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  1. I did not get the email. Thank you, cruisingator2, for your link! It does appear that Azamara and Celebrity are represented on the panel, and even though perceived as "US centric," I believe Azamara's CEO is on the right track. From the link: "Added Carol Cabezas, vice president and COO, Azamara: “The work of the panel will be open-sourced … available to anyone that needs it at no cost.” She added the panel’s work may be helpful to land-based entities from spas to hotels and restaurants. "We have to think about the destinations as well, we are working very closely with governments and ports we visit all over the globe to establish plans and protocols for the safe resumption of cruising,” said Cabezas, adding that extends to tour operator partners to make sure a safe experience continues from ship to shore. “The goal is to create an environment that mitigates risk to the greatest extent possible while the virus is (still) a threat.”
  2. Ithikan


    Of course you didn't try to claim the money back, Phil! I am confused as to why you have shared your decision here, on this thread? There is an unpleasant inference that other posters do not "take responsibility."
  3. Ithikan


    As I recall, for guests who proactively cancelled their booked, deposit-held cruises PRIOR to cancellation by Azamara, the cash refund of deposit was to be paid via credit to the bank card used for the reservation. This was SOP, and included a forfeiture of $150 per cabin. FCC instead of cash was/is offered by Azamara for cruises cancelled BY Azamara. It appears that the pandemic-generated refund process has been slapped onto all cancelled cruises, irregardless of cancellation date. I'm sorry this happened to you, Jackphyl, and hope you get resolution soon.
  4. Called our TA yesterday to check on the missing refund, requested March 23. She called AZ and was told that it had been "processed incorrectly," would now be passed along to the 'specialist team,' and thank you very much for contacting us. So, another two to three months of waiting and then I expect everything will be fine...
  5. Different, yes. Awkward, surely yes. Egregious to the point of rejection? Perhaps not for everyone, but this does present a sort-of-sailing holiday for those who don't object to wearing a mask in a corridor, and going through a foot bath to transit the sports deck. It appears that "external" contacts in port will not be permitted - I wonder if this will mean no 'tours by locals?"
  6. Good luck with that. I'm at 12 weeks, and waiting -
  7. I did as well, for a pair of cruises which I did not book. Suppose this could be a scam, but to find out would require contacting someone at Azamara (or my TA) and there is no way I'm volunteering for that hold queue.
  8. Hoping you can perhaps double-check your recent Cancellation emails, Azamara Team. I just received word that my two Quest sailings, Aug. 18 and Aug. 29, have been cancelled, along with instructions on how to rebook, etc. The thing is, I did not have any cruise reservations on Quest. I hope the intended guests receive word in a timely manner... But, since I have at long last received an email from Azamara (Yay!), perhaps you could look into my refund for the cruise that was cancelled on Mar. 23?? Still waiting... lol
  9. Thank you, Grandma Cruising, for the cheery photos of flowers!
  10. You are of course correct to wrist-slap my "Outrageous" comment. Travelers wish to visit wonderful places and I do recognize that I am not the sole traveler on this planet. I'll try to defend my exclamation by pointing out that this thread began: "Greek islands..." These are evocative words and send me straight away to twisted olive trees, lovely beaches, friendly people and chilled Greek frappes. So, Baynanno1's photo of a pair of mega cruise ships shouldering one another through the entrance to Valletta's harbor, belching smoke and readying to disgorge more than 8200 passengers, startled me out of my Grecian dream and into my response. I wonder if Grand Harbor will ever again host those ships?
  11. Outrageous! So sorry you encountered this situation! Our Azamara port stop in Valletta last July was flawless - perfect anchorage within easy walking distance to the elevator, thence up to the wonders of the city
  12. I love this forum. You can peel the passengers off of the ships but you cannot stop them sniffing the wind, checking the tides, or planning their next days at sea.
  13. Bonnie, I do trust that you will return, but let me take this time to thank you again for your work here. You were instrumental in solving an issue for me - while I was at sea, no less! Yours has been a consistently friendly supportive and friendly voice. Best to you, please stay safe.
  14. I am so very pleased for you, uktog - enjoy your family time! I imagine the freewheeling emotions will escape all masks and conquer distance, here's Cheers! for your prospective reunion.
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