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  1. Hello all.


    My name Is Melissa and I'm an addict.


    I will admit I spend majority of my time researching and planning cruises.


    I have sailed a total of 7 times so far, 3 being this year and I have 5 more booked for the remainder of the year and one for Jan.


    People ask me all the time, "you're going on another cruise?". Yes. Yes I am! I love it!

  2. We did a m&g cocktail party in Jan on the Magic.


    I made gift bags for everyone one attending. Several people brought things to donate to the bags.


    Each bag was different. All kinds of things were on the bags. One had salty snacks. One had candy. I made some cruise specific t-shirts and items from Vista print for a great price and some of the bags had them items also.


    We also had a raffle basket. It was huge and had lots of goodies in it. A bottle of wine. T shirt. Picture frame. Necklace. Key chains ect,. We sold tickets for 1$ each and the proceeds went to the bar staff who assisted us.


    It was an awesome party. We had a blast!!





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  3. Daijayx2, OMG! Now, I want to go on a Halloween cruise and wear that dress! That is perfect for Halloween. You're having it custom made? Could you tell the website, if you don't mind sharing? You and your GF look like a lot of fun, especially you! :D:D


    Thanks I love the dress!! The website is www frenchnovelty com. Just add the dots. The dress is only available for special orders so they need time to make it.

    There are some very nice dresses on that site. Thanks we have a blast. I am taking my daughter on a cruise in Aug. for her 14th bday. We were booked for September on the Triumph but I found the Ecstasy at a little better rate and now she gets to go to the Bahamas. :). This will be her second cruise and her first was on the Triumph. So I know she would have loved it. But she is going to LOVE her bday present in July. She doesn't have a clue that she is going on a cruise and especially not an airplane!

    Now i just have to figure out a fun way to give her preset to her.

  4. This is a lot of fun!! Please post a pic of the real thing.

    We don't celebrate Halloween but are cruising over that period and secretly I love looking at the spectacular costumes.


    Thank you. I sure will. Just got conformation that the dress will be ready the last week of June. So come back and see. :) I will be posting. This will be my first time cruising during Halloween.

  5. Daijayx2- I think your dress for your Halloween cruise is really cute!! and it matches the tie perfect! How'd you do that?? On the colored shoes, I think I like the strappy sandals best with it. Lord knows I couldn't walk in them, but they sure are cute!! I love all your dresses from your previous cruise, especially the hot pink/coral one - you look good in that color. Your new blue dresses & shoes look good too - I think you're ready!! Thanks for sharing!!


    I found the dress on a custom website that makes dressed and just searched eBay for rainbow tattoos. Then used an app to put the pictures together. Thank you for all you comments. That was the exact color if the pink dress was coral. :).


    Thank you again for you comments.

  6. Also with the "rainbow" shoes, I like the last pair of sandals best Melissa.


    Thank you again. I like those the best as well. I hope I can pull it off :).


    I am bringing a back up dress just incase the rainbow one is TOO much. I won't go into the MDR looking like a clown. But I will walk around the ship and take some pictures looking that way.


    I have ordered the rainbow dress and have NO IDEA how it will actually look in real life.

  7. I think both those shoes are a great match.


    Thank you I'm going to order them today. I just hate ordering shoes off the Internet. Hard to make sure they are the right size. Then if they don't fit all the fuss about returning then for another size.

    Thank you for your thoughts.




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  8. you guys look adorable. I love the silver dress. and the halloween outfits will be awesome.


    I was supposed to do a halloween crusie this year but my DH cant get off of work. So I booked an earlier cruise without him ,lol.

    He wouldnt dress up anyways. bum!


    Thank you very much. Lol. Have a great cruise!! I didn't even realize till after starting to read my roll call that we would be on the ship for Halloween.


    Thank you for your opinions. :)




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  9. Now here is my Halloween cruise dress. I know it may be a little over the top for some. But I'm an over the top type person sometimes :). I will be traveling with my partner of 2 years. My gf who will be celebrating her 40th bday the day before we board for our b2b.


    Here is a picture of my dress, her tie and some possibilities on the shoes. She is going to wear black slacks and a dark blue long sleeved shirt. With the matching tie. I know some wont like it. But I love it. Plus it's fun :)



    Her tie and my dress.



    My dress with some shoe possibilities.




    As I said earlier this ain't for everyone. But it's the one time we are willing to dress a little different and have some fun.




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  10. I ordered a few dresses from eBay today. Now I'm looking for shoes and ties to match.


    More of an any day type dress but I loved the cut.



    This dress caught my eye.



    I absolutely love this one.


    As you can see I wanted a blue dress or 2 this go around.


    Now I have paired them with some shoes... Lets see..





    Opinions please ladies.. :) TIA


    I have ordered my dress for my Halloween cruise. I love it. I will post that in my next post.

  11. My family booked this room (9200) on the Conquest right before it went to dry dock in October 2012. The rooms were not yet available and then one day when I was repricing my Early Saver, I stumbled across this and immediately called my travel agent. I ended up going from a 6B to the 6K for our December cruise. My wife and son were in complete awe. This was a great room to have for our 10 yr anniversary. Every morning when I came back from the gym, I would raise the electric shades and watch my son wake up and think he was still in a dream with the incredible view. The 2nd bed is a full size sofa bed and retracts to give more room during the day. There was so much room in there that we had no issues bumping into things. The bathroom is the same as the standard cabins. The cabin itself was extremely quiet, but we did feel a little movement. It was great to only have to walk about 100 feet to the pool deck and a few landings down from the Camp Carnival. Had a great time. Too bad the word is out and I will probably never be able to book this room again.


    I just had 9201 on my Feb 17th sailing on the Conquest. Do you remember if Carolina was your room steward? I am heading back to the Conquest and back to room 9201 for my second leg of a b2b In November and was wondering if she would still be there. 9201 also has a full size sofa sleeper as well as a chaise lounger in front of the windows.


    I LOVED this cabin.




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