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  1. NCL continues to nickel & dime in really creative ways. We’ve purchased the bottled water package on several past NCL cruises, usually they carry Aquafina, which we prefer to shipboard water. Now for the bottled water package they bottle their own for the same price. It’s not a deal breaker but it’s a bit disappointing.
  2. TrpngBilly

    Concierge perk for Platinum

    Ok, thank you and thanks for letting me know about the past thread, I'll review it.
  3. Where does one "present their key card" to obtain the benefit of utilizing concierge assistance to assist with booking specialty restaurant reservations? I've always made these reservations on my own but if the platinum perk makes it easier, I'm all for that.
  4. TrpngBilly

    Platinum dining perk?

    We are Platinum but did not get any coupons for the perk on either of our last two cruises. We had to go to guest services to claim them and then make our reservations. Perhaps it has changed so that they are now delivering coupons.
  5. TrpngBilly

    Group dining question

    I've had success when two of us from a large group of travelers each made a reservation for 10 (total of 20 at dinner) and the Maitre' D was able to put two tables almost together...it worked pretty well.
  6. TrpngBilly

    Compulsive cruise prep

    I'm guilty as well. From researching which other ships will be in ports with us when we are in port to checking local newspapers for our ports for any possible coupons or bonus information, I start planning long before the cruise. At the earliest possible moment, I book dinner reservations and order the on board amenities that we like in the cabin. At 30 days out I transfer all my cruise paperwork including confirmation emails, cruise edocs, etc. from a plain manila folder to a 1" binder that has sections for each leg of our trip (flights, hotels, transfers, cruise, return flight, etc.). Over the last few years we've persuaded several friends to either join us or go on NCL cruises on their own and I've been unofficially nicknamed "Isley" which is a combination of Isaac and Julie from The Love Boat. Happy cruising everyone!
  7. TrpngBilly

    NCL Escape Very Uncomfortable Seats

    I felt that the lights in the passageways were a little too bright.
  8. TrpngBilly

    April 2020

    Anyone have a theory as to why there is a lack of itineraries sailing to the Caribbean during the third week of April 2020? I searched for a 7-day itinerary during that week and found none that occupied that week. At first I thought it might be too early for those to be published but then I discovered there are some during the weeks after that week.
  9. TrpngBilly

    Post Cruise Review NCL Bliss 1/19/2019

    Great summary, quick and to the point. Thanks for sharing.
  10. TrpngBilly

    Breakaway Cabin 13702

    Sailed on the Breakaway with family who had cabin 12100, same category as the one you are asking about so I suspect the layout is likely similar if not the same. I remember that the bed was in front of the window with your head nearest the window so you would basically being laying down with your head toward the front of the ship. Our family enjoyed the room and said there was plenty of storage. They loved the forward view and said they would definitely book a similar cabin again. Their only complaint was that from time to time the window had to be covered because of reflection of the sun into the bridge, which was up a few decks from them.
  11. Family of four in port from 8am-6pm with two other ships also in port at the same time on Tues Feb 19th. From those of you who are experienced with an on your own venture to St. John, are we in good shape to enjoy the day without having to buy the excursion offered by the ship. It's a considerable savings and I figure if we get to St. John by 10:30am we will stay until probably 2pm and head back. I see that a taxi to Red Hook seems to be the overall favorite method for those on their own, then the ferry to St. John and then another taxi to Trunk Bay. Anyone done that trek recently that can share thoughts, tips, tricks, suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  12. Having cruised in balcony cabins, mini-suites and the Haven, I agree with you completely. We bid on a Haven upgrade on Escape and to our surprise we got it. I will say that the Haven Aft-Facing Penthouse was incredible. Ours was on Deck 9 and we found out that the Aft Haven balconies on deck 9 are the largest on the ship because of how the ship is designed. And while I say it was incredible, I could never justify spending the extra money outright for the Haven experience again. For our lifestyle, the Balcony cabins are just fine for us. Your review is excellent, I'm enjoying it and have pointed several of my friends to look at it as we get closer to our cruise on Bliss.
  13. Terrific review, thanks for sharing it. Any chance you saved the freestyle dailies to share? Boarding in Feb and would love to get a sense of the happenings.
  14. TrpngBilly

    NCL Bliss Freestyle Daily from Miami

    Same here, would love to see more recent dailies if they are around. I'm also a bit OCD, but I refer to it as Obsessive Compulsive Designation.
  15. TrpngBilly

    St Thomas to St John

    Do you mind sharing what the per person cost was for what you mentioned? I keep finding conflicting info.