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  1. Sorry for your loss Tony. I get my second Pfizer shot on March 3rd, but only because I am a military retiree, Otherwise I would still be waiting for the first. Hopefully our current deluge of winter storms will be over by then. Will whoever got Elsa upset please apologize!!!
  2. That does not make you a bad person. My guess is that most anti-maskers would refuse to get the vaccine since many believe Covid is a hoax. I got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine Wednesday, only side effects were a slight headache and mild injection site soreness. Luckily I am a military retiree and was able to get scheduled at the local base, otherwise I would still be waiting as New Jersey's appointment system is a disorganized mess.
  3. Been a while since I checked in. Things were going well, except last week I fell over my feet and landed on my left hip on concrete. Luckily there was no break, just a hip pointer. So it is Tylenol and icepacks for a few weeks. My wife Marj is my caretaker/drill sergeant I appreciate her putting up with my whiney butt. I am scheduled for a Covid shot in early March, not soon enough. It appears that we will not reschedule our cruise until 2022, again not soon enough. Hope everyone is doing well!
  4. We had our airfare refunded in cash several weeks after we received our FCC for our cancelled 3/16 cruise on the Crown.
  5. Similar situation, I was on a Princess cruise, an older gentleman boarding just ahead of me was wearing a Royal Caribbean hat. He pointed at his hat and muttered "Much better cruise line!" His wife said they haven't even sailed one day on Princess yet, to which he replied "I just know." Saw him several times that week, he looked miserable.
  6. Here in South Jersey we on time out for another month. I am letting my hair grow until my stepdaughters salon can open. Crazy weather. Thursday I was mowing the lawn in shorts; last night we were covering our plants since the temps were going below freezing. We are doing well and so far my wife has not tried to kill me. We will not take action on re-booking our cancelled cruise until this pandemic is on the wane and preferably they have a vaccine. Best wishes to all.
  7. Things are going well here in South Jersey. We are coping well with our now one month in captivity. I am hoping it warms up and the rain subsides enough so I can mow the lawn and we can start planting the garden. Today is my wife Marj's birthday. She looks younger each year while I look in the mirror and wonder who the old goat staring back at me is. On the Princess front, we received our credit (option 1) for our cancelled 3/16 cruise on the Crown, so it took a little over a month. We will be waiting to book a cruise until the Covid 19 situation becomes clearer.
  8. We are doing well here in the Philly burbs. I am staying mostly inside due to multiple health issues except for sitting on the porch when the weather allows. Marj does helpfully provide suggestions for enrichment activities to keep me from getting bored. I am a little suspicious as her suggestions sound a lot like chores. Gardening and lawn maintenance are underway and will soon be in full swing. Waiting somewhat patiently for the FCC for our cancelled 3/16 cruise on the Crown (we chose Option 1) so we can book a cruise for 2021 and have something to look forward to. Hope everyon
  9. They should have hired Karnack the Magnificent as a strategic adviser.
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