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  1. I noticed a lot of the Clinique products were in 'two-packs' of the same thing. I also didn't think the savings were that great, especially since I had to buy two of them.
  2. This may help http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g152515-i84-k2190043-Trapper_s_List_NEW_2008-Cabo_San_Lucas_Los_Cabos_Baja_California.html
  3. Maybe some time we'll cross paths at PBSB.
  4. Thanks for all the thoughts. Both sound good. We're planning on doing this particular excursion on a day when there aren't any cruise ships in port. Maybe we'll just walk up and see what happens.
  5. Thanks, we'll remember that. We actually did the PBSB timeshare tour while our cruiseship was in port in Dec '07. Didn't buy then, but loved the place. We were able to pick up a odd year JR suite for next to nothing on the resale market. Guess we'll rotate cruising and Cabo for our vacations, lol. Assuming you are Navy, Thank You for your service. Our SIL is a Lab Tech (Corpsman). He left San Diego in July and is now in Portsmouth.
  6. I've seen both Pez Gato and Ecocat recommended. Couple of questions, Since Ecocat is a larger cat, how far of a swim is it to the snorkel area. Which tour has the better food? Do both have open bars? Does Ecocat really take 100 ppl per excursion, that seems like a lot to be snorkeling at once. Do both tours go to basically the same snorkel location? We will be staying at PBSB for a week. We plan to take the shuttle over to PB Rose. Is Pez Gato or Ecocat docked closer to Rose than the other? Are either walking distance from the Rose (two able bodied, early 40's adults)?
  7. Yes, you can book them online at NCL.com. Perhaps they are already booked for your sailing. What is the error message you are receiving?
  8. Yep, we got a letter. Not sure if everyone did or not. We were in the group that had incorrect value certs sent out originally and BoA had to recompute/reissue. Maybe that's part of the difference? The letter mentions that certs ending in FC can be applied via email.
  9. Hi All, I've just booked the last 'free' cruise :mad:. I've emailed NCL, and they've applied the BoA Final Certs. Question is, do I still need to mail the certs to NCL? The most recent BoA letter, that said to email NCL the info, left me slightly confused as to if I need to mail them or not.
  10. I wonder if that's new...We purchased thru BPC in Dec '07 and redeemed BoA Compass Rewards $. We send the certs to NCL and most of the value was applied towards the balance. The remaining cert value was refunded, via check, from BPC. When ask why it was done this way, BPC tried to explain but wasn't making much sense to me. I didn't really press as to the 'why' because in the end, I received the full value of the certs.
  11. You can get smoothies or virgin 'foo foo' drinks. DD get fruit smoothie based drinks a couple of times, but I couldn't say if there was any milk/yogurt in it or not.
  12. I'm not sure if they are still using this page or not...But wouldn't hurt to try http://edocs.ncl.com/edocs/login.aspx BTW, have you gotten the notification that your edocs are ready?
  13. Yeah, the 4 collins glasses made it just fine (stuffed with socks and rolled in tshirts). One of the martini glasses, well, that's a different matter :(.
  14. When I ordered the Dark and Stormy drink of the day, it was served in a frosted glass collins that has 'shooting stars' decorating it along with NCL Star. The appletini drink of the day was served in a martini glass that is decorated similiarly. IMO, both are very nice. The Jewel also had their own version. It has a 'pearl necklace' instead of the stars and says NCL Jewel.
  15. Check out the Ports of Call > Tortola section of these boards http://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=290 lot's of info there.
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