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  1. Does this type of thing happen frequently with MSC? We haven't cruised with them yet, but we were considering booking with them in the future.
  2. We've been sailing on Celebrity for a number of years now, but would like to consider MSC since we live near Port Canaveral, Florida and dislike having to drive down to Miami or Fort Lauderdale for the Celebrity cruises. On Celebrity, we have usually been in Aqua class (primarily for the Blu restaurant that's reserved for Aqua only). For those of you who've sailed both Celebrity and MSC, what are the primary differences (both positive and negative, as well as just plain "different") that we'd likely notice on MSC cruises from what you've experienced on Celebrity? Thanks in advance for any i
  3. Has anyone heard whether or not cruisetours are affected if it includes a 7-day cruise, but the entire "package" is longer? For example, we're currently booked on a 13-day cruisetour next August and although the cruise portion is only seven days we'd be with the same group on trains, buses and other transportation for the six additional days.
  4. Yup. No one uses ALL the services onboard. Celebrity has to balance what they provide and their cost with what their customer base usually wants and what they're willing to pay. As the targeted customer base changes and customers' needs/wants change, Celebrity's offerings will change. There soooo many aspects of cruising that could be picked apart and argued, but there is only so much "customization" that makes financial and practical sense. My husband and I work in IT, so one of the aspects of cruising that we've loved is the ability to "disconnect" and tell people we'll be unav
  5. I'm pretty sure the 13-day Alaskan cruisetour we booked quite a while ago for August 2021 will be off the table, at least for us, since we don't plan to cruise if we have to mask up all day (not that we would blame them for requiring it until this mess is over) and if we have to stick with cruise line hosted excursions, not to mention possible quarantines before and/or after. Also, there's the question of whether Canada will even allow cruise ships. However, if all that is either lifted or is acceptable to passengers, wondering if a cruisetour combo will be considered "legal" under the CDC g
  6. A bit off-topic, but I noticed that a couple of people quoted my post and I have a few ugly grammar errors in it (mostly from being in a hurry and changing some sentences from "I" to "we" and not updating everything in the sentence). Just wanted you to know that "we was" is not the way I normally write a sentence. How embarrassing! 🙃 I didn't notice it until the "window of editing" had passed. - Laurie
  7. Honestly, some of the posts on here have me shaking my head. First, for those who claim to be heading to other cruise lines due to a change in perks, I think it's reasonable to assume that there may be changes in other lines as well since every line was hit by the pandemic effect. Yesterday's Viking, Oceana or whatever may not be tomorrow's Viking, Oceana or whatever. Second, some of you make it sound like you had to ENDURE many cruises to get you to your Captains Club level and getting to a higher level was the goal rather than the goal being to enjoy some wonderful cruises. I
  8. Interesting that Celebrity is still advertising itineraries that promote Key West as one of the ports for upcoming cruises. Of course, they always reserve the right to change ports anyhow. Also of course... we all know that many of these cruises being advertised are not going to sail at all, regardless of the promoted destination. 😟
  9. Does anyone else get the feeling that once we've done all this silly stuff they'll raise the number of points we need to reach the next level? 😉
  10. I cannot answer that for someone else as it depends upon how you value various services and, of course, it depends on how the price compares with other classes at booking time. I've seen Aqua less expensive than Concierge at times even though Aqua has more/better perks, so supply and demand I suppose. I have cruised in both Concierge and Aqua. For us, Aqua was well worth having Blu as our dining option for breakfast and dinner. We thought the service was marvelous and dinner on most nights (though admittedly, not all) was every bit as good as what we had in Murano. We do not u
  11. In general, for an all-inclusive, "unplugged" vacation experience on the water. My first cruise - Too many reasons to list (Windjammer Barefoot cruises)... the primary being the romance of sailing to tropical locations on an historic barquentine. Our first Alaskan cruise (our honeymoon)... To experience a location so unlike anything we've previously experienced and to visit a location to which neither of us had traveled before. Our second Alaskan cruise... To relive the FANTASTIC experience of our honeymoon and share it with friends. Our Caribbe
  12. Not on our Celebrity cruises. I've learned my lesson. On our last Alaskan cruise on Carnival some years ago we went with two other couples. Our awesome aft cabins were far too close to the Alchemy Bar, which had a marvelous menu of interesting cocktails as well as a nice selection of liquor, juices, infused syrups and spices. They encouraged you to order custom drinks and to create new recipes in addition to ordering from the menu. We had a LOT of fun at this bar throughout the cruise, but really capped it off one night towards the end. First, one of the couples we were with
  13. Unfortunately, an effective vaccine may NEVER be available. There is still no vaccine for AIDS after all these years or the human coronavirus known as the common cold, and they're now finding that the antibodies that develop when someone gets Covid-19 only last for approximately two to three months and then the person is susceptible to becoming reinfected with Covid-19 again. Two to three months of immunity does not seem like it bodes well for a long-term vaccine.
  14. Nope, this latest one just isn't going to happen for me. Doing a survey is one thing. Asking me to play dress-up and be a commercial on social media is not worth a couple of points.
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