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  1. We were on last week as well. The ship is getting in a little later (used to dock while we were still sleeping), we docked around 8:15. We got off the ship just after 10am (carried our luggage off). As Platinum, our boarding time was 1pm which was the earliest.
  2. Was just there last week (oh how I missed that beach). The clamshells go down all the way to cabana 15 so you can still get away from the crowds. We had very few people down to our cabana #11. Just so you know, the way the sun is there, the clamshell only provides about 50% of cover for most of the day. After 1pm or so, much of it is in the sun just with how it's facing the water.
  3. Each person over 21 has to have the drink package per cabin. Maybe try to get a deal for Cheers that they seem to be handing out.
  4. Much appreciated. That will probably determine what we end up doing in Bimini.
  5. @Steelers0854 Do you by any chance remember if there were bathrooms or other amenities at the free beach (stop #4)? It looks like there may be something to the left of the food truck in the pic but it's hard to be sure. TYIA
  6. Thanks for the Bimini info which seems rather limited so far. We have the 360 beach excursion booked but may change that if there's a free beach with chairs and umbrellas along the tram route.
  7. Thank you so much for the info and pics. We got a cabana so my 70+ year old parents could have some shade and a place to cool off. We usually like to get 14/15 but may settle for a little closer with less people. I'm very excited to be going back to HMC after several years.
  8. I'm excited to see/hear how crowded (or hopefully not) HMC seems with limited capacity on an already small ship. We snagged a cabana for our sailing next week. I know Cheers doesn't work on the island (for reasons I will not complain about here) but that they were offering a drink package on the island for around $30/pp. Can you confirm this is an option? TYIA and enjoy HMC!
  9. I'm assuming this is fleet wide (most brands are) and Truly is the only seltzer that was on another ship
  10. Going to have to do this on the Pride next weekend. My parents have the aft balcony next to us yet are a different muster station.
  11. Looks like the gym might be the way to go to relax in a hot tub with the wife.
  12. I understand them wanting to be strict about boarding to keep things less crowded but I hope the fact that my wife and I have 1pm but my parents (who are in our group) have 1:30 won't be an issue for us showing up around 1.
  13. Living this week vicariously through this thread. Can't wait for next week!
  14. We board on the 26th with the same itinerary so can't wait to live it through your posts first. I'm really interested in seeing how the ship feels with limited capacity. The Pride has never really felt crowded to me anyway. When did HMC excursions become available to you after your itinerary change? We're 9 days from sailing with no excursions available yet.
  15. The buffet has never been great, not even sure it's been good. We have found ourselves going to the MDR less just because we had other things we wanted to do other than spend 1-2 hours sitting down for diner. The Deli has really stepped up the last few years with some solid sandwiches and daily specials. I also usually once a cruise grab a Guy's burger right before they close and take it to the room for a later diner.
  16. Have a great time breaking her back in. I'm two weeks away from being back on the Pride. Please let us know how all the new protocols work and I'd love to know who's at the Alchemy Bar. Cheers and enjoy!
  17. Weird observation but are you wearing the Social Distortion shirt variation 'Social Distancing' in one of the earlier pics? Because that seems like the perfect shirt to wear on a cruise ship 😂
  18. Actively eating or drinking is kind of vague. I'm curious about how thing are at the Alchemy Bar where my wife and I spend a lot of time. Will I need a mask on until I take a sip of my drink or is sitting at a bar considered actively drinking?
  19. That still doesn't explain why excursions aren't showing. It's not like they don't know what's available on their private island. Bimini (which was added the same time as HMC) has a few excursions showing. Nothing we can really do other than check in daily and hopefully snag a cabana.
  20. Oh that’s interesting. If the tram stops there that sounds like the play. I’m going to do more research next week when work isn’t as crazy
  21. We always take the water taxi which is then just a short walk from the drop off point. But if you have any issues with distances, I'd recommend a standard taxi as it'll drop you off right there.
  22. I saw that 'excursion' as well and there is NO WAY it can be worth $400 when you can get 2 chairs and an umbrella for $65. I'm still trying to find out if you can rent chairs and umbrellas on your own at 360 without having to go through the Carnival excursion.
  23. It's been a few years since I've been on the Pride but we've sailed on her at least 5 times. There is a sun deck up on 10 or 11 that NO ONE knows about. We always head there for some quiet sunning. One cruise the only other people we saw there were crew. Under 50 days for the next sailing 😊
  24. Sailing there in late Sept with my 70+ old parents. We're looking at getting the chair/umbrella beach excursion offered through Carnival (like $70 per couple I think). I was curious what other amenities (bathrooms, food, drinks, etc) are in the area of this excursion? There's little to no information on Bimini since it's such a new stop. I'd hate to treat this as a ship day since we already have Freeport which is just ugh
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