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  1. Was on the Star last week. We weren't in a suite, so I can't respond to the dining issue, but we had a different towel animal left every night in our room (without asking).
  2. Thanks for the feedback. It certainly seems like there is no set way to do this. I guess we will just bring lots of small bills and tip when it feels 'right'!
  3. When in Puerto Vallarta, we have signed up for a horseback riding/snorkelling/kayaking excursion, which also includes a full buffet lunch and a boat ride to and from the pier. There will be so many people involved with the tour...who and when do we tip? I hate the thought of having to pull out my wallet with every transition, but I also want to make sure everyone who should be tipped, does. On an all-day excursion (with 15-20 participants), we would normally tip $20 for the tour guide and $10 for the driver, but I don't know where to start with this tour. Any suggestions?
  4. Use packing tape to 'laminate' both sides. Punch a hole in the tag before you leave. Bring a zip tie to attach it to your bag's handle.
  5. If you get a NEXUS card, you become a 'trusted traveller' and will automatically get Precheck if you register your ID Number with the airline.
  6. I received our cabin assignment today (12 days pre-cruise) - a midship balcony (9078). It's a connecting room, so hopefully our neighbours aren't too loud...but overall I'm really happy with our assignment 🙂
  7. In case anyone searches for this topic in the future, I just ordered a bottle of Bailey's for the room for a total cost of around $132 and it comes with three bottles of mixers. If you figure it would be around $10 for a serving of baileys and $4 for a glass of diet pepsi (which I'll be ordering as our included mixers), in the long run it's a pretty good deal (for cruise ship prices )
  8. Does the bar setup come with mix? If so, do you think they'd buy it that I like to mix my Bailey's with coke (errr...pepsi!)?
  9. No beverage plan. I realize I could just buy a shot in the morning (or I guess the night before)...but it would be nice to have the whole bottle since I'll probably go through it over the seven days and I can vary how much I add to the coffee.
  10. Please don't tell me that LOL. I can resign myself to waiting until I get to the terminal, but I'd be having a nervous breakdown if we have to wait until departure time. That's not common, is it?! I thought I was "guaranteed" a cabin!
  11. One of my favourite things to do on holiday is have coffee with Bailey's in the morning. Is it possible to buy a bottle for the cabin? If so, where/how would I get it (on the Star) and how much will it cost? Thanks!
  12. I'm sailing on the Star on March 16th in a Sail Away balcony. Only 13 days to go, but still no cabin assignment (to be fair, we only booked a few weeks ago). I was hoping to have an assignment by now so that I could bid on a mini-suite if I didn't like the location, but no such luck. Since the ship appears to be sold out, I would have thought that they'd be able to finalize cabin arrangements. Anyone else out there checking the website every few hours? I'm assuming it will show up in the 'Vacation Summary' section after "Stateroom" (right now it just says GTY BX)? I know that theoretically we could have to wait until we get to the pier...but how often does that actually happen?!
  13. Thanks, Keith. That was my instinct too, but the regular emails asking me to bid for an upgrade had me second-guessing myself. I'm trying to be patient waiting for the room assignment...but any cabin is going to be great as long as I'm someplace warm!
  14. My husband and I are currently booked into a sail-away balcony (BX) for March 16th on NCL Star. We haven't been assigned a cabin yet, but have the opportunity to bid for an upgrade to a mini-suite. I've heard some negative reviews about noise in the mini suites on the Star. For those of you that have sailed in either category on the ship, would you risk getting a 'bad' mini-suite or stick with the balcony?
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