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  1. Lava is definitely flowing into the ocean for the last few days and should be visible from the ship . You can see photos on the Star-Advertiser website .

  2. We have stayed in several Deck 12 suites ( although not the specific ones you mention ) and have found the location to be convenient and quiet .


    SG suites are adequate for a couple and have nice balconies and bathrooms . If you want more room and a really quiet location , the end unit (12500) is ideal but is a more expensive category .

  3. Although we sailed on the POA before , our latest voyage showed some major changes , especially with respect to the new Deck 13 .


    We were impressed with the efficient boarding procedure ; surprisingly both the captain and the hotel director greeted us at the entry to the ship and we were immediately offered a glass of wine . After a pleasant lunch we went directly to our cabin and found our luggage already there . I mention this because we felt throughout the cruise that things ran more smoothly and efficiently than before . They really have their act together !


    Unfortunately , this was not true with our penthouse cabin on deck 13 . Although it had a very large balcony , the actual living area was much more crampted than similar suites on other decks and frustratingly awkward in layout ( no dressing area , poor storage space , narrow traffic pattern , etc. ) . Even the hallways on deck 13 are narrow .


    Aside from this issue we found the entertainment , dining , and facilities to be excellent .

    The library is outstanding . Food in the buffet was always fresh and surprisingly varied . We ate in the Bistro , Cagney's , Moderno , and La Cucina specialty restaurants and enjoyed them all .


    For us , the highlights of the trip were seeing the volcano and the narrated sailby of the spectacular Na Pali coast .

  4. Our travel agent has booked us into 13004 . This is a SE penthouse but has both a connecting door and a Murphy bed ( which we don't need ) .


    Has anyone stayed in this type of cabin ? It is hard to see how these features are arranged and we are concerned about noise through the connecting door as well as loss of space with both a Murphy bed plus a sofa bed . Is there a photo some where ?

  5. Has anyone stayed in a cabin on deck 13 ? If so , could you give some feedback ?


    We are considering making a booking on this deck but cannot find much information .


    Thanks in advance for any help you could give us .

  6. To clarify , it is still possible to eat out on the rear deck ; only the old furniture has been changed . We had no problem eating there and really liked the new decor .


    Moreover , the new Moderno restaurant area ( immediately adjacent ) is also available as a seating area at breakfast and lunch times ; it even had a breakfast buffet on our cruise . It becomes a speciality restaurant at dinner .


    As a result there is actually more seating at the rear of deck 11 than before the renovation . Our cruise was fully booked but we never had any problem finding seats .

  7. Having sailed the POA a few months before the renovation , we were interested to experience the changes . Overall we were very favorably impressed , especially by the much improved enthusiasm and helpfulness of the staff . There was a lot of positive energy on this cruise and we did not hear any complaints .


    The aft section of deck 11 has been totally redone . Instead of the cafeteria style furnishings there is now an elegant club style arrangement with both table and lounge type seating . Most evenings there was soothing live entertainment provided .


    Adjacent to this area is the new Moderno restaurant . This provides quite an experience ! After partaking of the extensive appetizer , soup , and salad offerings , gauchos come to your table with skewers of freshly grilled meats until you tell them to stop ( I should have stopped sooner ).


    A major change is the addition of new cabins and suites on deck 13 . This includes 4 single occupancy cabins , a few inside cabins , and a much larger number os suites with large balconies . It should be noted that some of these suites face out toward the pool area , resulting in a lack of privacy and possible noise problems .


    With the addition of more suites the POA has become more of a two-class ship . Suite passengers enjoy butler service , exclusive breakfast and lunch in Cagney's restaurant , and preferential treatment for boarding , tender service , and disembarcation, as well as a VIP party with the captain ( plus other amenities ) .


    Furniture , carpenting , TV sets, etc . have been upgraded throughout the ship and passenger flow at meal and show times improved . We never felt crowded or rushed .

  8. Does anyone have recent photos of the newly renovated cabins or suites on the Pride of America ? If so , could you please post them ?


    I realize that deck 13 is still being finished , but other decks should be in service .


    Thanks for any help or information !

  9. We have sailed in this cabin and liked it very much . There are indeed two full bathrooms , one off the main room and the other off the second bedroom .

    The main room is like a large cabin with a living area and a sleeping area as well as all the usual amenities . Four people could sleep there .

    The second room also sleeps four , but with two lower beds and two upper berths . There is a desk and chair , TV , etc but no real sitting area .


    If you don't mind the lack the lack of a balcony and the somewhat obstructed view , this suite is terrific for a family !

  10. We have stayed at the Kahala resort several times and enjoyed the experience . The beach is extremely nice and protected , plus there is a large heated pool . The rooms are spacious with nice views ( some have lanais opening to the beach ) . There was also a shuttle service to the Kahala Mall and to Waikiki ( not sure if they still have this ).


    A real oasis from the turmoil of Waikiki !

  11. Just off the POA yesterday. Other than the new TV in our balcony room (that never worked) I could not tell what was "new" the bed linens and couches in our balcony room had not been replaced (worn corners of the couch and small holes in the linens). To my naked eye the carpeting did not look new to me either. I think most of the dry dock work had to have been about adding the new suites and those floors were off limits to passengers. There were recurring plumbing issues all week and we could tell that the balcony areas needed painting as there were a few chips and it the corners needed a thorough cleaning.


    Even with the issues, we still had a good time because we were not there for the ship but the island.

    Did you try the new Cagneys or Moderno restaurants by any chance ? Any comments on the Aloha buffet ?


    Thanks for any information !

  12. Has anyone seen the results of the recent POA refurbishment ? I realize that the POA is currently on her first post-drydock cruise but , perhaps , someone on board could fill us in during the cruise or shortly after .


    Information on the redecorated cabins , new suites , and new restaurants would be appreciated .


    Mahalo !

  13. The sail away from Honolulu is really beautiful . First you see the Aloha Tower complex , followed by a superb view of Waikiki and Diamond Head , plus the coastal area with mountains in the background .


    Best of all , these are great views even after dark because of the excellent lighting . Don't miss it .

  14. On Veterants Day the new Vietnam Memorial Pavilion at the National Cemetery of the Pacific ( Punchbowl ) will be officially opened along with an orientation center for the memorial . This beautiful memorial has artistic mosaic maps and narrative .


    This may be of interest to Vietnam veterants and their families along with the earlier World War II and Korean War murals .

  15. Personally , I like to board the POA early enough to have a nice leisurely lunch and a nap before getting involved with all the rest . Several times we have seen people board the ship on the next morning in Maui after missing the departure in Honolulu . Presumably they had to pay the interisland airfare and overnight hotel ; what fun is that ?

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