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  1. 4 minutes ago, tcdcruiser said:

    You will find a mix of table.  Two tops will fill first since they are popular.  No assigned seating in CC so table location choice is a first come first serve basis.  In some ways like just anytime dining, but a table in CC is always available. 

    I see no benefit of anytime over CC unless you like the pagers and lines. 

    You can't invite people that aren't in CC to dine with you in CC dinning.

  2. Just now, cruisingberger said:

    Thank You!!! I don't think I will need that much done, but I'm trying to pack accordingly.


    We usually send out a bag every few days.  Nice not to have to pack as much.  They can be a bit hard on clothes so don't send anything out that you can't live without.  They do have cleaning but it isn't dry cleaning, it's some kind of water process.  I might not send anything out for cleaning that is wool.  Our cabin steward actually warned us about that on our last cruise.

  3. 7 minutes ago, cruisingberger said:


     This is the first time I am going on a longer (15 Night) cruise with Elite so I have a couple of questions on things I haven't used before.

    1. Is the laundry unlimited or is there a certain number of bags of laundry they cap you off at?

    There is no limit to the amount you can send out but I would send a bag or two at a time because it will take at least 48 hours to get it back.  If you send too many bags they might get suspicious that you are sharing your benefit with others. 

    7 minutes ago, cruisingberger said:

    2. To use the 250 minutes of free WiFi, is there a password they will give us? Where do we get it from?


    When you get on board go to the Internet Cafe and there will be instructions on how to set up your account.  There will also be someone there to help you but check the Patter for the business hours.


    Thank you for your help. I was on one other cruise as Elite but it was a 5 day so I didn't need the laundry and I didn't use the WiFi, but on this longer cruise it would be nice not to have to bring as many clothes and be able to keep in touch with the kids.


  4. 12 minutes ago, capriccio said:


    It definitely was!  Now the only problem is that they are asking when we will do another family cruise😄 but not offering to pay for it!  Our granddaughter (3 1/2 at the time of the Alaska cruise) was told last winter that grandma and grandpa were going on a winter cruise.  Her first - and very insistent - reaction was "I want to go too!"  I think we've created a cruising monster.

    Oh yes you have!

  5. 2 minutes ago, capriccio said:



    We had 3 minis (E730, E728, and E726) on the Ruby Princess last summer and it worked out great. The door is directly across from the closet.  We (grandma and grandpa) had the connecting room with our DD, DSIL and DGD.  Our DS and DDIL were on the other side of their room with a door that connected to someone else.  They were not bothered by any noise from the other room.


    It was great being able to open the balcony dividers for all 3 cabins.  We even used our balcony (E730 that is twice as long as the others) to host tea for everyone as we sailed out of Glacier Bay.

    What a great family vacation.  Thank you for this info.

  6. 15 minutes ago, skynight said:

    Yes, the 12 mini suites on deck 8, cabins E720 to E731 are connecting cabins. The connecting door is in the hallway entrance across from the bathroom/closet area. I have read that some noise can be heard from the adjacent cabin. Yes, the cabins have sofas.

    Thank you!


  7. 3 minutes ago, cherylandtk said:

    Ah, got it now, you are seeing red triangles...😁

     And and I got my Dolphins and Emeralds confused (now edited) to boot. 


    Hopefully someone with actual memory comes along, but as I think I remember, the door is in the wall near the foot of the bed.   Cannot remember exactly where. 

    Thank you.  Just want to make sure it doesn't take up wall space where the sofa should be.

  8. 12 minutes ago, cherylandtk said:

    I think you might be reading the deck plans wrong. The black triangle means third berth. The red triangle means an interconnecting room.  There are only 8 such pairs on Emerald deck minis, not the entire deck of minis.

    I guess I should clarify.  I meant the six mini's on each side at the back which are the only minis on Emerald deck.    I'll see if I can still edit my question.  This info is in the detail when you click on each cabin in the booking process. Just to clarify, there are only 12 minisuites on Emerald deck and they are all connecting pairs.  E731 with E729, E727 with E725, etc.

  9. This question is for anyone who has stayed in the Ruby Princess minisuites on Emerald deck.   The Princess website shows  the cabins at the back of the ship have adjoining rooms.  Where are the doors to the adjoining room?  Are there still sofa's in these cabins?

  10. 1 hour ago, nukesubsailor said:

    From what I have read what you get are some gifts like flowers, a tour of the bridge, and some other things I can't recall.  It is a one-time thing, not something like a room upgrade which would last for the rest of the cruise or a specialty restaurant dinner every night of the cruise. 

    You do get breakfast in Sabatini's every morning so that would last for the rest of the cruise.

  11. So, evidently, someone in Booking Support decided to enter the shareholder benefit manually into the remarks area instead of into the credits area automatically.  Thiss is causing it to not show up but the nice CSR that I spoke with sent me an email with all the details of all my OBC and guest services.  So at least I have something to show onboard if the shareholder benefit does not show up.  It's a shame you can't talk to Booking Support directly anymore as I am sure this would have saved me a lot of time.  It's interesting that they didn't bother contacting me after they received the request the 6th time.  

  12. 17 hours ago, Pierlesscruisers said:

    Here's the contact info for the stock

    In the US and Canada
    Fax: (661) 753-0180
    Mail: 24305 Town Center Drive, Suite 200

    Santa Clarita, CA 91355 U.S.A.


    Phone numbers for info on Carnival Stock OBC submissions
    Fax: 661 753 0180 (For Sending Shareholder OBC Info)

    Tel: 800 872 6779 ext. 30317 (For Confirming OBC Fax Has Been Received)



    Thank you.  I got that info off of the Carnival Corp site when you call that number and extension the phone just hangs up.   I called customer service this morning who said the money is in my account but there have been changes to the cruise personalizer so I won't be able to see it.  I said that's funny because other people on the cruise can see theirs.  When I asked them to send an email they said they could only send it to my TA.  Yesterday the CSR I spoke with said she would send me an email but it never showed up.   I'm going to try calling again and see if I get another answer.

  13. Does anyone have the phone number or extension for the Booking Support Department?  I've faxed in the form six times and it still hasn't shown up on my account.  Called customer service today who said it's been applied as a manual adjustment and should be showing but no it isn't.  They said they would send me an email showing it but that hasn't shown up either.  This is just getting weird.

  14. Too many repetitive ports and travels are East to West, so lots of lost hours. Most WCs travel West to East. Only way East to West works is if you can convince Captain to set clocks ahead in the afternoon like I was able to on the Sojourn in May 2017.


    Setting clocks back in the afternoon is better but losing an hour every day or so still messes with your body clock. We just got back from an Asian cruise and went east to Vancouver. We had a horrible time sleeping at night. Nope, traveling east is not for us either.

  15. We self-insure .... which means that we do not buy insurance. In 14 Seabourn cruises and on Regent cruise we have never needed to use insurance and our regular health insurance covers us worldwide should we ever need it.


    We also have medical insurance that covers us worldwide and if evacuation is done by a medically equipped vehicle, we're covered for that too. What we don't have is trip cancellation and interruption. For a trip this long and expensive I would want that coverage. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anyone in the US that will just provide that coverage. It's always packaged with medical so we would bite the bullet and buy the whole package. It's just hard to find a company in the US that will insure for periods in excess of 60 days and for more than $50K per person.

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