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  1. The bar is simply table height and the bar tenders are in a sunken well. Of course it feels low. I would never know though because I CAN NEVER GET 2 SEATS SIDE BY SIDE! Just kidding. We were getting off Oasis exactly 1 year ago. The cruise was at capacity. The DL was ridiculously crowded. The SL was full of Pinnacles including Super Mario holding court every night. That said, I never felt as though I couldn't get a drink at the bar or a table in the CK. I'm not a Pin by far, just a newly minted Diamond and a suite customer. Pinnacle members deserve the SL. I enjoy sharing the space with them.
  2. My thought exactly. This thread was started because we are interested parties. The rest of the world could not care less.
  3. Hi, my name is CraigG and I am a suite addict. I started in jr suites like everyone else. It felt too good but I knew there was more. Soon i found myself on a hopeless rollercoaster, finally peaking on deck 17. And it was there I learned of the Royal Genie....... Just kidding. Grand suites are a wonderful upgrade. You will love it. And will have a hard time going back 😉
  4. When I first responded to a poster in this thread, it was from the perspective of a stockholder. My interest in this is strictly monetary. I win or lose based on RCL's decisions everyday. From that perspective I hope their descision on weather to try the case or settle is not based on settling a score with an attorney whose been a pain in their ass. I think the only emotion that will be seen in that court room is a couple of parents sitting there crying throughout the whole thing.
  5. Don't get me wrong. I think this family is far from doing the right thing by pressing this suit. I'm saying RCL has little to gain by going to trial. The jury is not going to consist of a fired up bunch of internet commentators. Plaintiff council will make sure of that. The jury that is seated is probably hearing about this case for the first time and is only going to see real live grieving parents that suffered a horrendous tragic loss. Grandpa is not a plaintiff in this case. He won't be sitting there at council's table daydreaming about where he going the spend his ill gotten gains. Unless they feel he's a truely sympathetic character, they may not even let him in the room until called as a witness. Even if RCL wins, which is not nearly the slam dunk many think it is, They have absolutely nothing to gain by dragging this out on the evening news for another week. They settle, it goes away.
  6. I get the RCL shareholder benefit too. I don't think they have anything to gain by going to trial. Even if they win, the court of public opinion tends to look down upon the rich and powerful prevailing over the little guy. This family will be portrayed as victims.
  7. I think the parents would have to be depraved sociopaths to allow this to go to trial. I'm sure their attorneys have made clear to them how it would play out. If it were my child, re-living this event over and over, complete with audio and video would drive me stark raving mad.
  8. Our last cruise was March 1st - 8th, 2020 on Oasis. They were implementing procedures at that time to try and combat the covid spread. They had crews in the MDR disinfecting the tables and chairs between seatings. They were seating patrons in the Windjammer, not just letting folks wander. Masks were not yet a thing. We have had three cancellations since. Hoping our luck changes this June.
  9. My wife and I go the opposite route. With an airline loyalty credit card, we can each pack up to 50lbs in our free checked bags. I can literally get inside one of these bags and close the hatch. I think my wife needs somewhere around 20 lbs of shoes so we need the space. We bring no carry on.
  10. Thanks for the roving review CLfemme. The navigator is our favorite ship. We are from Toledo and departed from terminal A the day before you on Oasis. Looking forward to your insights. Go Buckeyes!! ps... my wife just smacked me for that. ( She’s a Wolverines fan)
  11. There was nothing out of the ordinary that I could determine. A routine boarding. There have been no further announcements and the evenings activities are proceeding as if nothing is happening at all.
  12. The captain informed us a couple hours ago we would be returning to disembark an ill passenger. That all we know on board. As we have 2 sea days, he said it would not impact our arrival in St Martin on Wednesday.
  13. I have to say though, the strangest part of this suite was the 360 degree camera perched right outside our balcony window. Don't get me wrong, I'm a RCCL diamond and rank the Navigator as one of my favorite ships. Buyer beware when it comes to these converted suites.
  14. We were Royal up'd to 1106 last fall. The balcony was big enough for us and 100 friends. The suites were NOT the JS's we've become accustomed to. The bathrooms were small and there was no walk in closet.
  15. MDR, OV, CL, OP. Being a new guy here, all these acronyms are making me dizzy. I'll catch on.
  16. If he was in a balcony he was probably referring to the windjammer. There was one cruise we were on, directly under the windjammer, and every night after midnight they would start rolling carts around up there. That was annoying but it was the only cruise I've ever experienced it on.
  17. I've won two "royal ups" in the last year with lousy bids. The only way to be certain of losing is by not bidding.
  18. My wife and I had considered buying last year. I'm thinking the time is coming soon.
  19. Understood. Forgive my tongue in cheek response. I'm bored at work today. Glad to hear the OP is making some headway with this.
  20. As we can tell by reading this memo, The bottom line is: RCCL is totally committed to our health and well being. Umm...wait I have that backwards. Should read: RCCL is totally committed to the health and well being of their bottom line.
  21. No, but I do have some "Royal Up" bids out there. Here's hoping Charles4515 scares the timid out of their Star Class suites.
  22. Why does it matter? (serious question) I never even noticed that was on the tag before. I'm Diamond too. Do the bags get some sort of priority?
  23. Schooners is always a nice laid back place to meet up and have a drink. On Oasis it overlooks the Promenade so there is plenty of people watching to be had from that vantage point. The furniture is arranged to accommodate parties of your size also.
  24. We just got an upgrade from JS to Crown Loft on the 1 March Oasis sailing. We bid very close to minimum. We used Jeopardy stategy thinking we would just eclipse all the minimum bidders. I'm pretty sure I won this over other bidders who bid more. I'm very interested in what the actual algorythm is. I'm not sure if this has been debated to death in the previous 189 pages. I'm going to start scanning to see if I can get a clue.
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