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  1. Best Cat Mom: My husband and I too like to dress up a bit. We are new to Oceania and realize it is a bit more casual than some cruise lines. We will probably be overdressed but that doesn’t bother me. He is bringing a jacket for the special RR. I would rather see passengers overdressed than not following recommendations of the cruise line
  2. Wow! All very interesting. We board the Riviera on the 14th. First Oceania cruise. Hope the flu bugs go away and the waters calm!!!🙂
  3. pna

    Cabrio Bus tour

    Our ship is offering a Cabrio Bus tour with hightlights of Martinique that interest us. Has anyone done a Cabrio Bus tour?
  4. Looking at a ship tour of Martinique that is called Cabrio Bus tour. What is a Cabrio bus?
  5. Are the loungers up there all in the shade or are their some sunny spots?
  6. Will be sailing on the Riviera in February. Do the culinary classes fill up long before sailing or can you sign up after you are on board?
  7. pna

    Port Miami

    Thank you everyone for your quick responses. Have not sailed Oceania before. Do the blue books come to us or our travel agent? Hope they come well in advance as we drive from Iowa so will leave several days before sailing. Am excited about our February cruise.
  8. pna

    Port Miami

    Is there a place you can find out which terminal your cruise leaves from when the date gets close? We will be driving to Miami.
  9. We will be taking our first Oceania cruise in February. So delighted to hear such positive comments. I have read some negative things lately. Your report assures me we are going to enjoy Oceania.
  10. The ship docks in Barbadous and tour say they meet you in terminal.
  11. We have a 9 AM tour (not through Oceania) on a port day that we aren't scheduled to arrive in port until 8 AM. Will that be an issue? The tour says to meet at 8:30 in the terminal.
  12. pna

    Sunbed Hogs

    I am sorry and I may be too forward, but if I came upon that setting that LHT saw on Crystal, I would just consolidate their stuff. That is beyond rude!
  13. Thank you for your responses. I appreciate the input. It is "food for thought".
  14. We are new to Oceania. Our date for booking specialty restaurants is fast approaching. First of all I presume we just do that thru the Oceania website, correct? How do we decide what nights to do each? Is it better to do on a long port day (for example one where the ship leaves at 8 or after) or at sea day. I know that is all subjective, but would love to here other people's varied opinions. Do you do your favorite early or toward the end? Do you like to eat with a group or just as a couple? Again I know it is subjective but would be fun to hear a variety of opinions or pros and
  15. Thank you for sharing your review. Loved looking at the pictures on Facebook. Looking forward to our first Oceania voyage in February. Have done Celebrity, Disney and Princess. Of those Celebrity was our favorite. We are doing a 12 Day Caribbean. Did you do any private or ship excursions?
  16. Thank you ORV. Just what I wanted to know!
  17. Speaking of hair dryers: Are they regular hair dryers with adjustments such as low and hi and hot, warm, cool? I don't want to haul a dryer if I don't have to but prefer something a step above the old "wall" dryers hotels used to have.
  18. I know we have gotten off topic, but as a newbie to Oceania, if you have the prestige package do you still sign for your drinks so the bartenders or whoever get a their 18% tip?
  19. Speaking of drinks....is there a menu anywhere with drink prices so I can decide if we should upgrade to Prestige?
  20. Do you tip anyone when you eat in the four specialty restaurants on the Riviera?
  21. I thought if you have only made it deposit, that deposit was 100% refundable until final payment is due?
  22. I think I did, but the Oceania Roll Call sight is a bit confusing. I will check.
  23. I wonder if we are doing the same cruise on Riveria Feb. 14 Brilliant Beaches. Our first Oceania. Have done Disney, Celebrity, and Princess. Very excited to try Oceania. Many of the islands are new to us also.
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