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  1. None - It just took us 208 days for Crystal to settle in our favor for a cruise cancelled April 29th for a June sailing that they cancelled. I'm not putting any money into a deposit until there is evidence the cruise lines can sail again normally.
  2. Hi Hank - agree with you on Bermuda. I agree with you - Canada isn't going to let us stop in a port. They have been much better than us containing this virus and do not want us to spread it further into their country.
  3. I hear you. What will be interesting to discover is how long the vaccines actually work before you need to get another one.
  4. Having this been such a frustrating period, we also want to add to our post. What Crystal has done has given us NO faith in booking another cruise (on any line) until COVID is under control World Wide. We had also booked airfare home for our cruise through justly.com via Tap Portugal. When we went through the cancellation process, they said they couldn't do it without a $70 processing fee. Well guess what? After going through our Credit Card dispute for a refund, we were denied TWICE. It's over. We won't get our $1000 back or our $70. Our insurance company, Aon Affinity - co
  5. Finally had our credit card settle with Crystal on 11/18. Please update the excel sheet. Best of luck for the rest of you! Have a happy, safe and socially distant Thanksgiving.
  6. We both work in an industry that requires 14 day quarantine after going on a cruise. Most of our work is from home, but not all of it right now. That is a factor for us. Also, we are still waiting for a refund on a cancelled Crystal cruise of $17.5K back from an April 29th cancellation for a June cruise. We don't even trust doing a down payment on a cruise in the future. Our bank thinks this will settle this week and we really hope so. Sadly, we think the cruise industry in FL is going to take a major hit.
  7. I wouldn't want my only choice to be an escorted tour. So many times we have done some awesome private excursions that were just so memorable. Half the fun in planning for excursions, leading up to your cruise, that are better than what the cruise line is offering. Other times, when we've been in a port multiple times, we may just want to walk off the ship and go to our favorite Tapa's restaurant. Actually, can't do that in Barcelona anymore, our favorite Tapa's restaurant closed. 😪
  8. We always fly to a port for our cruises. But I used to fly all the time for work and didn't get ill from those flights. Some were across county, mostly just half the country.
  9. My DH proposed to me Christmas Eve on a Formal Night Sea Day between Australia and New Zealand while crossing the Tasman Sea. You should have see the Christmas Trees shaking - they had to close all top level bars. 25 foot swells! Later I found out he was SOOO nervous carrying an expensive engagement ring with him. This was also his first cruise. We got married a year later in Maui - hopped off the ship via TENDER to get married - my kind mother in law made a rain coat to cover the bottom of my dress from the waist down so it wouldn't get dirty on the tender. Good thing, becaus
  10. As someone else said, shuffleboard. Plus a great breakfast! - Windstar did poached eggs breakfast about 7 different ways! SOOO Good out on deck! But we have also done these Being the Scenes Tours with Princess, Paul Gaugin (back when Regent was leasing the ship), and NCL. On NCL, we were on the EPIC. At one point we were at the back of the ship and near the bottom of the ship. I heard this loud "WHOMP, WHOMP, WHOMP" noise and asked the tour guide what that was. Without a blink, she said "it's the propellor." HOLLY CRAP! I suddenly thought of the movie Titanic and wanted to
  11. I'm glad to hear someone agrees! We have not been on HAL yet, but it is on our list. We'd like to see a male/female duo. Someone is gonna laugh at this. But we tipped $20 to the female pianist to play "Fancy" by Iggy Izalea. She WAS thrilled. So many people got up to dance. At the time I was 39 and had a blast!
  12. I agree with you on that- we've also had those times when we get sick after a short cruise once we are home.
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