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  1. I am so sorry to read this. We were actively considering adding another segment to create a B2B next summer, however, this sounds unappetizing. Having a second think, and we may revert to extra land time. I don't want to flee my favorite spots on the ship if health-driven protocols cannot be enforced! Again, I'm sorry to hear about this.
  2. We just booked the Jan 7, 2024 15-night Chilean Fjords cruise : ) The extra time in Uruguay sold us, due to rave reviews of the ports by some members of the Azamara staff. Looking forward - far forward - to this cruise.
  3. Ithikan

    Tanya Roberts

    We enjoyed Danny Turner on our Jan. 2020 cruise on Journey. Young, accessible, and legitimately energetic with his welcome, we'd consider ourselves lucky to sail with him again.
  4. Nice photos, Huntingdom1701. La Serenissima, indeed!
  5. A current tracker shows her underway by engine at 15.1 knots, 127 degrees. Hopefully, no major issues.
  6. There is potential for problems with the above-mentioned "private-private" tours and that is, with apologies to Blanche, that we must "depend upon the kindness of strangers." Many of us connect online via the cc roll calls, and commit to a tour with local guide. All well and good. My own experience was a disaster when our Dunedin tour was hijacked by a fellow cruiser. It's a long story but suffice to say, that the tour guide is no longer represented by that organization; we were promptly refunded; and I've sworn-off organizing private tours.
  7. Another sincere "Thank You!," uktog, for continuing to post these updates despite the fraught WiFi situation. I am so enjoying the cruising notes and photos, and truly appreciate your reports re. testing logistics.
  8. Thank you for your posts, chengkp75! I very much appreciate your clear explanation of vibration, and all the reasons why one Azamara ship may differ from another in this regard.
  9. Again, Huntingdon1701, I must thank you for the photos and posts. Your Santorini sailing excursion looks like something we'd very much enjoy, having visited the island several times in the past. Well done! But, the "Recommended Attire: Sparkles & Glitter" for the deck party would leave me pondering my packing choices -
  10. Congratulations to the intrepid Lindos Acropolis climbers! We've visited Rhodes three times but have yet to explore Lindos. Very intrigued about the possibilities now, but will pass on the donkeys ; ) Thank you again, Huntingdon1701, for these trip reports!
  11. Thank you, Huntingdon1701, for these posts! It's interesting to see a maximum of 16 guests noted for Trivia in the Den. We grew fond of that activity on our last Azamara cruise, soliciting advice and clues from the bartender who was always friendly, sometimes funny, and occasionally correct 🙂. Following your comments with pleasure.
  12. This happened for us a few cruises ago, and it was sweet! And, we were able to use the new, larger discount on the cost of a future cruise, which we then booked onboard : )
  13. Thank you SummmerKnKefalonia, much appreciate your efforts here!
  14. Ithikan

    New Survey

    Thank you to all of you who completed the survey. I'm certain my responses would have aligned with others, had I been invited to participate ; ) As Baynanno1 mentions, hopefully there will be feedback from the 'new' Azamara.
  15. Under the new rules, this vessel could qualify for entrance to the Venetian lagoon. Hope they wouldn't be tempted to repeat their party-trick as they pass the Doge's Palace...
  16. I found an online reference to Journey's length at 593.83 ft. A paltry difference there, but at 30,277 GT she definitely outweighs the 25,000 maximum. Perhaps more importantly, Azamara exceeds the projected passenger loads by more than 500. From AFAR magazine: Italian Premier Mario Draghi’s office noted that permitted ships generally have about 200 passengers compared to the thousands that huge cruise vessels carry.
  17. You sent me down an entertaining rabbit hole, Phil, when you wrote "face like a fiddle," lol. I now understand your fellow passenger had a long face, filled with misery. And I've also acquired a new phrase for a 'happy face:' “made of a fiddle” was always wreathed in smiles, as a fiddle has a much-curled shape. The origins of the modern expression [= fit as a fiddle] probably lie somewhere among these associations, assisted—as is often the case with popular expressions—by alliteration. Thank you, I always learn something new from this forum...
  18. Your begonias and bee hotel are beautiful, Grandma Cruising!
  19. MNgardens and Mackdogmolly, I'm so sorry to learn about what your daughters are going through. Unhappily we're finding out more each week about the long term effects of this awful disease. On the subject of cake, I wonder if it was those particular Croatian apples that made the dessert so deliciously special?
  20. Ithikan

    Journey's Den?

    Thanks, Phil. This makes me very happy!
  21. Ithikan

    Journey's Den?

    Is there any insight as to whether Journey will have a dry dock addressing Deck 5 and the casino/slot machines? Pre-pandemic, there was talk of converting this space to "The Den," like Quest, Pursuit, and now Onward. Thanks for any replies, informed speculation, or wild guesses...
  22. We've used backpack (under the airline seat) and small roll-aboard for the past several years, with absolutely no regrets. I don't quite know how, but we still managed to overpack ; )
  23. Our first Azamara cruise was a 14-night jaunt around the Med in 2009: Athens to Rome via Alexandria, Ashdod, Cyprus, Turkey, several stunning Greek islands, etc., etc. That itinerary has not been repeated. I'm a huge Homer fan and grabbed Ulysses for my CC name, later forgot the password and so changed over to his home island of Ithaca. (BTW I'm a woman, and received a few surprised glances during that sailing's MM get together.) This is an interesting thread!
  24. Florida's governor has blocked any business or government entity from asking any person about their vaccine status. Fine for asking is $5,000 per incident. And it was announced today that Florida will no longer release daily virus data, moving to weekly updates. Good thing the state enjoys so many sandy beaches, ideal for the burying of heads...
  25. In this regard I shall, as always, depend upon the kindness of strangers. Please, forum participants, post the the news here.
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