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  1. You can't invite people that aren't in CC to dine with you in CC dinning.
  2. We usually send out a bag every few days. Nice not to have to pack as much. They can be a bit hard on clothes so don't send anything out that you can't live without. They do have cleaning but it isn't dry cleaning, it's some kind of water process. I might not send anything out for cleaning that is wool. Our cabin steward actually warned us about that on our last cruise.
  3. There is no limit to the amount you can send out but I would send a bag or two at a time because it will take at least 48 hours to get it back. If you send too many bags they might get suspicious that you are sharing your benefit with others.
  4. What a great family vacation. Thank you for this info.
  5. Oh thank you so much. It looks like it's across from the closet. I appreciate your taking the time to find this for me.
  6. Thank you. Just want to make sure it doesn't take up wall space where the sofa should be.
  7. I guess I should clarify. I meant the six mini's on each side at the back which are the only minis on Emerald deck. I'll see if I can still edit my question. This info is in the detail when you click on each cabin in the booking process. Just to clarify, there are only 12 minisuites on Emerald deck and they are all connecting pairs. E731 with E729, E727 with E725, etc.
  8. This question is for anyone who has stayed in the Ruby Princess minisuites on Emerald deck. The Princess website shows the cabins at the back of the ship have adjoining rooms. Where are the doors to the adjoining room? Are there still sofa's in these cabins?
  9. I'll hit my 1000 days on the second leg of the upcoming world cruise.
  10. You do get breakfast in Sabatini's every morning so that would last for the rest of the cruise.
  11. How do they handle it on a cruise that you book as a single cruise but it is also sold in segments? Would you get it for the whole cruise or only the segment where you reach the milestone?
  12. So, evidently, someone in Booking Support decided to enter the shareholder benefit manually into the remarks area instead of into the credits area automatically. Thiss is causing it to not show up but the nice CSR that I spoke with sent me an email with all the details of all my OBC and guest services. So at least I have something to show onboard if the shareholder benefit does not show up. It's a shame you can't talk to Booking Support directly anymore as I am sure this would have saved me a lot of time. It's interesting that they didn't bother contacting me after they received the request the 6th time.
  13. Yep! On the phone with them now. They say it's there and are now checking with tech support to see why it isn't showing up in my cruise personalizer.
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