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  1. Thanks but I didn"t get a lump. The soreness was similar to what I had with previous injection? TB
  2. Yes pain hours later is normal, I had for 4 days. AZ only supply vaccine, syringes and needles are what usually used in that area. My actual injection didn't hurt whilst being done.
  3. Our first cruise was on P&O Pacific Jewel from Barangaroo, under the bridge. No other harbour has had the same feeling since.
  4. Tasmanian seafood Pie - can't wait for my Tasmanian cruise later in the year.
  5. Sorry hear your partner got the flu, but with 3 weeks of vaccination, their body didn't have time to produce antibodies.
  6. They probably mention it to some when they make appointments. It only happens if someone booked in doesn't turn up so not a daily thing.
  7. To my knowledge most injection centres have a list of those who are prepared to get there last minute if phone call.
  8. Yes was so easy to avoid flu during Covid. A few years ago I got it on a cruise.
  9. Should you get the flu, you would understand why many of us get the flu shot. Not good
  10. Yes for first time we booked premium economy for overseas trip. We will probably forgo overseas travel as hubby in 80s although would still like to see Paris.
  11. We flew with China Eastern Airline a few years ago and where impressed with them.
  12. This is so true. Years ago on our cruise to Japan I was a little late getting the flu shot. By the time we got to Darwin I was feeling bad. Yes diagnosed with flu, had the flu shot only days before leaving Sydney on the cruise. Drs told me then it hadn't been long enough and I probably would have had it worse if I hadn't had the flu shot. Slight temperature and aching bones. 2 days confined to cabin then ok and over it.
  13. I tend to agree with several of your thoughts. I managed to book the half price fares at 0005 hours on the 1st of April - for 2 return to Darwin for early June. We have the benefit of our daughter living in Darwin so no problems with the accommodation, however it is usually a nightmare up there for the grey nomads if not already booked anywhere due to it being the dry season and the peak tourist time. Also the best time to be there however we do love the wet up there also. If I had paid out $36,000 I would have made sure I got it back - most of my cruises where just deposits using
  14. Actually I did get a laugh but in my career they where called Safe Operating Procedures.
  15. Yes I just booked my accommodation for 2 weekends away - I love that area and go there once or twice a year. If I knew what @NSWPlooked like I might run into him.
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