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  1. Hi! We were on the same cruise and also bummed about Bermuda. I somehow did see something ahead of time about the rocks at Princess Cays and took our water shoes, thankfully! We were actually on the bridge with the Captain for the behind the fun tour when the military planes flew by, he even looked stunned, but then he did say we were off the coast of Jacksonville and they occasionally do that! We loved it, but since no cameras or phones can be taken on tour, got no pictures. I will try and find the ones you say were posted. I do have a questions for you. Do you know ho
  2. My understanding from reading articles the past few years and in talking with numerous people from Charleston, there is a smaller group of "older" (long time residents near port) residents who oppose the building of a new terminal and tried to stop the cruises all together. Concessions were made such as no horn blowing, no announcements when ship is in port, etc. Never mind cargo ships go there and the area is riddled with railroad tracks too, certainly nothing "pretty" to see. Anyway, powerful people with money and environmental groups as well. Most people I talk with from there welcome the c
  3. We cruised Sept. 22-28 on the Sunshine, originally for 1.5 days in Bermuda, but diverted due to hurricane Jerry to Princess Cays and Nassau. We were disappointed as Bermuda was the main reason we booked the cruise and the fact it was leaving from Charleston. We knew it was hurricane season, but unfortunately, all of the Bermuda options on Carnival from Charleston are during hurricane season and not a lot of other options are available. We were disappointed, but made the best of the cruise. We have sailed the Sunshine before in 2016 when it was making less frequent runs from Charles
  4. I would appreciate it if you could remove all the posts I made under the topic "Sunrise Not Going to Bermuda but Carnival Comes Though". Unfortunately I reacted to someone who posted inappropriately to my comment. I looked for a way to delete all my comments under that topic but cannot find a way. I apologize for falling into the trap the other poster set and bickering with him, it had been a stressful day. The comments are from Bingo3 and can all be removed. Thank you, Debbie
  5. My cruise has been re-routed to Princess Cays and I know nothing about it. Do they have wi-fi there? Thank you!
  6. Glad you were treated more fairly for what happened with your cruise. You could have been on the Sunshine tomorrow and paying Bermuda prices to sail to the Bahamas…..25% FCC for Breeze going to 3 better ports and 25% to Sunshine for Bahamas, won't even cover the cost difference. Not to mention, you have to sail with Carnival again to even get your 25% back that you already paid them, and add an additional 75% of your money to it. Thanks but no thanks!
  7. I do not mind not being able to cancel, etc., as that is in the cruise contract. I even understand the re-routing. What I do not understand is how the Breeze passengers got 3 better ports and 25%FCC and Sunshine gets the Bahamas and the same 25%. There is a huge difference between the cost of a Bahamas cruise and a Bermuda one. It was not a comparable offer. Sunshine passengers feel like they got the short end of the stick and they did. I took 4 people, in 2 cabins to the Bahamas for less than this cruise to the Bahamas is costing me for 2 people, same cabin type, from the same departure port.
  8. The delivery charge for items bought online, to deliver to the room. If I order $200.00 of items, they will charge $36.00 to bring it to the room. Should just be a flat fee, not percentage. I could ship it to my home cheaper! I am frugal, won't be ordering anymore, will take my chances to buy on ship or not at all.
  9. Oh, we are Poppy and Nana too! You are the first I have heard with the same nicknames! We took 2 of our grands when they were 6 & 8. Of course, they want to go back but now their brother is 4 (they are now 9 & 12). I told them when they get a little older and stop all their bickering, we'll go! LOL! We will be back on Sunshine in September to Bermuda. Hope you are having a great cruise.
  10. It all moves pretty quickly, no time really to get impatient, or that was my experience. You will be getting on when I get off from Bermuda! I hope you have some time to sightsee in Charleston! The shuttle is a short ride and it has to do with security, at least until they ever get to build a new terminal! I have actually stood in longer lines at other ports.
  11. My 6 and 8 yr. old grands never said anything about anything being hot, it was the end of May and they went on the big slides. Used nothing in waterworks area either. They did have on flip flops while walking to the area. It may depend on the time of year too.
  12. I am not going to say because then they may up the price! LOL!
  13. I cannot even imagine the pain that family and grandfather are suffering over this tragic accident. My husband and I were just talking the other night about all the things many of us have done and were blessed to not get hurt even though we could have been! Praying for this family, so sad...….
  14. Do you mind saying what they told you? I am interested as well and will be going in September for one overnight there, Sunshine out of Charleston..
  15. Thank you Garf, can you tell me if you stopped at any of the beaches?
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