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  1. I love the sound of that last one...very classy! But in reality for us New Yawkers, it's more like Ka Nard....(giggle!)
  2. The one phrase that encompasses it all for us...."their ships look and feel like ships, not malls..." In this day of bigger is better , it's lost on us. Although Cunard ships are not small, they most certainly feel like ships and not floating condos.....
  3. We've also received a small brochure from them. Not a whole lot of info in it....We've never heard of them either.
  4. We live in the hinterlands of NYS. I tried every conceivable place ranging from our private physicians to ALL of the local drug stores etc. We don't have county clinics. When we finally found the international medical who actually didn't look at me crossed eyed, we took it. Believe me, if we had a better option we would've taken it. Have no idea what's in store with the covid shots....will deal with whatever comes, down the line.
  5. We got our yellow fever shots from a specialist in international medicine and travel. If need be or would work best, we'd go back to the same place for the vaccination and verification. Pricey? yes....worth it, could be if that would get us cruising again.
  6. Yes, the yellow fever shot was a difficult one to find and very expensive. We "had" to have it for a Regent trip up the Amazon, as it was necessary to go ashore at Devil's Island. We pad the 300$ each for a shot, finally tracked down a place to get it (an hour each way). Upon boarding, we proudly presented our yellow cards, not even looked it...told to hang on to it. I checked at reception as to when to show it, should a copy be made? etc. Answer, was...."oh I don't know, I'm not familiar with that".....(really?) Long story short, it was never looked at, never checked.....
  7. Very good point....I agree completely!
  8. You mean a chip like the one our dog has, should he go lost? A chip under the skin? I don't think so...haha! What about the yellow vaccination card with the stickers from the vial your shot came from, etc. We have one from our yellow fever shots Why couldn't a covid vaccinatoin be added to that?
  9. In the past we've brought a case of "special" wine. Corkage used to be 15$, it's now up to 20$. We'll probably bring a few bottles of Clicquot for in cabin "treats". However there is no stigma whatsoever about bringing wine/spirits onboard but as mentioned above, only for cabin use.
  10. Great to hear from you....hope you're both well! Looking forward to the day we can all sail again...anywhere!!!
  11. aw....we loved the little Navigator! Intimate, semi yacht like, a real cutie...long may she sail!! Linda and John
  12. We've just received the latest "magazine" from SS. We've loving Steve McCurry's photography! A couple of years ago, his catalog cover photo of the young man in the Italian garage really caught my eye. Since then, I've researched Steve's work and have found it stunning. Yesterdays issue on Northern Europe was equally wonderful! Kudos to SS and Steve for a great relationship!
  13. I think now there is marine security that patrols via RIBS for almost any passenger ship in NY. I have never seen any kind of armed guards dockside or onboard. I'm sure there is plain clothes security around, but not overtly showing arms.
  14. At this second in time, I don't even care where we go....QM2 out of NY harbor and into the Atlantic and just spin around for a few days.....I don't even need to see land!
  15. Another great report! Almost like being there....well, almost..haha! Loved your photos of the heavy weather and hearing how well you survived it! We too like to "dance along the promenade"! I especially like hearing all of the details....what you drank and where, what you ate, and even the bountnere (sp?) mishap!! Keep up the good work and we'll all be waiting for the next installment!
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