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  1. i have Verizon unlimited plan and Canada and Mexico included no extra charge but check your plan so you don't get a nasty surprise
  2. Legal is very overpriced - get your lobster in Maine or Canada I am trying the place on Cottage Street when I get to Bar Harbor next week or the week after (BTB on Veendam)
  3. Ooh that’s me scm200 can’t wait to go this time next we we will be sailing up the coast toward bar harbor Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. I am guessing its based on itinerary - our cruise on the Veendam has Sunday at Bar Harbor so not a sea day and I am guessing no brunch
  5. So should we bring our own chair pads for the loungers? Just kidding I have a OV cabin and will be happy with a lounger to sit on would love to see more of the Veendam we set sail when this Cuba cruise ends on the 18th Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. August 18, 2018 Veendam New England and Canada 14 days (self created BTB) 8/18-9/1 First time on HAL and can't wait!
  7. I think all the cabins have DVD players but I am guessing you should call to see if they are blue ray - guessing not but that's just because I think the equipment is not the newest
  8. I have been looking for recent info on the WIFI on the Veendam? Does anyone have recent info?
  9. :cool:Hoping someone can help - we are on the 8/18 Veendam cruise doing a BTB and have not seen much info on the Veendam - this thread is the best recent info: Pool - salt water or fresh? Internet - buy the minutes still? Deck Chairs - are there still deck chairs at the back of the Lower Promenade? saw that in videos but they could be old images? Thanks in advance and thanks for all the previous info
  10. we are on the same sailing, it will be our return as we booked two 7 day cruises on the Veendam. This is a new experience for us, we have sailed on NCL and Carnival but wanted to try this, we are cruising with our Moms who are 83 and 91... - we are closer to the "demographic" of the ship but forget that we are over 60 most of the time. I am sure the ship will be good, its a cruise, what could not be good - if you see someone knitting its probably me - can't wait for PEI and have done Sydney and Halifax before we enjoy Canada.
  11. For anyone who has been on the Veendam recently can you tell me what Internet plans are available? I had read somewhere that HAL was switching to the unlimited level plans vs minutes in August but I have seen nothing since then - I would like to keep up with my FB and Instagram accounts during the trip as I was able to on CCL last year.
  12. once you are onboard and in airplane mode you connect to ship wifi and then launch safari (or whatever android version) and the navigator site should come up automatically
  13. well for me I am very happy that they are going to the packages, they have that on Carnival and it worked great for us. We are doing 2 weeks in August and to have access to family is important for us.
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