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  1. Currently sailing on the Muse and have enjoyed several breakfasts in Atlantide. Much calmer Atmosphere than La Terrazza and the food a notch above. Would highly recommend it unless you have time constraints.
  2. Just show up- it’s never been completely full and we are into our second week on the Muse.
  3. We are just leaving Vietnam now and boarded the Muse in Hong Kong. I was concerned about the unrest , particularly because we arrived on a Saturday evening. We had no encounters in Kowloon and traveled everywhere. Perhaps we were fortunate but it just wasn’t a problem during our 3 night stay. Our flight from LAX to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific was a full flight but comfortable. Having a wonderful time on the Muse- the ports have been challenging as they are quite a distance from the city centers, but the food and service are still great! We will be going overnite to Bangkok as the 3 hr each way is just too much for two consecutive days- wish SS had their smaller ships on this itinerary. have a great cruise!
  4. We returned to Silversea last June after 10 years -we had been cruising with Seabourn following our first two cruises with SS. I cannot express how much we enjoyed the excellent food and service- we felt it was superior to Seabourn and booked another two week cruise - we leave tomorrow! Book a journey and experience fabulous vacation!
  5. We tried to book with both Seabourn and Silversea and found their business class fares to be higher with inconvenient itineraries. When we inquired about the availability of routes we had identified as being more convenient or less expensive, the response was that the airlines had a certain allocation of seats at a specific fare and there was no flexibility. i must add, however, that we were always booking within four months of our cruises which may have influenced the fares and as a result we usually found better prices on our own, even with perks of hotel transfers and accommodations. Always best to do your research before a booking and then make an inquiry.
  6. We have sailed some interesting ocean swells but it appears that you are in the midst of angry ones! A silver lining- no one knows whether it’s the turbulent sea or the cocktails that keeps one from walking a straight line!😉 May you find smooth sailing very soon.
  7. It is not ageism or nastiness- it is a question of appropriateness. Children are children- they can be wonderful at one moment and have a meltdown shortly after. The SS brochures do not feature children, or teenagers and young adults partying around the pool………their market is an adult clientele who enjoy fine dining and services. Just as a passenger who enjoys the informality of dining in their shorts or swimwear would most likely choose another line, putting toddlers and even older children together with adults on a small ship with no activities is setting everyone up for a miserable time. When we experienced pool side cartwheels and 7 kids jammed into the hot tub it certainly didn’t feel as if we were on a luxury vessel. Unfortunately it seems that the very same parents who book a cruise with their young children also seem to abdicate their responsibilities on board. If they looked after their kids we would not even be having this discussion.
  8. Mrs. Waldo you did a fine job with your children- I had my daughter later in life and was always concerned about good manners and behavior as I had seen too many out- of -control kids with indifferent parents. My mother never allowed bad behavior( there were 8 of us ) and our daughter was raised with the same values. Unfortunately there are many parents who have no concerns- and this is the dilemma. Cruising on the top three lines is not inexpensive and when unruly children/passengers ruin the experience it is time and money ill-spent. It is a shame that we all have to keep fingers crossed about who will be boarding with us! Have a lovely cruise with your daughter-she sounds delightful!
  9. Agreed! The concept of attracting families with the hope of increasing a future client base seems ludicrous. If these customers are turned away to Disney or Crystal it is highly likely they will jump to an adult- oriented experience when their kids are grown, particularly if they have been denied access. We certainly spent many vacations in child -oriented resorts but won’t go near them now! It would seem that the most competitive market is the large ship experience- too many players with the same product. SIlversea, Seabourn and Regent have smaller ships that seem to be full most of the time- so what is the urgency to fill cabins with families? If other lines decide to capture the adult - only segment then the top luxury cruise lines will have to deal with the potential loss of their past and future clients who prefer a more serene environment. Add a few more customers....then lose even more. How many cruising families aboard are too many-where do you draw a line given that there are really no facilities to entertain children? How often does corporate expect their paying customers to shrug off a bad experience? Concede the family travel to the mega ships and continue to market to the adult community. Interesting that the brochures highlight older cruisers, fine food, champagne and butler service. No children in sight! Bait and switch??
  10. Great! I guess you will reconsider Silversea. Bottom line is all the luxury lines will continue to be impacted by families if there are no policies set by corporate since the parents seem incapable of distinguishing “age appropriate” cruises for their children.
  11. You have been fortunate to have experienced “child-free or teenagers only”cruises and it is likely that you traveled in the spring and fall seasons. We have cruised with Seabourn and SS from late May through August, with the exception of two Seabourn cruises in Jan. and Feb., because it was the most convenient time for my husband, who had not yet retired. Our five cruises on Seabourn certainly had more children aboard -and at younger ages than our four on Silversea. We will certainly shift to the shoulder seasons now that his time is flexible- but it does seem unfair that we should have to do that in order to avoid families with children. Crystal and Disney offer an excellent product and would certainly be more suitable for children than Regent, SS and Seabourn.
  12. It’s not just SS- we had 2 cruises with unruly children on Seabourn- one in the Med and one in the Caribbean. Unfortunately some parents fail to note or really don’t care that these cruise lines are adult oriented. In both cases the parents seemed to enjoy themselves poolside while their children took over the pool deck. On our recent cruise on SS there was only one 11 year old who tried to make the best of things but looked rather bored. It appeared to me on our previous cruises with SS that the demographic was older than that of Seabourn and less likely to have young families aboard. We are taking our 5th cruise in November and are keeping fingers crossed that it will have few or no children aboard.
  13. We enjoyed an antipasti plate- lovely selection of meats and cheeses, or some cold shrimp, hot spring rolls, and caviar. The Arts Cafe always has a variety of snacks and the ‘always available menu” also has some appetizing snacks. There are so many options and it’s always a “yes” on SS. We enjoy small bites with an afternoon glass of champagne, particularly after a very light lunch or a busy excursion-it’s something we never indulge in at home and is such a pleasure on vacation! I hope you choose to have a room service dinner-nothing better than to put on a robe and indulge in a fabulous meal, particularly after a full day of sightseeing!
  14. I think you will be comfortable on either Silversea or Seabourn. They are both wonderful lines with personalized service and good food. We have sailed with both -5 on Seabourn and are taking our fifth cruise with Silversea (and our second this year) in November. We found the crew on Silversea to be more polished and the food more varied. We did enjoy La Dame on three different evenings and did not have a problem with the upcharge as the experience was really lovely. There are more jackets in all the dining venues but I would not be concerned by excessive formality. The only evening we saw tuxedos was formal night but a majority of the passengers wore suits or sport coats and ties and the women wore everything from slacks to cocktail dresses- no one was in a ballgown. As to the Butler- we found him to be so helpful-not obtrusive. He served our room service breakfast several mornings, our evening canapés and a room service dinner. He arranged for a mattress topper and even shined my husband’s dress shoes (without being asked). He arranged dinner reservations, helped with the free wifi, cleaned our suitcases before departure, and was delightful to be around. You can’t go wrong with either line and perhaps you should try both to determine which is best for you. Have a great cruise!
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