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  1. Sailing on Joy next March. When we last sailed, on Pearl in 2013 and 2015, there were "Chef's dinners"--private, multi-course menus with wine pairings for each course, for an extra fee, of course. It was a great experience in 2013, but it appeared that they were using the same menu in 2015, and we opted for different things. Are any of the ships still doing this? I haven't seen any mention of it here. And also wondering if there is anything similar even on a smaller scale at Le Bistro or Cagney's or Ocean Blue these days? Not a make-or-break thing, but would be something to look forward to.
  2. Ooo--what's in this concoction? Also, a drink I recently "invented" only to find that it was already a "thing" is the Brave Bull--basically a Black Russian made with tequila instead of vodka. Given that I'm looking forward to a Mexican Riviera cruise, it seemed appropriate "research", and I'll see if I can get a bartender or two on Joy to cooperate.
  3. The real joke is that it's June, I guess... 🤨
  4. Know what I like best about this review? You had a serious issue. You asked for help. And you got a response. So many of the negative reviews here are over things that could have been addressed (if not necessarily solved) by asking the appropriate ship's department. Which you did, and got an acceptable, albeit not immediate, solution. Thanks. Looking forward to Joy. (Now--about those 15 kids...) 🤣
  5. Go back to the Roll Calls for Joy and click the "Start a New Topic" button there (just like you did to start this thread). That's all that's involved. Sometimes they make these forums more confusing than they need to be. (I'll be 3 weeks behind you.)
  6. There is also 24 hr pizza delivery, is there not? For a small fee (to limit waste).
  7. We'll be in a deck 14 concierge Family Inside next March. So, down 6 decks--and Bloody Mary on the Waterfront every morning. Perfect.
  8. You should be ON BOARD 2 hours before they leave. I've heard of folks being turned away with less than that. We arrived at ~2 PM and had almost no line (8 years ago, TBH, so ymmv)-- so that at least gives you a nice long morning to hang out in the Gothic Quarter.
  9. This reminds me of when I booked our first cruise, which just happened to be Epic in its first season in the Med. When I came here for more information there was a flurry of negativity: "Smoky casino!", "Nickel and diming!", "Omigod! Transparent bathrooms!!" After reading several, I realized that the stuff they were complaining about didn't matter too much to me, nor affect what I expected from a Mediterranean cruise, so we went and had the time of our lives! (Even though I had a devil of a time getting a good cup of coffee that week! 😛) So OP--take it with a grain of salt, evaluate whether it really truly is a "make or break" issue for you and yours, and embark with a happy, go with the flow attitude. All three of our prior cruises have been "tainted" with some inconvenience or imperfection (you can read my reviews and look for those things if you want), but the positives have ALWAYS outweighed the negatives--even when I ended up in a shoulder immobilizer for half of a Caribbean cruise! We haven't cruised since 2015, but my 17 year old asked when we could again, and specifically requested to cruise as his senior Spring Break vacation--so looking forward to Joy 2020!
  10. This is great, TexasCruiser. 2 questions for you or perhaps future reviewer: 1) Martini tastings? *My* favorite on-board activity! 2) Notice any scheduled activity for 18-21s? I'm concerned that my 18 yr old, who loved Entourage last cruise, is going to be "aged out" next March when we sail, even though he'll still be a HS senior.
  11. Well, in this series...you never know.
  12. On that topic, and the age limits issue--is Entourage going to "age out" an 18 yr old who is still in high school at the time of sailing? He had a great time connecting last time we cruised, and I suppose he's mature enough to hang with 18-21s if they have activities for that range, but just wondering if given that it's a Spring Break-time cruise next March, they'll keep high school seniors with the other teens.
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