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  1. Mudhen

    Welcome bottle of bubbly in the Grills?

    Ut oh........oh well!
  2. We'll be sailing soon in a Princess suite aboard the QM2. Does anyone know if there is a welcome bottle of bubbly/champagne in the cabin? If so, what is it? Thanks in advance!
  3. Mudhen


    We call that pop "the happy sound"! There is no one who enjoys bubbles that doesn't love that sound!
  4. Mudhen

    Just Back from Silver Spirit - Disappointing

    We did the TA as well in Sept. Weather was awful, but that's not SS's fault. Must agree with the non changing menu. It was getting tedious after the first week, however we had no complaints with the food quality except for a funky French steak. Slate plates a little silly, but not a deal breaker. Service we received was quick, pleasant and efficient. We thought the wine service (thanks to Karolina) was superb. Different choices each night and if you wanted "that white from 5 days ago", it came in a flash. Both champagnes ("Blue Top" and Pommery) were lovely and a definate cut above what Regent is currently serving. Not sure what Crystal is serving at the moment. "Our" bartender always greeted us by name and knew what we liked..... It will be interesting to see how SS changes in the near future, now that it's a RCI member....
  5. I must apologize for being REALLY late to this party! For some reason, I didn't know (or remember) that you and TB were on this particular cruise. John and I just finished a SS Spirit TA at the end of Sept and can sympathize with the weather. Ours was terrible too! As Jackie mentioned, we think of our Malaga tapas tour with fond memories and so far, there have been no good meetings of the Margarita and Bloody Mary Society meetings.....sob! We enjoyed reading your adventures and wish we could be a "reunion" cruise somewhere along the line. We've considered doing the British Isles as well.....when and which ship are you guys going on? In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season! Hugs all around, Linda and John
  6. Mudhen


    Only guessing here, but could this possibly be some sort of cost cutting snafu coming from NCL? Maybe they got some sort of "deal" from the Germain people? We're just off the Silver Sea Spirit and had the best wine/champagne ever, on any ship. I live in fear that RCL will take a look at the great and wonderful choices and think...."hey, they don't really need all of that....." I'd be heart broken. Please, Regent, whomever might be reading this, don't go low line now.....
  7. Mudhen


    OH NO! I'm NOT a happy camper! I've had the "Germain" champers before and as Jackie said "YUCK". We've sailed Cunard before and will again soon, and in the past there's been a horrific bubble concoction called "Pol Aker".....great for removing rust but forget washing socks...it would disolve them. I'm putting Gemain in that boat as well. I'm so sad to hear this..... So I'm guessing if I order a glass of champagne in a lounge, I'm getting the awful stuff??? Not a proseco fan... Sob.....
  8. Found you! Just sent off an email, but lo and behold found your blog! A little late to the party, but we made it! Sounds like you're having a great time already! Enjoying your take on it all, as well as everyone else's. I'll be interested in the "new" champagne(s)? What kind was it that was so bad? Any other choices? Sure hope so! Any new cocktails? Who's tending the Ob bar?....ok, done with questions! We'll continue to ready your adventures......carry on! L&J
  9. Mudhen

    Is it just me..........

    Not a fan, as well. Old habits die hard I guess. Much prefer the old format.
  10. Mudhen

    Christmas decor?

    Your photos (all of them!) are absolutely glorious....they're from post cards, right? (giggle!!). Thanks for sharing them!
  11. Mudhen

    Christmas decor?

    What a lovely photo! We board on the 25th as well ! Will look forward to viewing some of these great decorations!
  12. Mudhen

    Christmas decor?

    Sounds great! Thank you!
  13. Mudhen

    Christmas decor?

    Does anyone know when the QM2 begins to decorate for Xmas?
  14. Mudhen

    Maitre d's in the grills on the QM@

    Wow! That was fast....thank you for that info. Any chance you could find out who's in charge in Princess?
  15. Does anyone know who the current maitre d's are in the Princess and Queen's grills?