been uploaded yet
  10. js4rq

    Spectrum itineraries

    Will do, thanks. I was hoping they’d be released by now :'):D
  11. Hi! Spectrum itineraries were meant to be released this week. I don’t see anything listed on the RCI website :confused: are they still being uploaded to the website, does anyone know? Cheers
  12. I’m itching for the Spectrum itineraries! :D
  13. Great to know, cheers!
  14. I cannot see what new itineraries have been released as part of Stage 1 China deployment this week..any ideas? :confused: