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  1. Aw geez....so very sorry you're going to miss your cruise. Of course we're concerned about your and your wife's health, but on a truly selfish vein, I had looked forward to your comments about your first Crystal cruise. I will just have to wait....and I can do that! Looking forward to a time when you're both healthy and off to new adventures!!! Linda
  2. Sigh....not one of my favorites, but will manage to choke down....(giggle!) Thank you for the info.
  3. I know this was asked a while ago, but I couldn't find an answer. What kind of champagne is being used as a general pour? (not Prosecco).
  4. It took two cruises to get Crystalized....First ever TA, years ago, Serenity. Dining arrangement was awful. Assigned table for 8. Upper level. Noise was so terrible i couldn't hear any conversation at all. Hated that ! However as we were packing, our stewardess knocked on the door, two bloody marys in hand (well before AI) and said that she noted we liked them...so she thought she'd treat us to some...aw....couldn't have been nicer! Next and final step. My daughter and I were on the Symphony, immediately after they went to AI... Dining room, dinner....oooo, lobster! Our wonderf
  5. Which beach? I'd like to know the answers to the above questions as well!!!
  6. Success! TA got us exactly what we wanted, PG for the Feb. rt NY Caribbean run. She did say she was on hold for an hour or so, but did manage to get us the exact cabin we requested. Very excited as this is a no fly trip for us!
  7. Gearing up to do this thing, this weekend. Where it asks for your covid vaccination information, do I put in where we got our shots and the address? CDC is the provider?
  8. Since you're still onboard, I'll ask two quickie questions that I may have missed answers to in previous threads...1) Sounds like there can be paper Reflections delivered to our cabins? and 2) paper menus available in the dining rooms?. I for one, hate the idea of carting the @#mn cell phone around. Would like to forget it entirely! haha!
  9. Better to be prepared for some nippy locals. You don't have to use a wrap if not cold, but you'll miss it, if it is cold!
  10. Am I right to assume that after I log in (no small project...lots of spitting out passwords, etc.), that once I'm in, I can only go as far as entering my passport number, expiration date, etc. that I must, then and there, upload my passport? I can't seem to get further than that download....would love to enter some of the other "nitty gritty", but I'm assuming I can't go further?
  11. For everyone else, this is probably a stupid question and those of you whom are computer savvy will be rolling their eyes, but I need to get started on this visa thing... I will be registering myself and John.....Can we use the same email address, or must we each have a separate one of our own? I do realize we'll need passwords for each of us. Thank you for being patient with me....I'm sure I'll have more questions to come....
  12. Thank you all for your votes of confidence....wish I had some of that! I will enlist my niece and/or a friend that's computer savy. I trust I can do this thru their computers, as long as I have my email address in there?
  13. We're now a month out from our cruise. The whole Bahamian Travel/Health visa thing has me totally terrified. I'm a computer "pre schooler"....I've never "uploaded" anything. My question is, can I basically complete all of the info, uploads,(passports, covid shot info etc )now, and then send it in at the two week point? I'll see our daughter and son in law whom I know will walk me thru this and I'd love to have the whole thing ready to go....must I wait until the 2 week point to do this?
  14. I'd really like to know the answer to this one, as well. Kinda hoping it isn't Jacquart(sp?), but will choke it down if necessary....after all, we must make SOME concessions....haha!
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