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  1. I'm putting in the refund request for my cruise. RC website is asking for my booking ID. Is that the same as the reservation number? TYIA
  2. Expecting my May 30th cruise to be cancelled and, after that. IDK. I might take the refund and switch to fly/hotel trips. I cruise without insurance, or passport now. If I were to cruise again, I'd probably feel safer with both.
  3. Even worse, you can remain on US soil and not get the care you need. NY has directed EMS not to bring a coding pt to the hospital unless they are able to rescussitate on site. We are up a brown creek without a paddle at the moment. 😕
  4. Ok, now I'm pissed. I recall "$500 non refundable cancellation fee" when I booked with an online Travel (you know the one) service. If RCI cancels my cruise on May 30th, do I not get that money back? 😵
  5. Was it 100% refund? I have a cruise booked on May 30th.
  6. we dont even have face masks tho for real 🙄
  7. One of the problems is, the tests are not readily available. I work in healthcare and we were told more tests should be available in 7-10 days. Hospitals don't even have them. That's why they quarantine everyone with 3 or more symptoms of the illness.
  8. Imagine, if you will, the trajectory of this illness COVID19. Picture a line graph. That line is going up, up, up. No one is saying Disney or any other place is safe one day and unsafe the next. What they are trying to do is change the trajectory of the spread of COVID19. We want to see it decline, or at least plateau. That's why everything is closing.
  9. Counting on RCI to keep me safe, because I'm booked for the end of May, and still going. Yes, I'll take precautions to keep myself safe (mainly handwashing and not being near anyone who appears sick) I will likely bring some masks, but don't plan on having to use them.
  10. Thanks! Port wine is so dark red, I am not sure I can handle it. Also, I found this article about how the bubbles in champagne help the alcohol get right into the bloodstream (sounds so bad, lol, I promise not to mainline mimosas!) Maybe wine would be missing the mark for me. https://wineintro.com/champagne/alcohol/
  11. I'm mentally going over my upcoming cruise "do's & don'ts" DO pack magnets and trinket holders and my own water bottle DON'T sweat profusely, bring weed or have the Corona virus. Also don't bring hard liquor. Only wine and champagne are allowed. I don't know a thing about wine or champagne. What's the strongest wine around? 🤔
  12. When I sailded on the Anthem in Feb '17, Ifly was only available to book once you were onboard. That's straight where I went. Also, if these activities fill up, keep checking the app. We were able to book when someone else (presumably) cancelled.
  13. very smart of them to prohibit novelty lighters that look like guns. it's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. so dangerous, just no reason to have one.
  14. RN in a subacute/LTC setting, we are happy with any pulse ox over 90% I don't think they can be too strict, people's Spo2 varies.
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