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  1. Fantastic! Glad you got it sorted out. That extra OBC is something I always look forward to on our cruises and no doubt, you will too.
  2. That’s too bad, richandcindy. I bet your next cruise will be much better for you guys. 👍
  3. I wasn't describing anything, MotownVoice. I quoted the person who DID describe Princess in that way because I noticed in their signature that they haven't sailed on Princess (assuming their signature is correct) and was wondering why they would comment on something they probably have never experienced before.
  4. Which Princess ship(s) have you sailed on?
  5. Exactly! Hopefully someone with more current knowledge will respond soon to help out. However, I still say you should give Princess a call directly. 👍🏻
  6. I’m not sure but it doesn’t sound right to me. Try contacting Princess directly, have your DD214 ready, and see what they say. My military OBC is automatically applied on whatever cruise I book, but I don’t remember for sure if it was 12 months the first time I booked and requested military OBC. This is one of the many reasons I don’t use a TA. In this case I would remove the middle-man and go directly to the source.
  7. And thank you for the response, MamaFej 👍🏻
  8. We've cruised many times to Cabo San Lucas but none of those cruises included an overnight stay like our upcoming cruise does. Does anyone know if the tenders run all night or do they stop service at some point during the evening and resume the next morning? Thanks
  9. Correct. RFID cannot be demagnetized. You have to physically destroy, or microwave (melt) to destroy a RFID chip.
  10. Eating at the Crab Shack! It'll be an option on your Alaskan cruise.
  11. Google "Waterfront Plaza parking San Francisco". That's who we use and haven't had any problems.
  12. Fantastic review! Looking forward to the pictures and videos. Thanks for taking the time to document your trip with us. Truly felt like we were there with you.
  13. You’re seriously not seeing how it’s possible, and likely probable, that folks will inadvertently get their hands into that nasty cup o’ “butter”? 😁
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