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    Walking, Cruising when I can, working in the garden
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    MSC, Princess, Celebrity, Holland
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    Carribean and Transatlantic

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  1. Have you heard what there is to do there? We are scheduled for an August stop on Carnival and I was wondering if there is anything to do if you get off and want to just wonder around or a beach/pool with in walking distance. I am not finding much information. Thank you
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions for Safe place to Park for 9 nights with shuttle service to Port Canaveral? We have not parked off site near Port Canaveral and hopefully will be sailing out of there soon. Any suggestions??? Thank you
  3. Has anyone heard anything about any Transatlantic Cruises for Fall of 2021. I only see one at the end of November. Are they not planning on having any others this year?
  4. Based on this statement... ‘The cruise ship operator must not sail or offer to sail on an itinerary longer than 7 days. CDC may shorten or lengthen the number of days permitted to sail based on public health considerations and as set forth in technical instructions or orders.’ What would you think on a B2B each cruise 7 days. We are Booked on the Edge, two separate reservation numbers B2B. I know everyone has questions and most likely don’t have answers but I just had to ask. 4 cruises cancelled in 2020 and 4 more booked in 2021. Also would Transatlantic Cruises coming back to the US be under the CDC regulations for no cruises over 7 days. Thanks
  5. We are looking for someplace near the train station/cruise port to rent. Has anyone ever rented a Boathouse in Amsterdam. We are looking for something different......4 nights, great location, reasonable price and clean of course. Thank you,
  6. Thank You for the Dining help.....can’t wait to sail away!!
  7. Does any know if Open Dining is the same as My Time Dining? Also on The Nieuw Statendam what time is Open Dining? Thank you
  8. So many cruise lines are going to the No Decorations. Thanks for the information.
  9. It has been years since we have cruised on Holland. We are super excited to be cruising on a Transatlantic Cruise on Holland this Oct. Does Holland allow Door Decorations? Nothing Crazy just a banner held up with magnets. Thanks
  10. We are too..... We will be watching for information.
  11. We are looking for a nice clean hotel near the Port Area. We are planning on spending a few days exploring Venice again but this trip would like to be on the side near the port. Last time we stayed near the train station which worked well because we were taking the train to Rome. This time cruising out of Venice. Thanks
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