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  1. Sweet! Another Saint Greg review! I'm looking forward to it. One question - what is a "vacation hair cut"?? 😁
  2. I've never done it myself but have read other's comments and they are mostly positive. The key to getting the credit seems to lie in the fact that the excursion you find at the lower price needs to match the ship's excursion EXACTLY. Good luck!
  3. I seriously doubt this will get anywhere but I figured I may as well give it a shot... https://cruising.org/en/clia-action-center
  4. FYSA, you're replying to a 3-year old thread. 😉
  5. I recommend Hotel Maya (a Hilton property). It's a nice place and walking distance to the cruise terminal (they also offer a free shuttle if you difficulty walking). My second recommendation is Hilton Hotel Long Beach. They also offer a free shuttle to the cruise terminal which you'll need since that hotel is not walking distance. I've stayed at both and would give the slight edge to Hotel Maya for the proximity to the terminal as well as the beautiful grounds. Oh and they also offer park and cruise package for those that drive to port like we do. Edit: Sorry, I can't help wi
  6. I have one from a 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise on Splendor, November 2011. I'm glad I have it and enjoy watching it from time to time. I didn't realize that Carnival stopped selling these.
  7. Yes, they "automated you ability to make your choice online" to avoid a flood of customer calls. As you can see in the sentence after that, their online tool will "allow for faster processing". That doesn't mean it's truly automated. Someone still needs to actually process your request.
  8. Welcome to Cruise Critic. How long ago did you submit the form? I ask because it's not an automated process. Someone at Carnival will still need to apply your request (FCC or a refund) to your account.
  9. I appreciate your updates as well, Hank. Her bridge cam shows her in the marina. Great to see her in port again. 🙂
  10. They're super quick right now. I emailed mine yesterday and it was credited in about 45 minutes! 🙂
  11. I had the same issue, OP. Go back to your mock booking but continue on through the part where you enter your wife's data (name, dob, etc.). Once confirming her information, the next screen will have both of your FCCs applied. Super easy and no need to call.
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