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  1. Thank you for sending the pics. I dont like this balcony with the porthole look. I think i rather have the one I have booked. Thanks again for clarifying .
  2. Hello again, for those who have traveled recently on Celebrity do you know if they still have the cocktail parties for select and higher tiers? I didn't see anything mentioned at all in my reservation. In the past it was mentioned. They used to host them on the sky deck ... We really enjoyed those get togethers.
  3. Thank you everyone for your input. After reading all of your responses I am now very glad I got the room with the bed by the bath as I really value a spacious layout. Thanks so much again for taking the time to help me!
  4. Hello, are you saying that you cannot step out of the room onto the balcony? Are there other categories that do have a real balcony?
  5. HELLO. We decided to take the plunge back into cruising. We just booked 7223 infinite veranda on the celebrity edge. I wanted to know if this cabin has the bed by the balcony or the bathroom. We enjoy having the bed close to the balcony. If this is not the case we would call to ask for another cabin. I can't tell from the information about the location of the bed with respect to the balcony. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for your suggestion. i have checked tripadvisor but there are so many I was hoping to hear from people who did one during a brittish isle cruise so I would know which would be the better to pick.
  7. Hello! We are going on a 12 night Brittish isles cruise in august and I am very interested in participating in a distillery tour. They seem to be available in several ports but we just want to visit 1 so we would like it to be a highly rated , top quality one. If anyone who has been on a distillery tour in on a brittish isles cruise can recommend one (we will be visiting cobh dublin and belfast ireland,and invergordon, edinburgh, and kirkwall in scotland. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Lisa
  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. It was very generous of you! We have decided that it would be easier to go in and out of London so we rebooked for the previous week it seems less expensive as well as easier especially after getting off a transatlantic flight. Again, I really appreciate your help.
  9. I can’t thank you all enough for this very valuable information and all of your suggestions and possible options . I am looking at the train schedules to see what will work best as the car option is seeming quite expensive as is the private tour option . I was thinking of seeing if there are others in a similar situation that may want to share a private tour from Paris to Normandy and end at the cruise port. I could post it in the roll call to see if there is interest to help with the cost and ease of going from Paris where we are arriving to see Normandy beaches. Thanks so much again for your help and sharing your knowledge and experience! Lisa
  10. Thank you both so very much for this very valuable and detailed information . I am going to look into renting a car in CDG and staying in Bayeux doing a day tour of Normandy de beaches then return the car to LeHavre and take a taxi to the cruise ship. Thanks again for your input and direction. I really appreciate the excellent advice!
  11. Hi again, sorry.... we would prefer that a tour company do the driving unless there is going to be a big difference in cost in which case we would consider self driving. Thanks again for taking the time to help us!! Lisa
  12. Thanks so much for taking the time to give such detailed information. I really appreciate it. We are from the United states. the cruise leaves august 16th at 8PM. We were planning on arriving on the 15th and doing a tour of normandy the morning of the 16th before the cruise leaves. We are willing to stay wherever is best for this situation. We have seen paris already so that is not an issue we just want to see the normandy d day beaches and cemetery before we leave on our cruise the 16th (departs 8PM) on the princess crown. Thanks again for your help!!!!
  13. Hi Everyone, We are starting and ending our cruise from the LeHavre port. We were planning on flying in the day prior so that we can visit Normandy the day of departure since the cruise doesn't leave until 8pm. I thought Bayeax was the closest place to stay but now I am finding out it is farther away then staying in Paris. Can anyone recommend the best way to handle this? Should we stay in Paris and then take the trip from Paris to Normandy or Stay closer? Not sure about the best way to travel to LeHavre if we are going to stay there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated . Thank you!
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