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  1. Minutes after posting this I used the Add/Modify option, and saved money on my flexible flights next March. I believe it is restricted fares where you may encounter change fees if you use Add/Modify.
  2. This is bad advice. Add/Modify very rarely incurs change fees, especially on flexible fares. Choosing cancel will do just that and you may get stuck with a much higher fare. With Add/Modify you can always back out and retain the current fare.
  3. Thank you for your opinion which bears little relation to the subject at hand.
  4. To clarify, two masks were N95 and the third was a plain cloth under the two.
  5. My favorite is the guy who was getting radiation treatment at the same time as me. He wore 3 masks at once and surgical gloves.
  6. The commonly used insulins do not require any refrigeration for up to 30 days, so just keeping it in the fridge provided is sufficient, you need not request a replacement for your cabin.
  7. No need to call, if your reservation shows on the Princess website, you are good to go. If you are apprehensive you can request early ticketing on the Princess website.
  8. This is completely untrue. There is no charge for using the app on board. To avoid additional charges you should set your phone to airplane mode while onboard.
  9. What kind of reception is Tom Brady going to get Sunday? In Philly when a former hero returns they get a rousing standing ovation and thereafter the object of merciless booing.
  10. Greetings to all! This thread kind of died in recent days. not much going around here since we returned from Atlantic Beach North Carolina, this time we were not chased out by a hurricane. With the advent of the fall season we are busy going to our grandkids games, girls in field hockey and boys in football. There are a lot of fall festivals in local communities in the coming weeks. Although weather is cooling a bit. I am sticking with tees and shorts as long as the temps are warm. I got my Pfizer booster this week, I encourage all to get the booster when they can. Have a great week all!
  11. I thought that only Pfizer/Biotech were approved starting later this month, however my daughter got her third Moderna this month.
  12. Near the top of our agenda when we get home on Monday.
  13. I slowly strolled from my bus stop to my office on a beautiful Tuesday morning, taking advantage of all the time I had before I was confined to my cubicle for the rest of the day. I sat at my computer grinding out grant agreement after grant agreement as it was busy season. I would take occasional breaks to gaze out my window for a view that stretched all the way out to sea. Suddenly a loud bang echoed through the canyons of Lower Manhattan. "Is that thunder?" asked the person in an adjacent cubicle. Before I could reply, the secretary screamed that something had hit one of the World Trade Center Towers. We all ran around the corner to witness the sight from our vantage point 27 floors up and 3 blocks away. We watched in horror as people jumped to their deaths from the doomed tower because it was the easier way to die. Particularly heart wrenching was the man and woman who jumped holding hands. Then the second plane hit. I discussed with my co-workers when we got back to the office 10 days later that we all saw the second plane coming but it didn't sink in until it hit. The walk up to midtown was long, only pausing to watch the towers crumble. Finally got a ferry boat to New Jersey where friends got me to my car at a park and ride. I wondered as I pulled out about the fate of my fellow commuters whose cars were still there. I finally got home to a tearful reunion with my new bride. Twenty years have passed, memories fade but mine never will. God bless the first responders who ran toward danger and their families as well as the families of the victims and God Bless America.
  14. Update: Things remain the same at my daughter's house which is a good thing. The tornado last night that hit Mullica Hill, NJ was only 10 to 15 air miles from us. We got a little bit of rain but not much else. When you see all the flooding in the Philadelphia area and in North Jersey you can see how easy we got off. 🙏 Off to Atlantic Beach NC on Saturday!!!!
  15. Update: Our one year old grandson tested positive for Covid, but is doing well as is the older siblings and Mom. Son-in-law still feels like crap. So we are hopeful.
  16. I never get a call from Princess after checking the site , guess the tinfoil lining my hat is working. 🤪
  17. @MamaFejgood idea and may be useful going forward. Thanks!
  18. Well the Delta Variant has hit home for us. Our youngest daughter’s stepdaughter brought home the virus from a stay with her irresponsible mother. Our daughter went with her 1yo son to her sister’s as a precaution . However she tested positive and has returned home. We delivered food today so they don’t have to worry for a few days. The test for the son is still pending so we are praying.
  19. Trust me it can be spent in the shops. Just ask my wife!
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