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  1. Well said. I appreciate your positive attitude! You're going to have an amazing cruise, enjoy every second of it.
  2. I cruised for several years with my Mother, who suffered from brain tumors and related memory and cognitive issues. I always decorated our door with some small magnetic sign, sometimes from Cruise Critic, sometimes from our favorite sports team. It helped reassure both of us that we were indeed at the correct cabin, and it gave her some assistance when walking down a seemingly endless hallway with identical looking cabin doors. As soon as she'd spot our door decoration, she'd smile and say "oh we're here!" Now that my Mother only cruises with me in spirit, I take along a door magnet in her memory. It still makes me smile every time I see it. Sometimes the very small things in life can have a very positive impact. It does not diminish me to be kind to others, indeed quite the opposite.
  3. It sounds as if the elite events are really fun. Especially if Zsanett is your server! 😁
  4. You only were given the convertible? Wow, you must have really angered the Zenith gods. We had the Bentley for ourselves, and a Tesla for our dozens of suitcases. The service has really been slipping . . .
  5. Perfect summation. Would love to see this posted everywhere, including cruise line websites.
  6. The item I like is the day pass to Persian Gardens. Since you're not in Aqua, you might enjoy that. Also, having a private departure lounge is nice if you have a late time for disembarkation. You need to be out of your room by 0800, so it's good to have a place to sit and have coffee that's not quite so noisy and crowded as some of the public areas.
  7. I believe the poster was referring to that social media website that starts with F and and ends with BOOK. If you do a google search for Princess Cruises and included the above-referenced word, you'll find it.
  8. Oh, that's clever. Actually made me LOL for real. 😂
  9. In my experience, I find being bitten by a passenger's dog whilst on board a cruise ship to be very offensive and disruptive.
  10. I took Mike's comments as humorous, since he went on to explain his post, and based upon the previous comment about the US being the be all, end all. Perhaps I misunderstood, but I'd suggest that maybe tongue-in-cheek doesn't always translate the way it was intended, and his post was not meant to be rude in any way. Just an observation, and I thought it was a funny post.
  11. What breed of dog is she? If that is her in your avatar, she is truly beautiful! I, too, live in the PNW 😃
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