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  1. Same for the US - we cannot visit these ports right now either. What it seems (I'm speculating) Atlas is doing is trying to get a waiver somewhere since all passengers will be in a bubble - going from Orlando to a nearby airport on a chartered flight and going directly to the ship. It's likely we'll need to do some form of COVID testing as well as being vaccinated. We're okay with all this as long as we can sail. We've already had nine cruises canceled since this began, including an Australia/New Zealand cruise we were supposed to leave for on Feb 2, 2022, shortly after the Antarctica cruise. We were fortunate enough to take an Alaska cruise two weeks ago, the first since 2019. Hoping the best news for all of us!
  2. For the Antarctica cruise on Atlas, it doesn't matter what country you are from. You'll just need to get to Orlando, FL (MCO) to pick up the charter flight to the departure port.
  3. Here's a photo of the lobster roll. We didn't order one. It was rather small, but had a nice piece of claw on top.
  4. PescadoAmarillo posted about the M&G today. Thanks. Sorry we didn't get to speak with you. As reported, it was great. Thanks to Julie (AZBirdMom) for arranging. Michael's Alaska Frontier presentation was interesting, but it's a well-rehearsed talk. Rachel's presentation on the Tlinget people was interesting, but less so to us as Michael's. Michael's presentation was SRO; Rachel's about 70% full. The more forward area of the World Marketplace had delicious crab cakes today at lunch. Seek them out as they are worth it. Here are some more photos from today.
  5. Here are some more photos around the ship today.
  6. Our dinner in Symphony was pretty good. We are really trying to watch what we eat so we don't put on all the weight we lost during COVID. Food could have been hotter. When we were first seated we had a crummy location back by the kitchen door. We asked for a different table. Head waiter found us a great table by the window. Had a nice view of the pilot boat coming to pick up the pilot. Carlos Oscar was funny. He has a unique way of telling stories.
  7. For those that have purchased Princess Plus, we were just setting up MedallionNet internet. There's a choice for redeem and purchase plans. Choose that, and it gives you an option to increase one device to four devices for only $35 for the week. This way we don't have to log off our phones and our laptops when were switching back and forth. I don't know if this was a bargain because we're Platinum, but at $35 it was a steal.
  8. Not in our cabin yet. In Concerto for lunch now.
  9. As others have said easy to get on and board quickly. Here's the view from deck 16.
  10. We stayed by Sea-Tac last night and our shuttle picks us up at 10:15. See you soon! Thanks for starting this. We'll do what we can to contribute.
  11. We're on next Sunday's sailing, Aug 8. Looks like we'll be pretty full. The MC app is showing 3300 passengers. Since there are 1,780 cabins on Majestic, that's 3,560 if they all have two passengers. I'd say reduced capacity is over after the current sailing.
  12. Glad you had smooth sailing (pun intended). Thank you for your information during the cruise. One correction about Seattle Express: they DO pick up at SeaTac hotels. We're staying at the Crowne Plaza Airport this Saturday night and have a reservation on Seattle Express for Sunday morning at 10:15am. We made reservations on their website here.
  13. Formal nights were Monday night, the first sea day, and Thursday night, Glacier Bay.
  14. Can't eat like I used to either. Maybe that's why I weigh 180 now instead of 300 like I was twenty years ago! I love CG, but I skip the appetizers and concentrate on the prime steak - I also love the ribeye! Nan goes for the veal chop.
  15. They will need to get this fixed. It's an unnecessary and annoying rule.
  16. Here's a link to the first six days patters on the 7/25 cruise: #1218 (cruisecritic.com)
  17. Hey, can't hurt to try! 🙂 We have nine Princess cruises, so we're Platinum. We've had seven cruises canceled since COVID, so we would have been Elite by now. With all the cruises we have booked for the next two years, we should be Elite by June. We will need to add one more cruise before then because Princess just canceled our February New Zealand cruise. We can't believe we're finally going to cruise again a week from tomorrow! Hopefully, you'll love cruising as much as many of us here do.
  18. With Princess' revamped Captain's Circle benefits, Elite passengers get a 10% discount on Princess excursions. If pre-booked, the discount comes back to you in refundable OBC. After you complete this cruise, you will become Gold level. Here are the benefits of all the tiers: rewarding your loyalty - Membership benefits of Princess® Captain’s Circle
  19. You're welcome! We're taking the 9am Delta direct flight next Saturday (going a day early), so we get there at noon. We're driving up to TPA Friday and staying over. It's great they had that flight. Sorry nothing from FLL that worked.
  20. It was meant for you. Since you are doing B2B, I looked at your signature and last cruise is in Jan 2016. Time to update it! 🙂 (When you get home, of course!)
  21. Have a great time (one Yankees fan to another)! I hope you're flying direct from FL. Even direct it would have to be a 7am flight to get there by 10am.
  22. Glad you had such a great time. Hope the rest of the cruises have equally good weather. We're on the 8/8 sailing. If you're signature is up to date, it's been 5-1/2 years since your last cruise. May you have many more in your future!
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