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  1. Love.II.Cruise

    What's the most useful thing you pack?

    Current passport... not the one that is expired and hole punched!
  2. Love.II.Cruise

    Foods Not to Eat at the Buffet

    We rarely eat at the buffet... but when we do we avoid scrambled eggs made from powered eggs, pre-made yogurt parfaits, coffee, deli meats, anything we see people picking threw with their hands...
  3. Love.II.Cruise

    Marinara Recipe - Please help

    I just emailed you! ;)
  4. Love.II.Cruise

    Marinara Recipe - Please help

    Thanks for the posts. I did check their blog and they did have the Eggplant Involtini Alla Parmigiana Recipe, which is where we learned the marinara recipe in our cooking class- but in their recipe they simply say 2 cups of tomato sauce. :-( So they didn't share that part of the recipe in the blog. I'm not sure I'm willing to shell out $80 for a cookbook from a French chef. Don't get me wrong, I like Jaques Pepin and I'm French myself and cook lots of French cuisine, but I don't think the marinara recipe will be in his cookbook. I'll keep searching.
  5. Love.II.Cruise

    Marinara Recipe - Please help

    We went on Oceania a couple years ago and took a cooking class that had a Marinara Recipe. We can't find it and we think we accidentally threw it out! It was such a great recipe! Does anyone have it?
  6. Love.II.Cruise

    Who does cruising the best for those with disabilities?

    Avoid Windstar... To who is the best - not sure.
  7. Love.II.Cruise

    What is "open" 24 Hours on the Epic?

    You could always go to the arcade and play some games.
  8. Assuming this happens... I can't bring my phone to another country (company policy). So using it as an app to read books isn't possible. I'm not going to buy a personal phone just for a trip. We can and will bring paper books - no issue. However, we love photography! We bring 4 cameras on every trip and we take with us various lenses. I'm okay checking in the batteries, but not the actual cameras or lenses. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.
  9. Love.II.Cruise

    Spa specifics

    WOW - low ball on NCL knowing something according to some posters. I found calling them about spa areas on ships to be informative - at least on common areas.
  10. Love.II.Cruise

    Weather in Barcelona Epic Cruise

    We always have traveled to Barcelona at this time - this will be our 4th. It is typically in the 70's during the day and cooler in the evenings. Dress in layers.
  11. Love.II.Cruise

    Spa specifics

    I also get frustrated with this. We love common areas (for men and women) for the spa and the Epic is great for that! We recommend calling NCL on each ship to find out what exactly is common and not.
  12. Love.II.Cruise

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Interesting thread... last year we were on the Oct Transatlantic and up-selled via phone call to a Haven (before the unbid online process was in affect). This year it cost us a couple hundred less to reserve the Haven outright in the same category (aft). Our cruise on Nov 5th is nearly sold out - only insides left. Next year the Haven Aft is much higher than this year! I think the "cheap" transatlantic days are over. :loudcry:
  13. I'm hoping we can do the same with the thermal suites - we are in the Haven.
  14. Love.II.Cruise

    Splash Academy on Transatlantic- Minimums?

    I would call and ask. We've done several TAs on many lines and there are usually few children on board.
  15. Love.II.Cruise

    Hail Ceasar or Long Live Bloody Mary

    Us too! Of course they need to get over the clam and tomato juice combo - but once they do some never look back!