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  1. Got excited when I got an email promoting 60% of Solstice suites for select sailings Jan - March 2019. Jumped onto the website ..... 60% off and a Royal Suite is only slightly less than we are paying for our 17 night cruise in Sept 2019. What the? 60% off too much is probably still too much/the 60% off reflects what the market is prepared to pay or am I missing something?
  2. Redking

    Judging by the Edge photos so far...

    Also in Instagram #celebrityedge
  3. Redking

    Judging by the Edge photos so far...

    I know what you mean. Following the feeds on Instagram and feel bit underwhelmed - no idea what demographic I'm in anymore.
  4. Redking

    Gin and tonic

    Love the Botanist.
  5. Redking

    Gin and tonic

    Forgot to say that our barman in Micheal's Club, Jonathan, made up his own tonic. We had some amazing G & Ts from him which made up for the lack of Fevertree.
  6. Redking

    Gin and tonic

    We requested it before we sailed on the Solstice last year. Sadly didn't get it.
  7. Redking

    New Deployment Released

    Checked last night when I realised that the Eclipse is now coming to Australia. I think a RS was about $AUS 40,000, ouch! I guess it will have undergone the revolution by then and they can name their price. I might stick to unrevolutionised ships for now. The Eclipse prices also rocket after the revolution.
  8. Redking

    Any predictions/wants of new deployments?

    Your wish may have been granted https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/news/news.cfm?ID=8959 Not clear yet if Perth is included.
  9. Redking

    Any predictions/wants of new deployments?

    Second that Chemmo. I have been hoping for one that starts in Cape Town, cruises the Indian Ocean and Finishes in Perth. Some good news today that the Eclipse will home port in Melbourne in 2020 for the season post 'revolutionising'
  10. Anyone know where she is prior the Asia repo? She is in South America until March 2020.
  11. Redking

    Celebrity Solstice is Here

    Captain Tasos is back onboard today - bonus.
  12. Wise words Chemmo about seizing the day. We made the same decision after our first cruise, when sadly a lady in her early fifties struggling to get through the first day of our two day tour in St Petersburg due to her arthritis. I admired her courage, but gosh did it make me realise that you can't take your money with you - get out and enjoy life. Thank you for another of your wonderful reviews - love your style!