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  1. That’s a no for me and my husband. We are both immune compromised. I tried a flu shot about 10 years ago. I ended up in the ER very ill (actually admitted). That was the only time in my life I have ever had a flu shot (required for my job). I will never do that again. My husband has never had a flu shot and he is 60. Vaccines are simply not for everyone. (I work in healthcare). If this is a requirement to cruise, we will be done.
  2. Great thread... My husband; USMC, 1977-1979 Combat Engineer. He is very ill now (and disabled) due to be stationed at Camp LeJeune. 😞 God bless all of our men and women who served. 🇺🇸
  3. I’m not sure who had asked me but yes, we had paid our cruise in full in February for our sailing in May. Wishing all the best with their FCC’s....
  4. We were booked on May 24, I cancelled on April 5 because I knew the cruise wasn’t going to happen. I received my FFC in May and applied it to a June 21 cruise, then that one was cancelled. I now have rebooked to October this year. I did not have to put down any deposit money, it was part of my FCC. I did have to pay some tax for the 2 of us (around $182) but that was it. I do use a great TA so I don’t know if that makes a difference.
  5. I had cancelled my May 24 cruise on April 5. I just checked my FCC, it expires on 12/31/21.
  6. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. I see nothing broken.
  7. We are beach people all the way so we stay at the Hilton Oceanfront. They have restaurants onsite that are pretty good, other restaurants nearby, groceries nearby for a wine grab, and of course...the ocean is right there. I just can’t bring myself to come to Florida and stay inland.
  8. The moral of these stories would be; anything can change when you are on a cruise ship. If you don’t understand that from the start, maybe cruising might not be your thing. We have cruised numerous times when ports were missed, people were injured so we rerouted, etc. Things happen.....everyday.
  9. Yes, we received one on the our last 3 cruises. When you do a booking online, the page after you state how many cabins you need, the next page asks if you are eligible for any discounts. There you check your state and if you are military or police, etc. When you get to final booking page, it will show if there is a military discount available. As well on our Harmony cruise in May, we caught 3 price drops. (This is in US, not sure about other countries, FYI) Best of luck to you!
  10. Unfortunately, you will have to complete the September cruise to get your points to get to the diamond status. I hope you have a great cruise. 😊
  11. We usually eat anywhere but the Windjammer. Neither of us are fans of that venue. There are many great places for lunch. Sorrentos, Park Cafe, Cafe Promenade, Johnny Rockets (charge), etc. Enjoy yourself! 😀
  12. Congratulations.... I remember that feeling as well. Enjoy your perks! 😀
  13. Thank you so much for an awesome review, it sounds like you had a nice time. We love the bigger ships, they are one of our favorites. My husband has MS and other neuro issues but he loves the walking. Thanks again for your detailed report. 😀
  14. This would be extortion from a legal aspect. It certainly wouldn’t be in RCs best interest to begin that practice.
  15. We have cruised many times with Royal Caribbean. You can bring 2 bottles of wine onboard. There are drinks of the day that are cheaper. Boleros has 2 for one often on ships (varies on the drink). Usually about day 4 (of 7) they sell drink cards. We have seen them on the FOS, all Oasis class ships, the Anthem, the Explorer, etc. Its around $80 for 10 drinks (price may vary a small amount for each ship but not much). You can use it for anything and you can share it. Also, drinking on the islands is way cheaper. We always have something refreshing when we are exploring. (Added, one of my
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