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  1. In what way is it inaccurate? Book with AI and you get a bundled price. Cancel the booking and Celebrity gives you a complete breakdown. Gratuity prices are published. All the figures quoted have been submitted to Celebrity who in turn have phoned me to discuss them. At no time has Celebrity disputed the figures. Simply Sail prices are supposedly with the tips, drinks and Internet removed. Add back the tips and the difference should be the drinks and Internet I.e. $100 per person per day but it's usually around $30 sometimes much less. Solo passengers fair even worse under AI as they pay for 2 lots of tips, 2 Internet packages and 2 drinks packages.
  2. Again you make my point you are choosing to add the drinks, Celebrity has removed that choice.
  3. True except: 1) only for a very limited number of itineraries 2) only for guarantee cabins 3) the reductions are tiny - add back the tips and the reductions are usually a maximum of of $30 per person per day often less. AI pricing has added $100 per person per day for drinks and Internet of which you get $30 off leaving a profit for Celebrity of $70 per person per day.
  4. They haven't. All the other Celebrity promotions gave you a choice - you choose which bits you wanted or didn't want. AI is the first promotion that not only gives no real choice but actively penalises many of Celebrity's most loyal passengers - especially anyone who is Elite+ and doesn't drink alcohol. I am not against packages of any sort (drinks, internet whatever) just against the removal of choice.
  5. Choice is great but regrettably that's exactly what Celebrity has chosen to remove. As Elite+ non alcohol drinkers our lattes, excellent teas and water were free now they cost us $70 per person per day. 240 mins Internet also previously free now $30 per person per day. Before I get attacked again the figures shown are from Celebrity.
  6. Entirely agree. Have already cancelled one Celebrity and moved another to Royal.
  7. A friend who has done over 150 cruises on Royal raised the following interesting question. How would you get all the visas needed? For our part the longest period we can get insurance on the house and contents for if it is unoccupied is 90 days. The most prescription meds we can get at one time is 60 days. The bosses disability would also be stopped. So that's a no from us. We have done 60 days on Solstice and loved every minute.
  8. This is to important to leave to chance or misinterpretation. Speak to Celebrity or better still the Captains Club and ask for a formal written statement of the policy. I must say I thought there were no exceptions but things change so often.
  9. For us it has to be bed by the balcony. One because the boss (Anita) uses a rollator and having the bed by the balcony gives much more space when you enter the cabin. Once folded the rollator fits snugly between the end of the sofa and the closet. Two because the small occasional table can be moved and slide neatly half under the dressing table parallel to the wall. You can still sit at the dressing table and use half table and it frees up a lot of floor space.
  10. Sorry I mis counted the other poster is correct. The convertible couches are always nearest the balcony, it's just the pictures that look the same.
  11. It should be next to the balcony - our preferred layout
  12. Great, words by the penguins, photos by upwarduk - the perfect English combination.
  13. Not like any other, now it's a sports bar, lots of screens. Cellar Masters was a dead space on recent Slhouette with 50% capacity Craft Central was always busy.
  14. We to use hump or, for people of a certain age, "tiffin". To hump also means to carry.
  15. Oh dear, do we have another classic example of the difference between American/English and English/English? Humping is the same but to get the hump in English/English is to be annoyed/upset.
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