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  1. CRocks..... When is your cruise, are you just looking to cancel all together or are you eligible for one of the offers? I have seen a few options in the last week or so: https://www.carnival.com/request-forms/reimbursement-form.aspx This option to cancel online Log into your Carnival account-Look for Red Banner/Flag that says XX days till cruising and click On the top of the page look for “Booking & Order Details”, look for “your bookings” Next to the “Paid In Full” choose “View Balance Details” and look for “View Cancellatio
  2. You can ABSOLUTELY CAN cancel and re-book online, if you know what cruise you want to change to you would have to put a deposit down on that cruise. Once you've done that you send in the form that was linked in the letter/email Carnival sent out. https://www.carnival.com/request-forms/reimbursement-form.aspx You can also just cancel online and YES it will say the penalty is the full amount, but due to the exception Carnival is making you will get that amount as a FCC. Carnival is well aware of what cruisers qualify for the offer, plenty of people have canceled using this method and not
  3. Log into your Carnival account-Look for Red Banner/Flag that says XX days till cruising and click On the top of the page look for “Booking & Order Details”, look for “your bookings” Next to the “Paid In Full” choose “View Balance Details” and look for “View Cancellation Information”. This is also where you should see the total that you are going to be getting for your FCC Assuming you're cancelling under the new policy (letter/email rec'd from Carnival), if so you absolutely can cancel this way, even though it says "your penalty will be XXXX" Carnival will process as a
  4. Via an email from the PVP I emailed to cancel my cruise, if you cancelled and have one on hold you would have to call them to have them apply it. When I find a cruise, I will email my PVP and he'll enter it in.
  5. I cancelled yesterday and my FCC was available right then, I wasn't ready to book so I am holding off to see what's available down the road.
  6. Within the email/letter from Carnival there was a link to cancel and re-book, the form which I attached will ask for your old info and the new booking info which you won't have if you haven't deposited a new cruise. https://www.carnival.com/request-forms/reimbursement-form.aspx Several people have said you can cancel online through your cruise documents, however people seem to be turned away once it says that the penalty for cancelling is the total of your cruise costs. From what others who have done it said, it knows to apply the amount to a FCC and the non eligible items to
  7. If you know what cruise you want, you could definitely just use the form once you've deposited the new cruise, you will need the new info to process the cancel/rebook online. I wouldn't wait too long, I don't think you would run into a problem but you don't want to wait till the last day. If you want to bounce anything off of the PVP that helped me, he would definitely help ease your mind and explain all your options. If you are interested in calling or emailing him let me know and I can get you the info via email. On top of not being ready to rebook, I liked having an email chain of
  8. Mine didn't work out that way, I just responded to "bahacca" above.
  9. I used this for an example yesterday on another thread, hope it helps...After final payment/Sail Date was March 22nd. Cruise Rate 1,448.00 Refunded as FCC Taxes, Fees, Port Expenses and Fuel Supplement* 291.28 Refunded to original form of payment Total Cruise Charges 1,739.28 OPTIONAL CHARGES Prepaid Gratuities 167.88 Total Optional Charges 167.88 Refunded to original form of payment My FCC will be the cruise fare only $1448 Refunded to my Credit Card $ 459.16 I think a lot of people are thinking they are getting ripped off because they aren't getting the taxes/f
  10. Is the $2436 the cruise fare, the amount without anything extra/taxes/port charges etc? I know I have seen a lot of people post, both here and on FB saying they didn't get the correct amount and then realized they did. So the $200 isn't considered because it was only if you continued on to cruise. For me, I paid $1987, but my FCC will only be for $1448, the difference of $539 (taxes/fees/gratuities) will be refunded to my credit card. You would be paying for all the your taxes/fees's all over, it's not going to be a part of your FCC, but the previously paid fees will be refunded to you. Was th
  11. The link was buried in very small print at the bottom of the actual letter.
  12. The form that came attached to the letter/email from Carnival would require you to enter existing booking and new booking info to have the FCC applied. Not sure if you can just cancel using the form and not enter the new cruise info, plus not sure when your cruise was scheduled to depart, but you would want to make sure you're following the deadline to rebook. https://www.carnival.com/request-forms/reimbursement-form.aspx
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