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  1. We have used them three times in the past and had a great experience each time.
  2. Yes, I realize that, I was referring to the experiences I have had on Carnival. The servers would bring us a bucket with two beers and bring us two more when they passed by again. I never ran into an issue with them leaving the caps on, I mentioned it might not be that way on Princess, but it can't hurt to request it.
  3. I think it's worth it, not just for the cocktails but the other items included. I guess it really depends on what you like, I like that bottled water and speciality coffees are included on top of the drinks. Someone mentioned buckets of beer, we haven't cruised with Princess before, but on Carnival they would get us a bucket and bring back beers when they time limit was up and we would take a full bucket back to our cabin for times when we just wanted to hang out on the balcony.
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