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  1. Yes, I just clicked the link through. Asked for sailing info, name, contact info and reservation number.
  2. It also sounds like the ability to cancel with full refund (vs FCC) via online service is new. No need to call. Was easy and I am hopeful it works!
  3. Disappointed though not shocked. Now to figure out what to do instead!
  4. If you have a passport I would recommend bringing it. You never know what may happen. Out of the blue I had a medical emergency years ago in the Bahamas. I spent two days in the private hospital in Nassau and had to fly home (passport required to fly from outside of USA). Thankfully I had my passport and didn't have to spend time working around that situation.
  5. Thank you all! I will make sure I have some notes before I give them a call. Worst case I have learned a few things for future use!
  6. This is for Millenium. I haven't really paid attention to prices since we booked last summer. Definitely some movement and hoping we can make the most of it!
  7. Greetings! The prices for our June 2020 cruise has fallen quite a lot in the last week ($600 pp for balcony, where we are currently booked). We booked Non-refundable $500 deposit per person. Is it possible for me to call and "cancel and rebook" immediately, losing the $100 fee pp and using the $400 future cruise credit pp right then? Or do I need to cancel and wait for a certain amount of time to use the credit? I am not confident we will book another cruise within 12 months so would like to use the credit on this trip if possible. We would seemingly still save $1,000 total and have the
  8. Booked our first Celebrity cruise in August. I meant to call in and request but just never did. Checked my online status a few weeks after booking and they had my C&A number listed along with the Captains Club. I just had to put the CC number into my reservation. So easy.
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