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  1. What type of things do they have to drink for free on the Liberty?
  2. I am looking at booking the East TA for Oct. 2017. I looked at the roll calls and there are only 7 people on it so far. Has anyone been on the Westerdam for a TA? Do they have lots of on board activities? We have been on several TA but all on Celebrity. Is the Westerdam showing her age? My husband love Holland and I would like to book this for his 65th birthday. Thanks for any help with this.
  3. Do they have Zumba on the Reflection? The last time we were on the Reflection for the TA in Oct. of 2014 when we got on they said there would be a charge for Zumba....but after one day it was offered and free. We are going again this Oct. and I am trying to decide whether to pack my Zumba shoes or not. Thanks
  4. Does anyone know if they have Zumba on the Reflection? If yes.... Is there a charge for it? Any other free fitness classes? Thanks
  5. Thanks.....not what I was hoping for!!
  6. We will be on the Glory (Western Caribbean) very soon.......are the pools heated? We were on another cruise line last Feb. and the pools were freezing.
  7. Can adults order from the kids menu on the Glory? Does anyone have any copies of the kids menus? I am a super picky eater and looking at some of the things on the American Table Menu I might have a few days that I can't find something. My husband likes to eat anything and also enjoys eating in the MDR so I was thinking maybe the kids menu might have something for me.
  8. Does not sound great....we are not big Carnival Cruisers and this is not sounding great. Oh well....guess we will see. Thanks everyone for the comments.
  9. Does anyone know if the Glory (7 day Westers) has an special theme nights or deck parties or BBQ on the Pool deck durning their cruises? We have not been on Carnival for awhile now and I can't remember if they do those type of nights.
  10. I was not aware of this policy. Where can you find the details? Also can you take the the collapsible type cubes. I always take a few to store things in on the top shelves of the closet. I am short and with the cubes (size about 12x12) I can pull the cube down to get to things I want.
  11. Looking forward to reading more....we will be on the Glory very soon.
  12. Do they offer Zumba on the Glory?
  13. Thanks.......Just trying to figure out if I need my Zumba Shoes. I love to dance for exercise. Great way to work off the desserts!!!
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