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  1. In 2015, Queen Victoria left Los Angeles (early February) and stopped in Hawaii on her way to Sydney. The cruise then returned to Los Angeles and again stopped in Hawaii. I was on that cruise and I would do it again if it was scheduled. 46 days with lots of sea days and not a long flight.
  2. In 2015, Queen Victoria sailed from Los Angeles (early Feb) to Sydney and then back to Los Angeles. I believe 46 days. Lovely cruise and I do wish that they would do that itinerary again. I would sail it again for sure. Looking at 2022, but a long plane ride back to Canada. Still looking at this one though. Queen Victoria started in Southampton, through Panama canal and then went back to Southampton through Panama canal.
  3. Jackets are required for men in the Main Dining Room on entering. However, on our last QM2 crossing, many men took off their jacket and put it on the back of their chair. Looks like nothing was said to them as there were quite a few who did this.
  4. Jeaannie55....many people say that there is "ballroom dancing" in the Queen's Room on QM2 every evening. My husband and I just love to dance. I call us social dancers. Social dancing is what is done on the floor of the Queen's Room. I know Cunard does advertise ballroom dancing. However, on the cruises I have been on, there is no room for ballroom dancing. The floor can get really packed. Then I see pictures or videos of the Queen's Room floor and there is ooddles of room. I would like to book a cruise where the dance floor is only half full and not crowded. You never know how busy it will be. Always very busy on Gala nights though. On Gala nights, there is a professional dance couple that do a lovely presentation of ballroom dancing. Before the orchestra starts every evening, they have recorded music and some nights have the Syncronized Dancing. This is a British thing from what I have been told. I see that you are from England. You could find out about that before you sail. Most evenings G32 is really busy. Cover band or recorded. Band is usually good. I advise you to try Cunard and I am sure you will enjoy the dancing. My DH and I and lots of other people do. See you onboard.....hopefully soon.
  5. I voted for end of 2021. However, my Queen Mary 2 cruise booked is not until January 2022. I saw it in January 2020 (before all of this started) and booked right away so that I could get the cabin that I wanted. They have my deposit and I am leaving it with them. If this pandemic is not over by the end of 2021, we might as well go back to living our "old life".
  6. Sdancer....there is no way of knowing which voyages might have more dancers. We usually take the double crossing. Some might cross one way. I do wish there was a way to know if there was a large dance club on a voyage. Those voyages make the Queen Mary 2 dance floor seem very small.
  7. I do not want anyone reading Cunard pages to think that the dance floor is for professional type dancing and then not book a Cunard cruise for that reason. The dancing on Cunard is what I would call Social Dancing.You do not have to be a trained dancer to be on the dance floor. I hope everyone is aware of that. My husband is a wonderful dancer and we originally came to Cunard (many voyages ago) as I LOVE to dance. Never had a lesson, even though I go to these so called dance classes that are being held on sea days. Too many people there and as my husband will not attend, never have a partner to practice with. Therefore do not expect to learn how to dance from these classes. Sdance.....The hosts can dance with you. However, a host cannot dance 2 dances in a row with a passenger. Also the host is to make sure that everyone that wants to dance has had their turn before he dances with the first dance passenger again. Now there are usually 6 hosts and one might be female. The female hosts also dance with female passengers. If there are 40 women wanting to dance, you will not have very many dances. Each voyage is different in the number of passengers who want to dance who need a partner though. Also, sometimes the floor is very crowded. When there is a dance club that is cruising, the floor is usually very crowded every night. You can't go whizzing across the floor. I have seen videos of the dance floor on the ships and they are only partially full. However, on the voyages we take, the floor always seem to be crowded. I have only cruised once without my husband. I tried dancing with a few of the hosts. A German man danced similarly to my husband. However the others were very hard to dance with and very stiff. I am only a social dancer, so maybe this is the way that it is. Lakesregion.....I believe that one other duty of the hosts is to accompany a bus when passengers go on ship's excursions. We have had hosts go on the bus just to make sure there is a Cunard representative on each excursion. In this case, do the hosts have to pay the same as all other passengers or is their excursion, gratis? I assumed it was.
  8. Suntower looks very nice. Saw on map and it is quite a bit north of the cruise port. Do you take taxi and approximately how much....from airport to hotel and from hotel to cruise port. Do they have a shared transfer from hotel to airport for a cost? I do not use Uber. Is there anywhere within walking distance to pick up last minute things for cruise or a forgotten toothbrush?
  9. Thanks for the replies. david, Mississauga....I remember seeing that printed brochure that came. I thought that the prices were so ridiculous that there were misprints. By the way, I always remember your posts as we fly out of YYZ in Mississauga. Canuker...agree that the website is not very user friendly. bluemarble....you are always there with a great answers to questions. Much appreciated. SargessoPirate...saw the little flag in the top right hand corner. It allows me to see the US prices and the Canadian prices. Did conversion from US to Canadian. The rate seems to be 1.34 as of today. I guess it can change daily. I just found this B ig B ox site recently. I was thinking of maybe using them. Have you had good results with them?
  10. I have done a search. There are 241 pages with Canadian and US mentioned. It says Cunard US, but when I try to do a trial booking, the amount changes to Canadian Dollars. I am booking for 2022, so I thought I might book in US dollars and see if our Canadian dollar fares better in the next 2 years. I will contact a TA later, but want to know approximately the exchange rate that they are giving today. Hope it is simple to do as I am not really computer literate. Thanks for any help.
  11. I do like this voyage. Will probably be booking, but not for awhile. As long as I have a balcony I will be satisfied. DH and I were around South America in....probably 2007 or so. QM2 was in a hurry and did not have many ports of call. Left Fort Lauderdale and it was 7 sea days (which I like) before we hit Rio de Janeiro. Went around to San Francisco on a section of world cruise. This one will probably be good also. I like that it has stops in the Caribbean. What cabin do you like roadtripper and why.
  12. Sopwith and edgee....I totally agree with you. On each of our last 2 cruises with Oceania, there was a disappointing incident. One Noro and the length of being quarantined and then another happening on the next cruise. Oceania did not want to hear about them. So. I was looking for another company.
  13. Thanks royalcruz.....that is what I wanted. Lots of good reading on that page.
  14. Thanks Flatbus Flyer.....that is it. Lots of good reading on that page.
  15. Thanks MarkBearSF.....that is it. Lots of good reading on that page.
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