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  1. Ben hallo Cachounacruise! I am your NB neighbor. I don't have an answer, but take heart, our parents and grandparents were asked to take arms and go to war. This is our war... and all we're being asked is to stay home. I live alone, so I fully understand how hard this is. For me, this is a time to appreciate the small things in life, to get my finances in order, to reach out by phone/Internet to people I haven't talked to in a while, to make sure they are doing okay. Check on your neighbors, check on your coworkers. See the good in this bad situation. It is hard, yes, but take time
  2. UPDATE: This morning, there was another refund which, together with the "doubled" refund from yesterday, is the exact amount for gratuities. So it's all good. We got credited for the 1 excursion, the port fees and the gratuities. No extra refund, no need to call. 😄
  3. That was kind of my plan. Figure they are more than likely swamped at the moment. And they will hopefully catch it before I have to call them.
  4. My TA says that, since we prepaid gratuities, they should be refunded
  5. On March 9th, we cancelled March 15th Eclipse sailing. Cruise (including port fees and gratuities) was paid on 1 credit card. 1 Ship excursion was paid on a different credit card. Here is the breakdown of what we have received so far: 100% future cruise credit, received on March 16th port fees, credited to credit card on March 20th gratuities, still waiting Here is the issue: We booked ONE excursion through Celebrity on a different credit card (ie. not the one used to pay the full cruise fare). This morning, BOTH my credit cards are showing a credit
  6. The crew member stated in his video that ALL CREW MEMBERS will gradually be returning home. To me (and bear in mind that this is simply my personal opinion), this signals that RCL companies are now seriously considering that the shutdown will last longer than April 11th.
  7. Canada is also advising against ALL NON-ESSENTIAL INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL!!!
  8. We were due to fly to Chile Wednesday morning to board a cruise ship on Sunday. I hope time will allow things to become clearer for everyone. We were not concerned about the virus, but the logistics with the advisory were just not viable. We did not have the luxury of time and made the heartwrenching decision to cancel. So far, we have been able to get refunds (even points refunds), but I have yet to touche base with my credit card company about flights. Fingers crossed.
  9. Thanks for the update! This is on my bucket list, but for now it wasn't in the budget... What was in the budget is that I board her a week from tomorrow!!!! Keep her healthy and illness free please! 😉 😉 😉
  10. I'm wondering if the hot glass classes are in an area that allows other people to watch. I'm not sure I want to take part, but I would like to watch once onboard to see if it's something that might be worth it. Thanks for your help!
  11. I just made Platinum in Crown & Anchor in November and have my first Celebrity cruise in March. I should be granted Select status. Is this done automatically? Do I have to call and request it? Request it at boarding time? And what documentation should I have with me to prove my Crown & Anchor status if there is a problem and it does not appear? Thanks to all for your help!
  12. Ok, so technically NOT single digits to board the cruise, but single digits to get on a plane in advance of boarding the cruise!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  13. So our cruise is 35 days away WOOOOHOOOOOOOO. We have checked in online and had put in "cash account" but would now like to go put a credit card number. But the "expenses" portion of the check in is greyed out (it cannot be selected). I know I can go to guest services once onboard, but I was hoping to avoid the line and do it now. Any thoughts on why it won't let me do it now?
  14. oh you are funny!!! LOL I have a cruise booked for March 2020, but it's on Celebrity... hmmm... should go check there LOL
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