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  1. Our 28 night TP in 2022 went up $1,120 PP. Maybe a glitch?
  2. We were shocked this morning to see that our transpacific Princess cruise in April 2022 has gone up $2240 (for the two of us.) This is the pricing on an INSIDE cabin. Yikes! I think we will be so very grateful that we booked two cruises in the last few weeks. I think we are probably at the bottom of the pricing.
  3. I read some of those postings from late February. I wonder how many of those who were determined to sail ended up on a COVID ridden ship. We were on an MSC cruise ship in mid February that was like a plague ship by the end of the cruise. So many sick people whose mother never taught them to cover a cough or cold. I wanted to wrap myself in bubble wrap and go home. The last day was miserable, and my DH ended up getting the virus that was going around. He might be carrying COVID antibodies (lots of Italians on that ship!) Our doctor told us the antibody test wasn't reliable enou
  4. The next day, an officer told me that was his first ever seasickness event. It must have been a doozy for many.
  5. After about five transatlantics, one in the fall, we had smooth sailing once on the Atlantic Ocean. The Mediterranean can be rather choppy in the fall. We experienced a Medicane (a hurricane in the Mediterranean) last December around the Straits of Messina. That was an experience, but most of us didn't get seasick. The buffet and restaurants were closed for a while, as were the elevators. I've only been seasick once and that was in the Pacific Northwest out of Seattle. The ship, rolled, pitched and "swirled." I learned to never say never.
  6. Many of us (older ones) may receive the vaccine this winter, but the vast majority of cruisers and crew are young and healthy. They may not receive it until late spring, so cruising before then is really questionable.
  7. That is why Cruise Critic is so great! We assembled a lovely group Cruise Critics who arranged some pretty fantastic tours. I was the organizer and ran a tight ship as far as group dynamics (we all looked out for one another so no one strayed, we met at a lounge onboard and existed together, we stayed in close contact for updates, etc.) It was an exemplary group and the tour guide was able to take us on a few special side trips since we saved him the usual hassle time.
  8. I read several months ago that the Chinese would end up being the primary purchasers of cruise ships. This reality is playing out.
  9. I began to write a travel book this past winter about taking a cruise ship to explore parts of the Holy Land. Good timing, right? I, of course, have put it on hold but keep thinking about how much the wonderful advice here on Cruise Critic just won't be true/accurate anymore once we are all back out there. One thing, it is really difficult to research reviews because so many of them are written by folks affected by the Coronavirus problems. Also, so many of our favorite hotels, restaurants, tours, drivers, etc will be out of business. Two years and all the changes with COVID will turn us int
  10. We took LATAM from Sydney to Auckland and it was great. American to LA which was not so great.
  11. This news is so sad but it shows that it can only be contained by the strictest of lockdowns, but then that devastates a nation in so many other ways. It also shows that around the world, the virus is out of control as soon as the restrictions were eased. This phenomenon seems inevitable.
  12. I flew from Sydney to Auckland after a cruise. Auckland is easy to navigate and enjoy for a few days. We took a tour of Hobbiton which was one of the highlights of my trip (maybe my favorite.) We also spent a day at the amazing Auckland Museum. It has to be one of the best museums in the world dedicated to a huge area of the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand. We would return in a heartbeat to see it again.
  13. My "cruise clothing" is mothballed in the back of the closet. I wonder if the thread in the seams will deteriorate or rot before I get on the next cruise. 😁 Actually, we booked one for 2022.
  14. We are booked to cruise April 2, 2022 and will visit Australia before that. We needed something to look forward to!
  15. Think about it: you are on a cruise where many/most dress up in the MDR on formal nights. Your table mates enjoy one another's company and look forward to a full table every night. The one couple announces that the husband only has golf shirts and no dress clothes. What would you do? We were in that situation and everyone overwhelmingly encouraged him to come dressed in his golf shirt. It didn't bother any of us and we were more concerned about table unity and being kind.
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