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  1. On edge class ships there are outlets next to the bed. I have a cpap and use each time. You should be able to get water. On S and M class ships you must order from X ahead of time with special services. Extension cords are limited.
  2. Yes we just booked a hdcp room for the oct 2 sailing. My wife has problems with the tub/shower setups on all X ships. Since back surgery I now qualify for hdcp rooms so in this case we chose the room. They have several and some are open, it depends on cruise.
  3. Thanks for doing this thread. I read every day psyching up for our Oct cruise on the edge. We may book in September as well. We are also from Allentown. Now live in Fla. Thanks again for positivity. We all need it.
  4. Wine pairing is usually included. I would talk to someone when you get onboard and ask. That price usually includes pairing. If you have package or are elite or higher ask and you may get a discount. I can not remember if we did but I think we did. We usually always have premium drink package and are Elite Plus. Good luck, it is worth the price.
  5. We have done at least two chefs tables. Both were great. Food and wine were excellent. Wines were about premium package. No charges. They ask if you have any allergies. If you have a problem talk with Morano host during day. Days of table vary. We did one on the first night. Great choice away from madness of first night. We have done on S class only and were held in Morano. As for dress, tux or coat and tie or just a jacket, depending on what spouse will suggest and if shek night. Enjoy, All of them we have been to were special.
  6. I think this is the end of loyalty to a single cruise line. The CEO, Lisa will be fine with it. Someone will wake up some day and look at what she has done to X. Without loyalty the ships will not be full, price will drop. X profits will fall and RC's Mr. Fein will respond and try someone new. Almost everything she has tried has not gone well. The only thing that has been good has been adding more women to the Brand.
  7. I just finished new email from X. All I can say is Wow. After reading all the great new benefits given to me as an Elite Plus with over 60 cruises, I can only say that I have only 1 more cruise left on X. I have been very loyal for the last 25 years, but this is the worst marketing move the CEO has ever made. I will be going back to being open to cruising with others after I use my credit voucher. I knew she would take this opportunity to use Covid as an excuse to reduce perks and sky lounge use. Extra parties and discounts on spa and photos and laundry pressing are not benefits. I just heard
  8. Rodinglane, I agree with your post 100%. I do not understand why no communication. We have over 60 cruises with X and feel like you do. We were very loyal to X. I believe the buck stops with the Boss, Lisa. I am not impressed with here leadership. We that have been with X for a long time know their problems with their IT Department and now know that there are many manual systems throughout the company instead of highly auto systems. I do think that this is not the type of problem you have planned for but any top executive knows that communication of bad events can be handled with ap
  9. When the infinity was first commissioned we had a booking for 12 nights. 10 days before X called and cancelled cruise. They gave us choice of any cruise to replaced. We chose two cruises of 7 nights each. That is the best we ever got for free. The infinity was delayed because of new electric engine trouble.
  10. My four cruises, I saw first on CC. Only one was I notified by X. TA on three cruises never notified me of a cancellation.
  11. We cancelled our Edge March 15 cruise on the 12th. We finally received a FCC on May 13 for a reduced rate, then on May 28 we. received a credit to X visa, and there is still 281.02 that has not been refunded. The number corresponds to the exact amount of Port fees and taxes of our cruise. So we are still waiting. The thing that bothers us the most is no letter or anything that explains any of this. While waiting for this we had two other cruises Aprili 21with X and July 3 with RCCL and both we ask for refunds and have received them before that Edge cruise mentioned above. Just shows ther
  12. On Celebrity board, person just posted that her TA told her that X will announce tomorrow that they will cancel all cruises thru July. We have a July 3 cruise on Royal and an X cruise in August so it is about time they cancel. Cannot wait to hear.
  13. We mostly do Aqua class when we cruise. The menus are the same.Venues are really different. S class has a significantly better view than the E class. The E class ships are mostly designed for the Suite class. If you look at pricing after final payment you will see Aqua class on E class ships closer to veranda cost than on a S class. That tells you everything. We still love Blu no matter which ship we are on. We like the staff, service of smaller dinning room. We still do an occasional MDH and are usually very happy.
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