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  1. Have a standard balcony room with just myself and my 2.5 year old son.


    Would you:


    A. Just do twin bed config and bring rails or no rails? Possibly, but bringing a rail seems like a pain


    B. Do king config and request a mattress from the steward to put in floor. Then you'd have no floor space, not sure they'd put a mattress on the floor anyway


    C. If the room has a couch, build a bed for him. That would probably be alright


    D. Do the king config and have him sleep with me I understand you don't like this option, but you asked what I'd do. :D

  2. Not trying to be rude or disrespectful, but seriously.


    A baggie of wipes are not going to disinfect everything you may come in contact with on vacation. Doorknobs, light switches, remotes, elevator buttons, stairwell banisters, glasses, the underside of tables, walls, faucets, people, money, railings, trinkets in gift shops, excursion tickets...


    Seems to me the wipes will have no effect on wether you do or don't get sick. :confused:

  3. I notice you mention only 1 parent.

    Be sure you have proper documentation and identification for the baby.


    The family and RC boards are the best places to get specifics.

    We've sailed several times with a baby and it was great fun.

    The easiest thing to do is take it easy and simply enjoy the time.

    Fine a nice beach or an AI with day passes in Nassau.

    Car seats? That's quite a debate. We don't bring them, but some do. They are not required and many modes of transportation don't have seat belts anyway.

    Cool? Just keep him inside or in the shade, give lots of fluids, at ports go to beaches or locations with pools.

  4. Mapleleaforever- Not sure you are aware there is a condition called gynecomastia that causes that due to hormone changes which is normal for men to go through as they age. There are a number of medications that also cause this condition which include anti-androgens, anabolic steroids, anti-anxiety medications such as valium, tricyclic antidepressants and other medications such as antibiotics and ulcer medications.


    Conditions can cause this in men such as regular aging, hyperthyroidism, kidney failure as well as liver failure.


    I know what you mean how it looks but there is no such thing as bras for men and they can't help that from happening.

    Pretty sure the poster was referring to man boobs. They are fat and happen to guys who are overweight. Many can help it.

    I too believe there are some men who should not go around without their shirts off.

  5. Just wondering what time of year is the best for an Alaskan cruise.

    We usually cruise mid October when the kids are on fall break.


    Thanks for any input!


    There are no October Alaskan cruises, you'll have to pick a different school vacation.

    Alaskan cruises run mid-May to mid-September, with people in June generally reporting the best weather.

    I think we went in July and it rained and poured. However, it was still one of the best vacations ever.

  6. Dining

    How do you know what MDR you are to use?


    Can you pick a different place each night?

    Anytime dining is whenever you want it to be and fixed dining is in a specific dining room. Your Sign and Sail Card as well as the Fun times will tell you where to go. You can always eat in the buffet, speciality restaurants or room service if you prefer.

    I know they take pictures on board....

    Can you buy a CD/jump drive with all the pictures they took of you?


    Can you only buy individual prints?

    Either/ Both


    Do I have to buy them on the day they are posted?


    Can I wait till closer to the end of the trip to buy whichever ones I like?

    It's easier to find on the first day, but you can buy up until the last day in the early morning.


    Fast to the Fun

    Is it worth the $50?


    Ah, the great debate. Depends on your goals of the cruise.

  7. I will be the devil's advocate here: What message about the importance of school will you be sending to your children if it is OK to pull them out to go on a cruise?


    Just food for thought . . .

    I too will play devil's advocate here: What message about the importance of family will you be sending to your children if you leave them at home while you go on a cruise?


    No one ever lays their deathbed and says, "I wish I'd spent an extra week in 4th grade..."


    Just food for thought...

  8. Is that fairly new to Carnival? When I cruised Carnival ice delivery was part of the standard room make up and turn down; it was never a special request or extra service.


    On our last Carnival cruise the steward re-filled our ice bucket every day without an extra tip. In fact, we hadn't even asked and didn't even realize it until day 3.



    But even if this was something extra, is putting a scoop if ice in a bucket really worth $100. Seriously :eek:

  9. Well hmmm...I am RED...[17 cruise day points ]....but on my boarding pass for Sunday's 8 night sailing it says GOLD....


    Is it a Boo Boo? Or I am Gold cause I paid for the cruise and they like me?




    You're gold because you will hit the 25 points needed by the end of the cruise.

  10. I think you miss my point folks.

    Of course you don't complain about an accident like spilling wine! Accidents happen to everyone!

    You DO describe the situation and suggest that the person involved be aware that a new glass and new wine and an apology would have been appreciated.

    No one is going to be fired in the middle of a cruise for dropping wine but they can be educated about how to handle the situation if it happens again!


    Thank you for clarifying, I was confused as to what the issue even was.

    However even with the revised post, I don't really see anything worth complaining.

    It's not so much a complaint you describe, but rather you want to be the etiquette police.

    This isn't kindergarten, you can't force people to apologize to you. Besides, you wrote in the first post that she seemed embarrassed. No need to embarrass her more into giving a forced apology.

  11. Hobie Cats generally only hold 4 small-medium sized people or 2 large ones.

    Sunfish hold 1-2.

    Many people just take them out solo.


    They are a ton of fun, but doubtful your group of 6 will get by with less than 2 rentals. :cool:

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