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  1. @scubacruiserx2 Hi I have enjoyed many of our photos and your journey as we are doing part of the Baltic later this year. I will be cruising into Copenhagen in September - a Saturday and just curious if it is easy enough getting bus into main city or if I should organise a taxi before or just organise on the pier? I have a canal tour booked for 9.30 and the ship arrives at 8 am. Thanks for your thoughts
  2. Thank you both for responses - for some reason I missed them before. Unfortunately my back will not take the trip out to Petra, and I presume maybe the Dead Sea, or the Wadi if it is in 4wd Utes. We spent time in the Arabian Desert last year and my back suffered after, but still loved it as we used to do a lot of 4wding. I might have to have a rethink about what else to do. Thanks again.
  3. I cancelled my booking for this cruise and rebooked it under the Oceans of Offers with a different TA, only on the best price. I ended up saving A$290 pp on the cruise cost and got an extra US$100 onboard credit. You do have to check deals around as Princess have put their price up on their Australian website for this cruise, so their prices for best price and value are inflated compared to what they were and what we can get with specific cruise TAs.
  4. We can get the offer but as of yesterday the prices have gone up on the cruises I have been following. But we can only have free wifi and the drinks package (neither worthwhile for us) but the Gratuities are not included for overseas cruises for Australians. I have written to Princess several ways and a week later no response - so this tells me in my mind gratuities must be included in our price for overseas cruises - so in future do I remove the gratuities??? would be interesting if every Aussie removed them and wrote that Princess will not give us free gratuities on the promotion so we must have pre paid them.
  5. I agree a beautiful city and with authority to carry was no problem how ever I would never place medication in checked luggage as risky if bag lost. It happened to someone on China tour with us and just as well it wasn't unusual medicine. She never got the bag back.
  6. How many days is your cruise, our offer was $410 per person for 12 days, so not worth when we don't drink much. Thanks
  7. my experience this year. I have several banned drugs in Dubai where we were spending a few days. one was Stemetil for nausea and Tramadol for pai , it wasn't what you would think would be banned. It is best to check each country's banned drugs - in Dubai I applied online for an exemption especially as I was carrying a month worth but only there 3 days. No one was checking bags as we came off flight but I was told by our driver it was their quiet time. There are some horror stories online so I won't risk it - just follow each countries requirements. Good when I cruise as it isn't such a problem
  8. Sorry Jennie, you missed the point of the post. I know how the gratuities normally work in Australia, my cruise is around the Baltic and it is about us Australians not getting the same offering on the best Ever Sale.
  9. To the other Australians here - please let me know how you got the deal and how much per day was it. I have been trying to get it for over a week but Princess Australia keep telling my TA we can't have gratuities included it is only for Drink package and wifi. Is this because they are already included??? no still coming up in cruise personaliser to prepay and not on our travel summary as already paid. Looks like I will not be paying them? It is worth it if gratuities are included for us as we don't drink much alcohol or use up our lite quota of wifi. But would work of with the coffee and mock-tails. Once again Princess Cruises stuff us Australians around. Anyone got any ideas, please.
  10. We have done it on numerous Princess ships both in Australia and other places around the world - but only wine. Spirits will be taken and returned when disembarking ship, ie duty free from Port Villa.
  11. This photo was taken at night. You can still see over the tender but not down. We where happy with it given the price we got. Balcony was not real big but adequate.
  12. Just curious if anyone has tour suggestions for a day in Aqaba (we have decided Petra just too strenuous although we don't mind walking). Anyone done the trip to the Dead Sea and if it was worth it - which company. Thanks
  13. We love this ship even though it is getting old. Last time I was on it there was a little bit of rust in some places but I have also seen this on newer ships. We have spent over 100 nights on her over the last 8 years so just know her so well. After being on the Majestic in November, I would still have no problems cruising on the Sun if the itinerary was what I wanted. We so missed Crooners and the Wheelhouse Bar for dancing. I remember you Aus Traveller.😉
  14. We have been cruising with Princess for about 8 years, at least one cruise a year - longest 46 days so far. We get the future cruise credits before getting off the ship and they can save you heaps. I looked at booking a cruise onboard last November and the quote gave me 3% off the advertised price at the time, as well as the FCC onboard credits, once home I could have changed it over to our TA if I could get greater benefits. I decided I needed more time to think about though so didn't book it. Since then spoke with our TA and yes I would have benefited from booking onboard and transferring booking to TA - so will book in future. We are booked on the Grand Adventure next year - 56 nights, shame I didn't see it when I was on board in Nov.
  15. On our last cruise in November 2018, we didn't get one but didn't bother asking either, just thought they must have done away with them, however our steward wasn't so up to date either as hubby wanted good shoes cleaned and he was told they no longer do that - I think she just didn't know or sometimes care - the cabin got looked after so I was happy.
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