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  1. We miss you guys too!!! Can't have a proper MBM Society meeting without you! When you get a chance read your email....I wrote you a couple of weeks ago
  2. Giggle! Where are you going next? We're headed to Canada/Bermuda in a month.....care to come along?
  3. We'll be doing our 50th next year, but may have to break down and tote a bottle of "the Widow" along on our next cruise. We don't have to fly, so shouldn't be a problem, but I'll miss having a special champers served in a bar. Guess I can survive....such a first world problem!
  4. Aw phooey! But I get it, and understand. Was hoping they might crack one bottle per night in one of the bars. Will think about purchasing a bottle and leaving it in a bar..... Thank you all for your responses!
  5. Thanks, all. I like "English Voyager's" idea of splits.....that could really work! Hope Regent is listening!
  6. is there a cocktail menu out there that might list what champagne is available in the bars? Maybe there would be info on that?
  7. Hi Jackie! Your answer makes a lot of sense. Maybe you can't get higher end champers in the bars......I'd order a bottle for the cabin, but who wants to drink high end champers, by yourself, in your cabin! Well.....maybe a lot of people! (giggle!)
  8. This has probably been addressed somewhere on this forum before, but I can't find it! What I'd like to know is this....Can I get a glass of Clicquot in one of the bars? I know I can get a bottle in the cabin for a charge, but if I can get a glass in a bar, that would be great. I know there will be a charge for this (no biggie). Is there a service charge added on to it? Thanks for any and all help!
  9. Regent has put us at the Epic in the past. Lovely hotel....can't find fault in any way.
  10. Awww....love the photos of "the Saloon". It's our favorite bar on ANY ship. And of course, when Mark is playing, it's just the best at sea....no one, no place, comes even close.
  11. So glad that you're continuing to post. As someone mentioned previously, if Regent folks are interested, I'm sure they can find there way over here!! haha! Loving your photos and yup, that's some ugly carpet. Now we know the little Navigator isn't the only one that has dog doodles and pee on their carpeting!! (forgive me Crystal, but true!). Anyway, carpet doesn't make a cruise.... Happy you got to see and hear Mark. He's amazing. If you return to Crystal and he's on board, he'll remember you! Please continue to post and most importantly, have fun! L&J
  12. Toiletries are like food....some like it, some don't. Keith's right on the money as to bring your own, if you're not sure you'll like the Etro. We usually enjoy whatever the line is "serving". Since we don't do much of anything "exotic" at home (Suave and Head and Shoulders...haha!) I love trying some of the "designer" goodies! We're fine with the Etro and I didn't find the scent objectionable at all. I DO like the color coding. I don't need to read which bottle has what stuff in it. If it's green (or magenta, etc.) I know it's shampoo (or body wash, etc.) Nice that I don't need glasses to read what I'm using!
  13. So many wonderful cocktails.......so little time! mmmmmm!
  14. And speaking of breakfast....(giggle!) If you get a chance, go to the bistro around 10ish and try a Portugese (sp?) tart. OMG!
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