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  1. SunsetPoint

    Tracy Arm Fjord

    Another vote for taking the small boat excursion up to the glacier in Tracy Arm Fjord if you have the opportunity. It's expensive, but we were immensely glad to have done it. We weren't going to do it again on our second cruise due to the cost, but we had friends with us on that cruise and wanted to experience it with them, so we sprung for it again and loved it again!
  2. Oh, my gosh.... you don't know how many times we say the same thing! We may switch over to Royal when we retire for that very reason, even though we much prefer Celebrity. Not crazy about switching to those huge Royal ships with soooo many people and the downgraded dining experience, but we're not sure we're going to want to deal with the hotel prices and the crazy traffic down in the Miami/Port Everglades area as we get older. Fingers crossed that X someday brings a ship to Port Canaveral!
  3. Key West and Aruba, which I've visited as cruise ports and directly, and Skagway, Alaska, which I've only traveled to by cruise ship.
  4. What do they serve at the happy hour that you wouldn't already get with your drinks package?
  5. Like I said though, all bets are off with the situation being so unusual these days. Who knows... they may put the itineraries out earlier this year to try to pull in some more funds via deposits on 2022 Alaskan cruises/cruisetours. Or, they may hold off because things are so uncertain and they want to see how the beginning of the 2021 season goes. It's really anybody's guess right now. 🙄
  6. > Anyone have any idea when these normally go up? With all the craziness in the cruise industry right now, I would not count on anything happening in a "normal" manner. However, I can tell you that we booked our 2021 Alaskan cruisetour on November 20, 2019, which was either the day the 2021 itineraries came online or within a day or two.
  7. Because it's one of the three primary narrated tours in the park. https://www.nps.gov/dena/planyourvisit/visiting-denali.htm
  8. My husband and I are tall. He's 6'4" and I'm 5'11" with a 35 inch inseam. Just how uncomfortable are we going to be on those Denali buses? I've read a lot of reviews that refer to them as "cramped school buses," and the photos I've seen pretty much bear out the school bus styling. Are there any tall people here on this forum who've taken the 8 hour Tundra Wilderness Tour who can speak to the legroom or lack thereof? Seems to me that with the number of people who pass through Denali each year (2020 being the odd exception, of course), there would be a healthy market for a second upgraded mass transportation option with more room for taller folks to stretch out. We'd be willing to pay more for that. I've also noticed that there are tours using other types of vehicles that go along the Denali Highway, which I guess is outside the park. However, the borders of "the park" are a man-made designation and so I'm wondering if it makes all that much difference in seeing beautiful scenery and wildlife as to whether we're on a road in the park or on the Denali Highway in a vehicle that might be more comfortable for us. Has anyone on here taken any of these "outside of the park" tours?
  9. You folks may not be helping the company by taking surveys that were not sent to you. Surveys are often sent to a specific group that meet specific criteria. Having people outside that group respond messes with the data.
  10. Am I correct in assuming that the plane change had nothing to do with the fact that you went through Celebrity Air for your flights and you would have still had that unfortunate situation if you'd booked directly?
  11. Wait, what??? My husband and I both have Captain's Club Accounts. On our last few cruises, my husband and I were at different levels because I started sailing with Celebrity before he did (before we were married). Are you folks saying that he should have been upped to my level for those cruises? I've searched all through the Captain's Club FAQs and I don't see anything about matching levels for spouses. There are events at my benefit level in which I did not participate since he would not have qualified based upon his level and I didn't want to go alone. I never looked into trying to have him attend since it made sense to me that an individual would only qualify for what they actually earned by sailing.
  12. Count me among those who didn't even know any of the cruise lines offered Alaskan cruises past mid-September!
  13. There is no "best"... just "what's best for you." You need to figure out what locations and activities are important to you, look at how much time and money you can allocate, then look at the various itineraries to see what's best for checking the boxes to make sure your trip is everything you want it to be. If you have a favorite cruise line or have status on a particular cruise line, that can weigh into it, but sounds like that's pretty open in your case. We wanted to save up and do a decent number of land tour days to make it worth the trip since we're coming all the way from Florida. Spending a couple of days in Denali was a priority for us this time around. We like Celebrity Cruise Lines. We love trains. This lead us to book a specific 13-day (6 days of land tour, 7 day cruise) on the Celebrity Millennium because, 1) We thought 6 days would be long enough to do a pretty decent land tour, we will have the time available to take that long of a trip, and it's not until 2021 which gives us plenty of time to save up the funds, 2) It's land first and cruise second, which is also our preference, 3) This tour spends two days in Denali, 4) This tour includes three train legs, 5) Since it's southbound and ends in Vancouver, I have the ability to having more rail fun by taking the train down into California afterwards to visit family while already out west. Honestly, the cruise portion was not as big of a decision maker for us. The cruise lines visit most of the same port towns. They mostly diverge by visiting different glaciers and fjords. Some will tell you Glacier Bay is a must, but others who've been there and to other glacier areas and fjords will tell you that you're going to be blown away by pretty much any of these areas. My only advice is to think about what's important to you and make sure that the itinerary you choose includes it. Also, since getting to Alaska and back home after the cruise is going to be a bit expensive regardless of how long of a cruisetour you take, make it as long as your time and money will allow. Alaska is STUNNING!
  14. We did a shorter tour on the WPYR on our first Alaskan cruise, something like 4.5 hours or so and booked through Carnival, but I don't remember the specific tour name. Loved it so much that on our second Alaskan cruise we booked the 8 hour tour through Carnival that goes up to Carcoss and visits Bennett Lake along the way. What a WONDERFUL day! You must love beautiful scenery and the relaxing sway of train cars, of course. You will see a vast array of terrain and get gorgeous pics and memories to take with you. Warning though... iPad addicted kids with short attention spans may be bored on this long journey. Another warning... they are wooden seats, so make sure your buns can handle it. We spent a lot of time standing on the platform between the cars though, as it was a great place to get pics. Lake Bennett is amazing! You can only get there by train, and the beauty and silence there are breathtaking. We did the train up and the bus back. We booked both trips through Carnival, and if I recall correctly, they brought busses down by the dock to take us to the train and I think we had the option on the way back of getting dropped off in town or down by the ship (either that, or we asked to be dropped off downtown... it's been a few years). https://wpyr.com/excursions/product/bennett-scenic-journey/
  15. You're not seriously counting on that horribly programmed website to be accurately reflecting what's going to happen in the near future for Alaska cruising, are you? The website is notoriously buggy and inaccurate! Once in a while, that works to our advantage or amuses, but more often it simply confounds and confuses!
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