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  1. Enjoy!!!! We had a 2 bedroom Grand Suite on Allure a week ago. I did go ahead and make show reservations in advance as I knew I wouldn’t want to sit in the reserved area as it was in the upper level in main theatre. They didn’t even scan our card when we approached the theatre. Just said “go on in”. We typically showed up 30 min prior and sat wherever. We aren’t big soda drinkers and prefer mixed drinks so having an assortment of beverages in the suite lounge didn’t interest us. Not sure I would have enjoyed the hike to the lounge whenever I did want something to drink anyway. Hope you have a great cruise!!
  2. We had the digital / print package on our Allure cruise Jan 12-19 (Sun-Sun). I received the email link to the photos on Wed the 22nd
  3. Enjoyed your review Dennis. We were also on the same cruise and thoroughly enjoyed it. Having been on Allure a couple of years ago we knew what to expect and were not disappointed. We thought the food in all areas was better than we remembered. The cheesecake was especially good. Sorry you had a negative experience in Nassau. I’m sure several cursed at us when we didn’t stop to buy but oh well. Can’t buy from all of them. We are looking forward to Harmony next January but aren’t excited about downgrading from a 2 bedroom grand suite back to regular balcony ....
  4. We had no back-up plan and luckily we didn't need one. We lined up at 6:40 a.m. to express walk off Allure of the Seas last Sunday (1/19) and made it to the airport with plenty of time to catch our 9:50 a.m. flight. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again as long as all parties were able to handle own luggage and be ready to line up early. We had a private shuttle prearranged as we were a party of 5 and knew it would require multiple taxis or ubers otherwise.
  5. We are on Allure and have a 2 bedroom suite with internet included but think I woll go ahead and create log ins for everyone and then take our chances the morning of just before shuttling to the port.
  6. I am the only one in our group with a RCCL account. In order to use the App, each person has to have a log in right? I’m the “planner” .. they all just go along. I should go ahead and create log ins for everyone and the morning before we leave the hotel have everyone download the App and hope they don’t look too closely at anything until after we are on the ship. I know we will want it for texting while on the ship
  7. Is it possible to wait and download the RC App once we are on the ship (while still in port in FLL)? We have two family members who are surprising everyone else in our group and don’t want to reveal they are going until they “bump into us at lunch” after boarding. I know in airports sometimes the WiFi is so weak that we can’t download things prior to getting on the plane but I’m hoping that is not the case for the RC app. I’m the only one who knows they are going and added them to our show reservations and linked for dining and am afraid if I have everyone get the app early they will question the number of people on the reservations ..
  8. So for a party of 5 sharing a suite (split into two reservation numbers because the maximum number of people RCCL could put on one confirmation is 4 people) .. if I purchase the pkg in my name .. will we get all photos that any of the 5 of us are in or will single photos of my SIL be left out because she has her own confirmation number for our suite? Would like to purchase pre-cruise to save a little money but hoping that we will get photos of all 5 of us in the suite
  9. This will be our first time staying in a suite. I know how regular onboard purchases are handled. You buy something it goes to whatever method of payment you have on file. How does that work when staying in a suite? Is it possible to split it up to where my husband, daughter and I are on "one account" and my sister in law and brother in law are on a "second account"? We are covering the cost of the actual cruise and they understand they are on their own for any purchases they may want. Didn't want to be splitting out drinks and casino charges each day or at the end of the cruise ....
  10. We have always insured our trips thru Allianz Global Assistance. We always paid what was requested and never had to file a claim. When we booked our January 2020 cruise, we again took out a policy within the required minimum number of days to get full coverage with right to work, etc. Fast forward to August when MIL became ill and we knew she couldn't cruise in January. Sent in required documents and Allianz sent out a refund check right away .. no questions asked. Now that we have paid another $5,000 towards the final payment I called Allianz to increase our coverage and they are telling me that because we had a claim filed and my in-laws were not "removed" from the policy that we have to start all over with a new policy and can no longer get coverage for pre-existing conditions and right to work. We own our own business and while we don't anticipate not being able to travel, if something catastrophic happened we would be forced to cancel. "Pre-existing" was really only needed for in-laws and they are no longer going ... Our total cruise cost will be around $8,500 .. that's too much to loose if we have to cancel for weather or similar delays in January .. any suggestions on somewhere else to turn for coverage????
  11. We sailed out of FLL in January the last 2 years using Special Needs at Sea for MIL’s scooter needs. Both years we asked a porter for wheelchair assistance the minute we arrived and they began getting our luggage out of the shuttle. We always had to wait a short amount of time but it was always very easy and they brought one out to the curb. We arrived before 10:15 each year. Special Needs at Sea was super easy to find inside the terminal .. always grabbed her scooter just after checking in and before boarding the ship. Just curious ... which 2 room suite do you have? We are sailing in cabin 12648 in January ... can’t wait!!!
  12. My apologies ... been reading so much about Dorian ..
  13. Ignore my comment ... had hurricane on the brain .... Could it be because of the hurricane and expected delays / changes.
  14. We will be staying in a 2 bedroom Grand Suite on Allure of the Seas in January. We are considering a 9:50 a.m. return flight out of FLL (risky I know .. but the past couple of cruises we found ourselves sitting in the airport at 8 am awaiting our noon flight). We have never used the luggage valet option but figured that early of a flight we would not be able to use luggage valet? Curious if anyone knows any more details than what I could find on RCCL website ...
  15. We haven’t received anything yet about any port changes and I would guess we won’t for several months
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