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    Best place for pizza near Times Square or Penn Station

    - Thanks to all that answered. I have written everything in my book (sorry do not use notes in phone, etc.). Loved Johnny T. -
  2. oceansandseas

    Dinner times in MDR

    - Thinking of taking first HAL cruise on Konningdam. 5:45 is just a bit earlier than 6:00, but it sounds very early. Is there another type of dining included in the cruise fare other than the set times. We would be in balcony cabin. Thanks for any replies. -
  3. - DH and I staying 2 days in New York before cruise next month. Where should we go for a good pizza. Staying between Times Square and Penn Station. And the next night.....Corned Beef or Pastrami sandwich. Also, places NOT to go for pizza. Thanks in advance. -
  4. oceansandseas

    Butler Requests. We sail Thursday!

    - The excursion package must be ordered 14 days before you board ship. Therefore it is too late for you to choose that. -
  5. - I like the White Metallic Gabbie. It looks like a light green that would go with most things. And it is available in wide. Thanks Ann -
  6. - Does anyone know of brands that are actually labelled WIDE. Really need it to be labelled wide rather than "fits a wider foot". Have a pair of pink Sketchers.....normal width but can wear them for about an hour. Like them. Want a pair in light blue, but can not find nice blue colour. -
  7. oceansandseas

    On board QM2 now.

    - Thanks Bluemarble -
  8. oceansandseas

    Cunard Photo Shopping Queen Mary

    - They should not have the stack coming out of her head. To me that is poor photography. And I am just a point and shoot camera person. -
  9. oceansandseas


    - Forgot to mention, you will really have to bundle up for a walk in the late evening on Promenade Deck on TA in October. It will be cold and windy. Probably even in the daytime. -
  10. oceansandseas


    - Queen's Room dancing on QM2 usually ends about 11:30 or 12:00 midnight. Then everyone goes to Kings Court for something to eat. I would think the music and partying in G52 (is that the name of the night club) goes a bit longer. I remember going to movies that started around 11:00 pm. Fun to walk to cabin after the movie when the ship is just about empty. Yes, you may walk on the Promenade deck at any time of the night. You will probably be the only one there after 10:00 pm. In fact you can walk around in the public areas of the ship.......you will see the people who are cleaning. The bars, etc. will be closed. I believe Kings Court stays open until 4:00 am. -
  11. oceansandseas

    On board QM2 now.

    - If you arrive in New York (Red Hook) and are continuing on the next cruise, does everyone have to get off for the ship to be cleared? I remember doing a double crossing from New York and we did not have to get off in Southampton. Have rules changed? -
  12. oceansandseas

    New CWC pins

    - I was so very disappointed when I received my diamond pin and it was the new style. I worked hard for many years to become diamond with Cunard. I posted on CC the fact that I was disappointed when I received the new style pin. Many people stated that they really did not care about these pins.....just shoved them in a drawer, never to be seen again. However, there was no one who offered to sell or give me their old style diamond pin. Asking now.......Anyone want to get rid of their old style diamond pin. Email me at queenviccruiser@gmail.com -
  13. oceansandseas

    EWR Hilton Penn Sta. to museum in NYC

    - Just a short explanation of what PATH is please. Thanks. -
  14. oceansandseas

    Scammed by Florida taxi drivers

    - To original poster.....if you had 6 people then you needed the larger taxi. 6 people and luggage would not fit in a regular taxi. Depending on the size of the luggage, you might have needed 3 taxis. The price of $35.00 for 6 people was not bad. Let it go.
  15. oceansandseas

    Britannia Restaurant Seating Guide?

    * Does anyone have the email for the maitre d on Queen Mary 2. Could you please let me know. Thanks. I have done a search on CC and many posts say "emailed maitre d" but they do not mention email address. There was one from 2012 but it must have changed as it was returned undelivered. Thanks for any help. *