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  1. I would think this would all be pretty simple. If enough Regent folks are interested in a "water cooler" than if it's possible, there should be one. If you're not interested, then no one if forcing you to read it. When we were cruising with SS it was fun to check in on what was happening in "the cooler", but after while I became somewhat bored with it and I now don't read it, even tho we still like SS. Just because I'm not interested any more, doesn't mean there shouldn't be one. Simple....if you like it, read it.....if you don't, then don't!
  2. I think the jist of this post could make for some good conversations/suggestions. I can't say I agree with some of your thoughts on cost cutting, but many of us could add things that could possibly be trimmed. For the most part, I hope they do not change their liquor selections as part of the fun is in trying that "new" vodka or a specialty after dinner drink that I might not be familiar with. I also appreciate the nice wine selections. I know that folks sometimes have trouble with fresh flowers, but I personally love them. Fake ones would remind me of MSC... Perhaps toiletry brands could be changed to something good, but not as pricey as L"Occitane. A lot of people bring their own anyway. OH....and here's a big one.....cut down on the continual mailings. Send us the "Bible" and only the flyers that indicate some sort of change (itinerary, ship, price, etc.) We just received one that was basically worthless, as most of the cruises had already been canceled. I know they need to prepare these things in advance, but a little more careful scrutiny might be in order to save some $. Several years ago there was outrage on the Crystal board when they took the doily out of the trash cans in the cabins and did away with turn down chocolates, offering instead, a small box of quality treats. Apparently, much like the AA olives, it saved a bunch. We didn't mind a bit...... Anybody else have some ideas?
  3. Same here, just recently and I got my hand slapped, even with a veiled address.
  4. We did a crossing from Monte Carlo to Rio many years ago, and we also had a build a boat contest. WE (polishing my finger nails on my coat...giggle!) WON! "Our" team's was all home made as none of us had a butler! Lots of fun!
  5. I know that statistics are just what they are, but I question worldometer in some of it's tallies. We live in NY (not the city) but so far none of there numbers come even close to what we're getting from NYS. I'm not saying that "our" numbers are correct, but after watching worldometer for several days now, I'm not seeing where they're getting their numbers....some are very much higher and some are insanely (I do wish they were correct) low. I think everyone should take all of these numbers with a grain of salt...and not really hold a lot of faith in them.
  6. Thank you....will check it out as your tally is considerably different from what we get on our state site.
  7. A New Yorker here....only wish that our deaths yesterday was 115, how about 166? and we've slaved to get it that low..... Where did you get your figures from?
  8. We're with you, Sheila ! Hope it will happen sooner rather than later! Linda and John
  9. Be careful! I got "my hand slapped" for doing basically the same thing....beware!
  10. We'll see what we can do! Would be delighted to join you.....will keep you posted!
  11. Could that be the Vancouver to Tokyo trip in Sept? We're considering that one as well.......
  12. Phew....that was a long one! (giggle!). Yes, that's a long time to wait however if it's something that you'd like to do (thinking itinerary) then you should absolutely go for it! We're awaiting a cruise in November with a dream itinerary but of course, that's VERY up in the air at the moment. All that being said, I think you'll like Regent. We too thought that Regent was A LOT of money, but now after many cruises with them and adding up all of the things that we would pay for on other lines, Regent is completely comparable. One thing that we found onboard R was that we were much more sociable. You could actually sit with folks and have a second drink in the bar without dividing up the tab, add on the service charge and sign. None of that on Regent. There is no charge for almost all of the shore excursions, many lovely choices for wine with dinner, all included. You can actually get off the ship with no tab at all, or depending on if you have OBC, sometimes that's refundable. We got off once with a credit balance. We have done lots of cruising on MANY different lines, from the sublime ( Regent and Crystal) to the ridiculous (MSC, for us). Oh, and almost forgot.....business air. WOW! We don't have loads of points from various cards to use for upgrades, etc. We had never flown business until a few years ago, when Regent threw it in.....well, there was no going back. Some of the fares for business air were almost as much as the cruise fare in some cases. And lastly, I think all grades of cabins are wonderful....I think the only thing that separates many catagories is location. I hope that you will give Regent a try....it would be a great and wonderful thing to look forward to! Good luck in whatever or wherever you plan to go!!
  13. That was a simple reply and now we ALL know where FD Beach is. No need to get snippy....we've all got enough other problems without being snide on CC.
  14. We too, have been there, done that. We won a 3 day weekend at a Sandals in Jamaica. What was good was that we could visit (and or eat and drink) at any of the Jamaica Sandals. We toured at least 3 of them. Most definately NOT for us. Glad we found out before booking a weeks stay at any of 'em!
  15. Sending all possible good Karma and vibrations your way, Irishwitchy. Stay strong!
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