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  1. Our MOA is to ALWAYS have travel insurance. However, it only covers the financial side, not the stress and disappointment of missing a cruise you've been planning and anticipating. 😪
  2. It is unfortunate that those anxious to cruise did not anticipate how challenged St. Maarten would be to accommodate the post-cruise crunch. When my husband and I heard they were going to cruise out of St. Maarten, we looked at each other wide-eyed and shook our heads. "No way will that island be suddenly able to handle that kind of incoming and outgoing crowd!" was our thinking. Port Everglades and the Port of Miami have years of experience and far more infrastructure than St. Maarten, and yet the process of getting in and out of the port is still almost enough to suck all the relaxation ou
  3. CELEBRITY would have to pay ME to drink a Coors Light.
  4. We're so risk averse that we go down the day before a cruise because of what should be a three to three and a half hour drive to the port. There are occasionally accidents on major highways that tie up traffic for hours at a time, so why take the chance? Even if you're in town the night before you sometimes hit one of those clogs near the port that sometimes becomes absolute gridlock, which is still a stressful way to start what should be a fun and relaxing vacation. This is why I hate going out of the Port of Miami or Port Everglades and reeeeeally wish Celebrity would expand their Florid
  5. I won't be the problem either. Hubby and I are IT professionals who've been doing "computer stuff" for decades (back before Al Gore invented the internet, ha-ha!) and one of the things we like about cruising is being able to unplug. Our usual online interaction during a cruise is to spend about 10 minutes when we go ashore on the Caribbean islands to check our email (gotta love that T-Mobile plan down there!) to make sure the house and the cat are OK and that's there are no family emergencies. And that's pretty much it for the smart phones during the cruise except to take some photos if we'
  6. I would LOVE having Celebrity set up shop at Port Canaveral! We love our Celebrity cruises, but we really dislike having to deal with the madness in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale port areas!
  7. The "Is it worth it?" question is always subjective. All I can say is that it's usually worth it to us, but of course it depends upon the price difference for that particular cruise and what's important to us may not be important to you. We've never found the cabin location to be a negative so that's a neutral item for us, and we feel that some extra overhang is a plus. We don't use the Persian Gardens, so that's another neutral item. What we really like are the calm, pleasant sit down breakfast in the morning and the enhanced dinner experience in Blu. We've found the atmosphere and servic
  8. Personally, I could not imagine doing an Alaskan cruise in an inside cabin. Book those balconies, bring your binoculars and cameras and enjoy the views! For us, it's all about the breathtaking scenery and wildlife up there, and the other cruise activities in which we usually partake when we head to the Caribbean were unimportant to us as we used every opportunity to take in Alaska's beauty. We've gone twice and spent almost every waking hour that we weren't dining or grabbing drinks out on our balcony. It was a truly awesome experience. Sure, you can hang out on a public deck, but not havi
  9. Even those of us who love Celebrity have pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that their IT department is fairly bottom of the barrel.
  10. NEVER: Carnival Caribbean cruises less than 7 days long. I believe the "party boat" atmosphere is not only a function of the cruise line, but also a function of the length of the cruise and the itinerary. Many of the Carnival cruises are 3-4 days, which attracts the "party 'til you drop" crowd. Did two 7-day Alaskan cruises on Carnival and had a great experience both times. Another never is RCCL's floating cities/malls. They're just too dang big with too many people on 'em. A probably never is Disney, since I think their pricing is ridiculous... when I've checked, it's usually been about
  11. And yet we can spend 4-5 hours on a plane sitting next to a stranger whose face is about 18" from ours. I'm never that close to anyone on a cruise ship for that amount of time. Just to be clear... I'm not one who can't wait to get aboard a ship. I'm more worried about jobs than I am about vacations. I'm going to let others spend thousands of dollars to be part of the initial testers group, especially since they're not restricting these initial cruises to vaccinated adults only. As much as I miss cruising, I know it's not an absolutely essential part of my life. However, I liv
  12. Yes, I'm with you on this. So, apparently someone might catch Covid from an unvaccinated 18-year old, but not from an unvaccinated 17-year old. This makes about as much sense as when we were visiting California a few months back and county (or state?) had passed new laws that you couldn't just buy a beer in a brewery, you also had to buy something to eat... due to Covid. It seems that if I order a beer, I might catch Covid, but if I eat some potato chips with that beer I won't. Hmm... I'll think I'll let others spend a few thousand $ to be the Guinea pigs for this experiment.
  13. The Silver Moon luxury catamaran trip we did in Barbados in 2019 was one of the top two excursions we've ever taken on our Caribbean cruises, and definitely the top boating/snorkeling excursion we've taken. With such a small group, beautiful luxury catamaran and nice amenities, we thought the higher cost was quite worth it. Has anyone who's done a trip aboard the Silver Moon or one of its sister vessels (and so is familiar with the experience) found any boating/snorkeling adventures of the same quality on any of the other Caribbean islands?
  14. If they choose not to cruise just because children couldn't go along, the stockholders (and the adults willing to cruise without children) should seriously question the business acumen of those running that company.
  15. Well, that may be their target demographic under "normal" circumstances, but if there's pent up demand and they can fill the ship (as much as they are allowed to or choose to fill it) with vaccinated adults, I doubt that a temporary change of "cruising style" would be declined by the company.
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