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  1. Hello, We are traveling on a cruise+land tour into Alaska next year. We have booked on the Royal Princess for August. Since our first cruise to Alaska in 1997 was with another cruise line and we haven't cruised with Princess since we discovered Celebrity cruise lines, we have questions. What is the level of formal night cruise wear on Royal Princess in Alaska? It was pretty casual back in the 1990s and on RCCL. The men in the group don't want to bring suits or dinner jackets if they don't have to. And the females don't want to do the cocktail dresses but opt for pants and sweaters, if that is an option. It would be fine on Celebrity's evening chic for Caribbean and Mediterranean. But this is Royal Princess and we have only sailed her to the Caribbean where things were not very formal in the winter at all. Please tell me what you think the formal night wear would be in the main dining room or specialty dining rooms. Thank you, Fortun8 ;)
  2. Thank you cb but we are traveling to Alaska on Royal Princess next year and want to have parent bed and two kids in a fold out sofa and that option doesn't seem to exist. So we thought of going on another line but travel agent says we will have to take two cabins for them and we don't want two children under 10 to be in a cabin by themselves. Even with grandparents in another cabin next door. We picked this one because it is the 50th year celebration for Princess in Alaska. Ideas for mini suites or balcony deluxe cabins? Thanks
  3. I have been searching different ships going to Alaska and trying to find a balcony or deluxe balcony or mini suite for my daughter and her husband and two children under 10 and over 4. What kinds of cabins are best so everyone has enough room to sleep and to move around when getting ready for dinner, a tour, or for the night? We haven't found one that has a queen bed or two twins moved together and a sofa sleeper. What categories do you choose? We don't want to book multiple cabins, just one us and one for the 4 of them. And a kids club for the kids on sea days. Thank you. No Disney this time.
  4. Fortun8

    Help pick our ship!

    I think you are smart to select Royal Caribbean over Carnival as it can become a party atmosphere for young adults more often than the other ships. But they have a lot to do on all the ships. When I took my kids we stayed with 3,000 or less passenger ships but the mega ships have a lot more things to do on them. NCL has a very relaxed dress code for cruising, too.
  5. Fortun8

    Help pick our ship!

    Pick destinations you want to go to in summer. Then pick a ship with a 7 day itinerary that you like (7 days is not short and long enough to unpack). I would suggest Disney cruises (the grandparents may find adult areas) or one of the (22) Royal Caribbean ships with kids clubs for the kids to participate in. Both have kids activities that will keep everyone happy and adult only spaces for the adults.
  6. Fortun8

    Celebrity vs. Princess

    I just got off the Celebrity Eclipse and loved it more than the 8 previous Princess ships including the newer Royal Princess. I like the size of the ship with 2800 to 3100 passengers. I do not know about the specific ship or itinerary you are planning but I would be happy with either ship if the itinerary was one I liked and the 3-2-1- to go pricing was in place for the trip.
  7. We loved the wine bar with sushi and oysters on the Crown Princess in 2008.:p I would love to see a specialty coffee bar with either coffee cards or complementary coffee. Have you thought of doing a Broadway show on board playing at least once in 7 days?;) Nice diversion from comedians and dance shows that play music from 40s and 50s. Or maybe an audio music library where you could go sit and plug headphones into a jack and listen to your choice of music while watching the waves go by on sea days. Our latest cruise was a 15 day Panama Canal cruise and we had 7 sea days (December 2010). How about deck chairs on back as well as in front of ship near splash pools? My first cruise in 1997 was on Legend of the Seas and I loved their two story dining rooms with views of everything during the daytime.
  8. Fortun8

    Cartagena - Lee Miles tours vs Dora's tours

    We just returned from a December 15-30, 2010, Coral Princess tour through the Panama Canal. We took Lee Miles tour of the city and thoroughly enjoyed it. J.C. is the best guide and gave a great tour. I would pick this tour company. We ended up buying local Columbian coffee and some farm types at a shop in the mall where we ended with the Lee Miles Emerald shop. Enjoyed the tour of old town, new town, monastery and the fort. Nice sized van with 10 people and lots of room and air conditioned, too. Didn't find much economical shopping but didn't need to do that anyway.:) Sheri