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  1. Just off a cruise that had a port call in St. Thomas. Here are the taxi rates that were posted on a sign at the pier. Per passenger from Havensight Mall to destination listed. First rate is for one passenger, second price is for 2 or more passengers. Airport/Emerald Beach $7 or $6 Bolongo Beach $10 or $8 Coki Beach/Coral World $12 or $9 Crown Bay Marina $7 or $6 Downtown $4 both Magens Bay Beach $10 or $8 Mahogany Run Golf Course $10 or $8 Morningstar Beach $8 or $6 Mountain Top $11 or $8 Red Hook Ferry Dock $13 or $10 Sapphire Beach $13 or $10 Secret Harbor Beach $13 or $10 Island Tours $50 or $25
  2. Even more than 15 minutes to get a decent seat...and beware of seat "holders"
  3. Anyone have any feedback on the wifi packages as far as reliability on the Epic recently? We have done the iConcierge APP on past cruises and found it to be marginally reliable at best but I'm wondering if there have been improvements in the last year or so? Thanks in advance and sorry if it's been addressed already, I couldn't find the thread if there is one.
  4. Remember when we all switched to plastic because it was going to "save trees" by reducing the amount of paper consumed? Now we're back to using paper in place of plastic...and plastic is now bad...no wonder no other planets have sent their people here, they likely don't want to catch whatever it is that we have.
  5. Great, thanks all. You helped me arrive at the decision that I was leaning toward. You know when you just need to hear it from others??? Thanks again.
  6. Ship is scheduled to return to port in San Juan on 2/23/20 at 5:30am. Has anyone been able to make it to the airport in time for a 8:30am flight departure?
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