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  1. Oops. Never considered that they were travel agents.
  2. Thank you. I'm really hoping it will be loc for our cruise. Maybe you will have both options?
  3. We are trying to book a helicopter tour in Maui through Costco online but it won't accept an Australian membership number. I'm sure I've read posts in CC about how to work around this, but can't find anything when I search. Any ideas? TIA.
  4. BBC shipping forecast. Brings back great memories of dark winter evenings listening to radio four ... and now the shipping forecast ....
  5. Possibly. The planner for our cruise in September shows that same. Still no confirmation of when they are actually refitting SH though. Presumably sometime between now and 23 September - maybe, maybe not? In waiting place 😉
  6. Thank you everyone. Really helpful info as always on CC.
  7. Planning on adding an aromatherapy diffuser and oils for our next cruise. Create my own spa. Cheaper than going to Canyon Ranch 🤣Does anyone know if I'll get called down to the naughty kids room if I put one in my luggage?
  8. Looking for advice on whether it's really necessary to bring our own snorkelling equipment? Booked on a tour in Bora Bora and they can provide everything but fins. We don't own any and only snorkel once in a blue moon. We probably have enough baggage allowance, so also not sure whether to buy in Australia before we leave or buy when we get to Hawaii? TIA.
  9. Great video of the chocolate bomb. Hope we will be able to witness the spectacle on the Solstice this September. We were told on our Australia/New Zealand cruise a couple of years ago that they are not allowed to do it - something to do with domestic maritime rules? Or maybe the someone just drank all the brandy🤣
  10. Had to chuckle at this spin doctoring: "expanding the brand’s global vacation offerings with the redeployment of Celebrity Constellation." I would argue that pulling Connie out of Asia is contracting not expanding the brand's global vacation offering!
  11. Excellent service. Thank you for the review, this is on our bucket list. Did you ask for the canopies and chocs or did the butler just provide them. Curious to know as we have our first RS experience next month on the Solstice.
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