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  1. It should be noted that the shelves above the toilet on the right, while handy, have a quite narrow ledge. I've had things fall through bumpy seas or my own clumsiness, and was grateful for near-misses with the toilet.
  2. Our mirror on Pursuit was mounted opposite the shower, and had a very stiff arm. I needed to use both hands to move it out and adjust it. Agree with the suggestion to bring your own.
  3. Pursuit's library/drawing room is also quite lovely. There are loads of books, well-shelved, and of course the "take a book, leave a book" table. Also, Pursuit's Den sports a very nice selection of coffee-table type and newer travel books. They're tucked into shelves along walls or at the ends of tables, and I found them to be invitingly displayed and well worth a browse.
  4. Unedifying says it all. We won't be sailing Azamara again following our 2 cruises this summer, and have been looking at a Seabourn itinerary. This nonsense about an officer - or "superior" - publicly admonishing crew for attempting to monitor some chair hogs is very bad news. I had hoped Seabourn could be an improvement over Azamara's slippage toward mass-market tendencies, but this story gives me pause.
  5. I hope you enjoy your next Aqualina experience, beachseeker, please let us know how you fared. Not to offer excuses, but your group likely appeared quite comfortable with the restaurant, based on your prior visits... I think large groups can become problematic. For instance, during our July Pursuit cruise there were several large, multi-generational groups. Several. Groups of 8 and 9 and a large, I -think 29 member, group with special dietary needs. All these groups wished to sit together at most meals, in whatever venue they mutually decided upon. Occasionally a group would change its mind, and the 8-top that was specially set up by servers in Windows (and viewed yearningly by couples looking for a place to eat) would sit vacant while the group reassembled out on Sunset veranda deck for their family meal. The waitstaff was consistently efficient during these set-up and break-downs. A bit more work for them, but they are pros. This is not to "diss" large groups who travel together - I applaud family & friends! - just a POV from the other side of the dining room.
  6. I am so sorry you'll be missing Zakynthos, Brigitte. We were on Pursuit's June 19 Greece Intensive, and Zakynthos (or Zante) was a highlight! It is a fascinating place with varied landscapes and, in our experience, wonderfully friendly people. Our private tour was led by Nefis Travel - we highly recommend them if you make it back to the island, OR if Azamara once again changes your itinerary ; )
  7. Ithikan

    White Night

    Spotted an all-white clothing shop on the main pedestrian road in Amalfi - I had my dress, though, so settled for an espresso and cannoli at the next door coffee bar : )
  8. Azamara Pursuit offers sparkling water (s) at all venues. Happy Cruising!
  9. Yes, it was our experience this past month that most of the servers aim to please. They, however, consistently asked if we wanted "sparkling water, or still." This is precisely why I suggested requesting a can of cold club soda - to prevent the servers running back and forth with their opened bottle of "sparkling" water. Just a suggestion -
  10. Just off a pair of Pursuit cruises; DH likes sparkling water. The usual pour was never sufficiently sparkling for his taste (our young grandson refers to this as 'spicy water'), and so he took to requesting a can of cold club soda - to be opened at table. Worked well for him and eventually the servers recognized him, making the request an easy process for all. By the end of our Greek Intensive 10 night cruise, I'd gone through an involuntary intervention as regards the included wines. Some nights the reds were so awful, I had to leave the glass after a few sips. Granted, it was boiling hot but to serve hot red wine is just wrong. Next cruise was better; I was familiar with the bottles and had learned which servers were willing to seek out prior (or future) offerings. As an aside, I don't do mixed drinks so wines were my quaff of choice.
  11. Just to follow up on the benighted bicycling shore excursion thread, I thought everything that need to be said had been said. No, I received a phone message to my stateroom saying that head of shore excursions wanted to discuss with me. He would be available during his hours, posted in The Insider. I located The Insider, and showed up next day. Introduced myself with the message to the fellow at the desk. He disappeared into a back office, from which first emerged Kristen, walking away and then head of excursions. He invited me to take a seat, as he wanted to now hear “my side of the story.” Good grief. All I initially wanted was a reason for the cancellation of the excursion, that’s it. Now, I was confronted with repeating the entire incident of, what I still would characterize as abject rudeness, a day later. I did my best and, stumbling to a halt, just said straight out “why was the tour cancelled? And why am I involved in a ‘two sides to the story’ scenario and why has this been escalated via Cruise Critic to Miami and now to this sit-down, and the subject staff person doesn’t have time to talk?” As has been mentioned, it’s just crazy to have this spectrum swing of terrific shore excursions through to ‘it didn’t happen, wasn’t as advertised, and so what?’ To have Pursuit staff in full defensive posture from the get-go is most assuredly NOT what I’ve, experienced, nor expect, from Azamara. screengem, I sincerely hope your suggestions are taken to heart re. Dubrovnik. The walls could be so worthwhile, but when jammed with visitors they are nightmarish.
  12. Thank you Bonnie, your apology was entirely unnecessary and is very much appreciated by Mark and I. Of course you are an invaluable member of the Azamara team, and prove your worth on this forum on a nearly daily basis! I confess to having been completely caught off guard when you were tarred, with a sneer, as nothing more than a travel agent by the shore excursion rep. And yes, uktog, some staff training on the topic is an excellent idea and overdue. Re. Bicycle tours and age limits - I’ve no clue. I’m sincere when I say I’ve no interest in venturing down that road again. It has been a stew of misinformation, missed cues, finger-pointing, disappointment, and I’m done. On a happier note, today we enjoyed one of the best ship excursions ever: Village of Tici & Olive Oil Tradition, out of Kotor. We were, I think, just 18 guests and the tour was everything promised, + more. Half of us agreed we’ll need to go home and throw out our over-heated, first-press, virgin olive oil from Costco - the price of being properly educated by experts who are passionate about their product. Lovely afternoon in Montenegro, time to unwind with a book in the Living Room.
  13. Well, we are on Pursuit now and, yep, the Dubrovnik bicycle tour was cancelled 48 hours prior. We were offered no explanation as to why, but were offered a 5% discount if we wished to book an alternative tour. We opted for Ston Oysters, received our tix, and were charged full price. A call to Kristen at Shore Excursions fixed that (verbally, I haven’t verified with Guest Services). So, today I asked Kristen - who was the Azamara staff member accompanying this excursion - why the cycling trip had been cancelled again. Not enough participants, I asked? She chided me, saying I’d asked a question and just let her respond. She went on to say that Azamara has no bicycles onboard, they are solely available through port providers. (Which is interesting, because I actually saw several bikes below during our June 19 Pursuit cruise!) I replied yes, I’d seen the FB photo of Ryzard donating Azamara folding bikes in Africa. “No. That’s wrong. We don’t go to Africa,” she said. The story goes on, but to summarize, Kristen stated that my cruise critic info was flat wrong; this person, “Bonnie” is a TA and knows nothing,” there is no such employee as a Chief Blogging Officer. I admit I’m confused now about Bonnie’s position in respect to RCI and Azamara; I feel undervalued and more than a bit embarrassed; and I want nothing more to do with bicycle excursions on this ship. So, Bonnie, I have no photos to post. Sorry. Teri
  14. Ithikan

    Azamara Bedding

    Currently on Pursuit... I stripped off the pillowcase, and then the encasement. Found the Pacific Coast tag, and then an adjacent tag which reads SKU#:13420023 PO#:45520533 Fabric content: cotton Shell made in: China size KING RN 19648 That’s it - Sorry. Nothing with your 25521 number. Hope this helps!
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