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  1. Gotcha! Thanks again. Can't wait to be visiting your beautiful country again. I just love it there.
  2. Thanks, Mic. I knew you would have the answer. We are well above 60 so should be no problem for us.
  3. Hi Mic, What age is considered "senior" in Adelaide. Just wondering as we will be there in November.
  4. I am also on the Golden at the end of October. I will try to remember to check it out for you.
  5. She was our first cruise. I loved the Norway and had a fantastic time on her. Too bad she went the way she did.
  6. I am not sure, but it could be the area around atrium opening on deck 9 (above O"Sheehans). There are some couches and tables and chairs. It is mostly used during musical events in the Atrium. Hope this helps. Vette
  7. Thanks for the great pictures. I feel like I am almost there.
  8. My favorite time on the ship is sailaway. After a fun day of beach and sun, sitting on the balcony with a cold gin and tonic in my hand, watching the island quietly slip away in the distance and wondering what adventures the next day will bring.
  9. Beautiful pictures!!! Wish we were going to Bernie on our B2B starting Jan. 5th.
  10. Hi Julie, we are on the Jewel on Jan. 5th. We will probably be passing each other in the terminal. Please post some pictures of the new features of the ship, and maybe some of the ports you will be visiting. Have fun and save the ship for us. I will be watching her pull into Sydney on the Sydney web cam in a couple of hours. Vette
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