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  1. It was the person at the table after going through the security line. I didn’t argue, just paid the corkage fee. Which I probably would have done anyway in the dining room.
  2. They wouldn’t let me do that on my b2b cruise out of Ft Lauderdale🥺
  3. It’s being offered on my Dec 9 cruise which I did not purchase the Princess Plus, but it’s not being offered on my Dec 13 cruise which I did buy the Princess plus. So, maybe it depends on the drink package purchased?
  4. Bottled water being provided in the elite mini bar and drink package, I wonder what will offered in it’s place.... Please, no comments on how good the water is on board. I like to have water on my night stand and a glass is not safe with me.
  5. We don’t smoke, but I seem to remember that promenade deck, starboard side far aft, we saw people smoking. This would have been on the Royal/Regal. Also, casino allows smoking, except for formal nights. There’s also a cigar lounge.
  6. If you're a fan of the English Pub lunch, it will be offered twice.
  7. We were booked on a b2b on the Discovery. When they changed the ship to the Regal, they moved us, same mini suite mb category, to a different location. We were not happy with the new location but I couldn’t get the original cabin back. I read that someone was upgraded from a balcony to a mini suite. BTW, I always mark my cabin no upgrades.
  8. They’re not including location upgrades. This makes for higher fares. The current fare is $328 more per person than when I booked this cruise in January. And it’s $525 more pp than the last fare reduction we got from early March.
  9. This is the Crown Princess
  10. I guess we’ve been lucky. 28 Princess cruises and last years cruise was the first. If we’ve been on with smaller groups, I didn’t notice them.
  11. I did that. Nothing showed up. Although I did find a website that listed the 3 January theme cruises. Theme Cruise Finders showed mostly Azamara cruises. I can understand why the cruise line won’t tell you about large groups.
  12. We’re not booked on any of those large group cruises sailing in January. I learned from last year. I’m trying to find if any large groups would be on our February 5th cruise
  13. I learned that in Jan, 2022, the Sky Princess is hosting large music themed cruises, 3 weeks in a row. Rock & roll, Polka and Irish. We were on the Polka cruise last year and they closed Take 5 and the Vista Lounge every night. This made for other entertainment venues to be overly crowded. Not a great experience. I booked Feb 5, 2022 and I'm now wondering if I made a mistake. Does anyone knows of any large groups that might be on this cruise. I searched that date and found nothing.
  14. I’ve not thought of that. I can check that out.
  15. We have a b2b, first of which is with family. My son’s wife checks for fare reductions. She called to tell me out cruise went down by $125 pp. I went to pull up that cruise as well as the one we were on by ourselves. I opened Chrome on my IPad and got a higher fare than we were booked for. I went to Safari and got the lower fare. So, I checked all 3 of my cruises, Chrome on my IPad, Safari and Chrome on my husband’s Samsung android tablet. IPad Chrome showed a fare of $1919 and Samsung Chrome and Safari showed a fare of $1794. Our B2B, IPad Chrome showed $1819 and Samsung Chrome and Safari showed a fare of $1694. We got the lower fare. Had I not gone any further and relied on my IPad Chrome only, I would never had gotten a reduction. In the future, I will check all for fare changes. I had this happen once before. A difference between my laptop Chrome and my husband’s Samsung Chrome. We were given the lower fare.
  16. My husbands birthday is 2 weeks before mine. He got one and I didn’t.
  17. We’ve been on a few b2b and always kept the same table. One time I was on a b2b where we changed the dining time on the second half and we asked if we could have the same table and servers. They did accommodate us.
  18. I was able to get chocolates on 3 of my 5 booked cruises. Plus a lower fare on 2 cruises. Not huge reductions, but every little bit helps.
  19. Can you submit one request for more than one cruise, or one request for each cruise?
  20. A few years ago, NY had an outbreak of measles. I remember as a child having one kind of measles and chicken pox. I still have the scars to prove that. Not know if I had rubella or measles, I had a blood test to see if I was Immune. On a side note, I remember as a kid, going to the school auditorium and was given a polio vaccine in a sugar cube. Afterwards, they rewarded us by showing Snow White.
  21. We’re usually in a mid aft mini suite and when I look over the raining I can see the light.
  22. Thank you for those pics. Did that blue light also bleed into the cabin?
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