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  1. I sailed on 3 huge ships and loved every minute of it!! I'm trying out the Majesty of the seas this summer , so I'll be able to compare... funny i remember saying as a kid,,,' wow, i'm gonna sail on that one day! ".. Majesty was all the rage back then!
  2. yes I've enjoyed your videos as well!!
  3. hi everyone! it''s been a while since I've posted here,, and Marie i see you're still blessing people with your gorgeous dresses and purses.. thank you! My next cruise is in August.. I was supposed to go to Cuba, but now going to Bahamas instead because of the restrictions. 😴 but the gave us 50 % off our cruise!!. what to bring on a 5 nighter?? Marie I still have a gorgeous dress you gave me,, floral and lovely. i think I will pack that for formal night! stay well everyone.
  4. i had a good experience on the water taxi to Paradise Island/Atlantis... i was going to the free beach out that way.. I bought the ticket in the street and had no issues.
  5. yes so far i'm stuck with this terrible itinerary too. i think i'm going to cancel
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