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  1. I am looking at Australia in 2021-2022 and thought that there were a number of NCL cruises offered , but now I see they don't start up again until December 2021.
  2. I agree that location is the key if you want to visit the sites but all the previously wise advice on price might be inaccurate for post coronavirus travel. Changes will require all of us to do intensive and up-to-date research. It will be interesting to see how travel will be in the future.
  3. Our attitude about this should consider our age and if we have any pre-existing conditions. Some of us still need to be very cautious. I am glad the younger and healthier population is getting on with life, hopefully in a safe manner. That said, I am still curious about people who wear masks in 80 degrees and sunshine outside when at a park far away from large population areas with lots of social distancing.
  4. An interesting article I read today. This cruise has passengers, no pool, no spa, no fitness center open. They have to wear masks at times. But, at least it is a first step for those who really want to cruise. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/first-cruise-ship-resumes-sailing/
  5. "How about 'when is spring break'?" Or when is the best time to cruise without having a bunch of kids onboard? (the real answer to #2 is never.) I love this thread!
  6. Even the poorest of countries quickly closed their ports when the pandemic seemed like it might be on a ship. I would imagine they would likely do so quickly once again if the virus flared up on any ship. Bottom line: these poor countries aren't risking their populations, and they don't have the health care facilities to take care of any cruiser who might need immediate medical attention.
  7. We were on a B2B on that MSC sailing. It was quite crowded on the first week, but the second week was packed out. Any day with inclement weather shows what a ship might look like at its worst. The pool deck was completely full and the pools looked like people stew (much thicker than people soup.) Now with COVID in our lives, I would never want to be on a mega ship EVER again. BTW- MSC tends to have lots of kids and they allow these huge strollers.
  8. Is it really necessary to specify that most people on the Seaside don't sail in the Yacht Club? The second week was absolutely horrible because of the President's Day holiday.
  9. It seems that stats about passenger to size ratio are misleading. When we went on our first mega ship, the NCL Getaway, it struck us that the design seemed to double the number of passengers while the ship added maybe another deck for public rooms. The pool/spa, and buffet deck was not much larger than a 2,200 passenger ship. I never saw such a "squished" pool area before. So, they can add more stores, bars, specialty restaurants, etc, but those places tend to not get packed out from 8-5 like the pool/buffet decks. We were on the MSC Grandiosa and MSC Seaside this past year and they were very crowded. I can't see us ever wanting to subject ourselves to those types of mega ships again. Lesson learned.
  10. Choosing the train depends on you being pretty independent- not a good option for many seniors. Also, read up on using the trains to be more savvy, esp with the local con artists.
  11. If you want to see the city of Rome before your cruise, don't stay at the airport. It is not easily accessible to the sites in Rome. We used a company called Habicabs for all of our transportation to the hotel in Rome and then to the cruise port. Neither FCO or the port is close by. You can book a shared van or private van with them.
  12. I read a plea from a store worker who requested that people just get there items and get out. That is also my philosophy. On the other hand, my neighbors who are out walking love to stop and chat...from six feet away. I've noticed a reduction in neighbors being outside for walks now that other options are available. Glad to see that life is getting back to normal for some.
  13. The CDC just put out new info on how unreliable the antibody test is. I want to get one, because I believe my husband and I were right in a hot zone two different times on cruise ships in Nov/Dec and then in early Feb. A test that is 50/50 is about the same as my thinking I have it just on my observations.
  14. Everyone's observations depend on where they are and which type of media they watch. In my suburban Ohio world, the people have been very "obedient" and cautious, yet have been reaching out to help others. In retrospect, we should have allowed the younger population and workers to just go about their lives while the older and at risk group was protected. That of course, was nearly impossible because the "healthy older ones" still have a vital function: caregivers for grandchildren and make up probably the majority of volunteers around the country. I hadn't heard of anyone I knew having COVID19 until recently: the boyfriend of a friends' daughter. He lives in a ministry house with other young men and they all tested positive. So, now these young men probably spread it all around at their regular jobs before they had symptoms (which were all very mild, like a common cold.) Most of my friends continue to stay mostly at home and only venture out for walks, groceries, and very controlled outside visits in small clusters of "trusted" friends and family. My deck has become a popular place but never sees more than 5 people, all sitting far apart.
  15. I have a different experience than you are having. I'm in the suburbs of Ohio and people are polite but stay distant from one another. It reminded me of the experience I had on the MSC Grandiosa in November with the majority of passengers being non-English speaking. I felt like I was in Bizzaroworld and like an invisible person. No one reacted to others outside of their own social group on that cruise and that was well before news of the coronavirus hit, although some might have been carriers since 1/3 of the passengers were from mainland China. Going into a store with mostly masked people who work hard at not interacting is just so not normal, but it is necessary. It sort of reminds me of a robotic sort of environment without any expression.
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