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  1. I'm sorry too that you didn't have a good experience in Morocco. We were there several years ago with Regent and made two stops. We had a wonderful time....excellent lunch in a little private establishment that we never would've found on our own. It was clean and people were lovely. Although there was some jockeying for position in several markets, no one badgered us. We had an excellent guide...sometimes that makes all the difference. We did experience the "ride the camel" thing at an overlook. The one we still laugh about is the "hold the baby goat, lady..." After several pesters from the young man, I told him that I lived on a farm and have held baby goats, baby lambs, piglets, foals, etc. If he had a baby camel, I'd hold that, as I hadn't had that experience before. He then backed off....We still giggle about that one.
  2. WOW! That is a great and wonderful thing and how ridiculously simple!!! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Thank you all. Will keep watching for her, whatever ship we're on. She did a great job!
  4. You're absolutely correct, Bill. We all need to take this problem (and it is a problem) seriously and do our part. I'd just as soon not leave a plastic dump for my kids to sort out. How does that saying go? "After me, the deluge..."
  5. Quickie question for you folks..... Is Karolina still the head sommolier (sp?) I thought she did a fabulous job on our fall crossing. We think she's a treasure! If she's not on the Spirit, does anyone know where she is?
  6. You're kidding, right? I really don't know much about the "new" water system on the Explorer, however I do know that the environmental impact of plastic of all kinds is a SERIOUS problem. Now fish in the farthest reaches of the planet are showing trace amounts of plastic in their system. Guess you don't eat fish or care that you're ingesting plastic. One of the biggest culprits of this plastic onslaught are plastic water bottles. As far as "glistening", we see their little shinning bodies everyday, along the roadsides..... Sorry about the venting. I feel very strongly about the one use plastic travesty.
  7. I think you can order cocktails for the cabin from room service without any problem. On our very first Regent cruise on the Mariner (transatlantic from Monte Carlo to Rio) we entered a boat building contest with the folks from several neighboring cabins. On our first work session, our "hostess" asked what we'd like to drink as she was calling in an order. There were 8 of us....a campari with orange and one ice cubel, a champagne cocktail, a white Russian and so on. I was in absolute awe when a cabin attendant (not a butler...we didn't have THAT kind of a cabin) showed up shortly with the expansive order, all perfectly executed along with snacks.....I still don't think I've gotten over that one....awesome! So, no, I don't think it would any sort of problem! Enjoy!
  8. OMG! What a fabulous thread! I'm now drooling! We'll be on board the Explorer in July and I've written down all of the yummy choices. My only concern is that we won't be on board long enough!! I'll take my list with me so we can try all those wonderful recommendations! I'm hoping that someone will elaborate on great and wonderful libations to try. Lemon Drop sounds good. Haven't tried that one yet.....However as Z mentioned, a good Hendricks with cuke is pretty hard to beat...and then there's the good champagne, and of course Margaritas an Bloodies by the pool.....oooh so many choices, so little time! Carry on.....!
  9. See....I told ya that drinking ALL of that Clicquot in one shot would get you into trouble!!! (giggle!). No more crashing and burning, please! And yeah, as Z just brought up, are you representing us BMMS members, at least at one of the bars, if not the pool watering hole??? All kidding aside, please be careful with yourself. Sounds like you're continuing to have a wonderful time. Looking forward to the next edition of your adventures! L&J
  10. OMG!!! Be still my heart! Who is that handsome movie star?!! Fabulous photos!! Party looked wonderful! Continue to carry on and have more great adventures! Linda
  11. We're just off from the Sept TA. Only one desk top available for passengers...It's in the reception area, next to a window. I had people line up to ask me questions, thinking I'm some sort of staff person. Didn't realize I looked so official! Back to topic.... All of the coverage from Master Echo and TC has been wonderful. Photos, fabulous. Keep up the good work! We're all enjoying it!
  12. Lovely news about Captain Serena! She is a true asset to the line.
  13. Your photos are all wonderful! Loved all that seafood and of course you suite! I did spy that bottle of Cliquot (sp?) in the bar area. It's crying to be iced! "oh please use me! Maybe another one of my sisters will appear!!" (giggle!) Continue to have fun! Best from J&L
  14. Woo Hoo! Even tho it's Eastern time here...3:18pm, I'm guessing you've made it to the ship and are probably on board sipping some champers (just what is it? real stuff or some "other"..giggle!). I think the worst is over now and there's nothing but smooth, enjoyable sailing from now on in! Take a breath and enjoy all that Regent and the Explorer offer! More in an email later. Hugs to you both, L&J
  15. Thank you all for your replies, especially from daetchief (as above). Gives us an idea of what we could expect in Stockholm. Does any one know anything about a pre cruise hotel in Copenhagen?
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