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  1. It is not `under gifts, it is under Princess Cellars.
  2. I am but a humble Platinum and was able to book dining for my March 30, 2022 cruise on the Enchanted Princess.
  3. I have always had your country on my bucket list since my younger days when I was in London on vacation and got associated with a group of your fellow countrymen and women. Someday maybe. Good news is today was my halfway mark in my radiation treatments for prostate cancer. So far the only side effects are tiredness and having to go to the loo often. This weekend is going to be grandkids weekend, we will have up to 5 of them staying up to a couple of overnights. I enjoy the overnights as I get waffles for breakfast! It is as hot as Satan's undershorts here
  4. I neglected to add that many of the elites I described also sail in interior cabins.
  5. I have not found any cruises on the Grand, only the Ruby and Crown. The schedule for the Crown matches the one cited for the Grand most closely.
  6. The points gained by onboard spending would not sit well with the elites who brag about how they never ever spend a cent onboard and cash in their refundable OBC.
  7. My point exactly. If Princess gave the accessories free, they would lose that income and guess how that will be made up? BTW: I am happy with the lanyard and holder provided so they will not get a cent out of me for overpriced "accessories".
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