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  1. One stand alone at Figtree near Wollongong
  2. We have a shop advertised best burger in town, so another one advertise as second best
  3. The pie trail is good and also a wine trail. They have maps with both on them. We liked Heatherbrae pies, they also do gluten free. A general store at Barrenjoey? Was also good. There sausage rolls were a sausage in pastry roll. We have done it a few times as hubby loves his pies.
  4. @OzKiwiJJjust noticed we are booked on same cruise (if it goes) in October.
  5. A real shame about the mice plague.
  6. I was talking with my daughter yesterday and she is 42 but wants to wait before having vaccination. Not against but she has an autoimmune disease so worried. I have had a different autoimmune disease for 40 years but had my vaccination as soon as I could book. Her idea is so different to mine, yet she has had all vaccinations up to now.
  7. Yes only a theory based on those chatting. Hope you are now feeling better.
  8. A group of my friends where talking about the differences in their reactions to the Covid shot. A theory was if you didn't usually have flu shot or take medication, they seemed to get the high temperature and feel off for a few days. Ones like me how always gets flu shot, am immune suppressed and on several drugs, only reaction was the sore arm. Only a theory of some late middle aged women.
  9. Wow all that carbohydrate. Barm and Parched Peas? sounds interesting.
  10. I love pumpkin and we sometimes grow. Savoury has herbs, sweet has sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon.
  11. An Aussie but I love my homemade pumpkin or grammar pies. With real filling. I can make them sweet or savoury. Great way to us up excess pumpkin
  12. Anyone else done the Highlands Pie Trail? NSW southern highlands eg Bowral, Sutton Forest etc. Some great pies.
  13. We like Heatherbrae pies north of Newcastle when we go north from Wollongong
  14. Thanks but I didn"t get a lump. The soreness was similar to what I had with previous injection? TB
  15. Yes pain hours later is normal, I had for 4 days. AZ only supply vaccine, syringes and needles are what usually used in that area. My actual injection didn't hurt whilst being done.
  16. Our first cruise was on P&O Pacific Jewel from Barangaroo, under the bridge. No other harbour has had the same feeling since.
  17. Tasmanian seafood Pie - can't wait for my Tasmanian cruise later in the year.
  18. Sorry hear your partner got the flu, but with 3 weeks of vaccination, their body didn't have time to produce antibodies.
  19. They probably mention it to some when they make appointments. It only happens if someone booked in doesn't turn up so not a daily thing.
  20. To my knowledge most injection centres have a list of those who are prepared to get there last minute if phone call.
  21. Yes was so easy to avoid flu during Covid. A few years ago I got it on a cruise.
  22. Should you get the flu, you would understand why many of us get the flu shot. Not good
  23. Yes for first time we booked premium economy for overseas trip. We will probably forgo overseas travel as hubby in 80s although would still like to see Paris.
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