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  1. WOW....was just able to nab a corner aft family veranda!! You folks have me so excited!!
  2. This is only my second cruise with Celebrity. I am cruising with a friend and thought we might prefer the MDR at a big table for the social aspect of meeting more folks. However, the food at Blu sounds wonderful from the great reviews on these boards. Since the Aqua veranda, that is available, is aft and also looks large, I decided to consider the "upgrade" I wanted to get some advice/opinions from experienced Celebrity cruisers. Thanks to all for the helpful feedback!
  3. When we moved to the family veranda from a regular veranda it was after final payment and a price drop. Instead of a $90 up charge p/p Celebrity charged us $140 p/p because there were only 2 of us in the cabin. I hope they honor it? We did not do any move up bids. I have just been watching availability for our sailing after final payment. This is great information!
  4. We really aren't that interested in Blu. We were planning to eat in the MDR, at a large table, to meet some fellow cruisers. I just wanted to ask opinions since the Aqua class aft cabins also seem to have a bigger balcony. Thanks!
  5. My last post I asked your opinions on upgrading to a family veranda and I took everyone's advice and jumped on it! Well, it now looks like I can upgrade from the family veranda to Aqua class aft for no additional cost. What do you all say? There are 2 of us in the cabin and we will be on the Constellation. Thanks for your help, again!
  6. It is 8168... so just a huge balcony...LOL A party sounds like a good idea! Cheers! Thanks to everyone for getting me even more excited about this cabin upgrade!!
  7. Thank you all for the quick replies!! I was able to get it!! So excited for the location and the extra space!
  8. It's 9 days and thanks for the link to the pictures!
  9. Thanks so much for your reply. From what I see online, it looks like the only one available is 8168, which is aft.
  10. Would love your thoughts about upgrading from a regular Veranda cabin on Constellation (7175) to a Family Veranda for $220 each? There are two of us. Thanks for your advice!
  11. I see that omelets with french fries are an after hours room service option for $5 charge. Just wondering if anyone has been able to order an omelet(with a charge) to be delivered in the morning for breakfast?
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