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  1. No- we are on Radiance and had not made final payment- it was due in February but extended to April. So, they truly don't know what is causing it if you made final payment and we had not. It can't be an issue with all May L&S or surely we would have heard more about it. Let's hope they figure it out soon.
  2. Thanks- I'll have to ask them to "freeze" our room numbers. When I called the second time the rep said she would see if my original rooms were indeed still available but "not to worry"- if they were not, they'd find me other rooms- urgh, I BOOKED THOSE ROOMS FOR A REASON!
  3. Same thing has happened to me- twice now- on a May 2021 L&S moved to May 2022. I would never have known my L&S was cancelled by RCI had I not logged on to my cruise planner and noticed the May 2022 sailing had been removed. The first time it happened (3 days ago) I called RCI and the rep did not understand what caused it- said it was probably a computer glitch and was able to fix it after about an hour on the phone. I checked a short while ago after seeing this post and yup- it was cancelled again. Called RCI- they have again fixed it but my rooms were up for grabs on
  4. I vote Oasis class too- the ship has been as much fun as the destinations for us. We usually book two connecting cabins for our family of four- the two bathrooms are worth it- and surprisingly the pricing isn't usually that different from a single cabin for four. Enjoy!!
  5. That's what I'm trying to figure out- I don't see any obvious pitfalls and just curious if anyone can foresee any .... I could definitely put the $ 500 to good use ... I'm thinking drink package 😉
  6. I have the option to lift and shift a 2021 cruise (7 night balcony Alaska) to 2022 which would price protect it OR I can book the exact same cruise under a new reservation for $ 500 more (and take a refund for the 2021 deposit). I'm trying to decide if having a cruise without 'old baggage' is worth $ 500 ....
  7. I have an Alaskan cruise - May 28, 2021 departure- that I booked directly through RCI. No emails ... but I just checked my cruise planner page and it says "Voyage Cancelled". not surprised but don't officially know what my options are.
  8. Oh geez- you guys are right. I need to log off for the night.
  9. I am helping out by giving vaccines at our local vaccine center- we are primarily vaccinating age 65 and over and giving both Moderna and Pfizer. In talking to people when they come back for their 2nd shot most are telling me they experienced no side effects, or, a sore arm after the first shot. We don't see them after their second shot but understandably a lot of people are concerned about what they might expect. In talking to people in general I'm hearing most people over 65 are just having a sore arm and some fatigue after the second shot. 40-50 year olds are having chills and muscle a
  10. The way I understand it is that you can sail a L&S by Sept 30, 2022 but you need to book it by April 2022. That may only be for Alaska though.
  11. Same thing happened to me- first rep couldn't fix it but the second rep could.
  12. I thought Royal has pushed back final payment to 45 days prior to sailing?? I have a May sailing where original final payment was due 2-28-21 and I planned to wait a bit longer prior to cancelling. Some of my shore excursions have a cancel penalty unless the ship cancels the trip so I didn't want to cancel before Royal does. Am I correct?
  13. I decided to take the option of a Lift and Shift for a July 2021 sailing to Alaska- moved it to July 2022 (two cabins of 3 people each, with a FCC being moved for the deposit). Rep told me it would be price protected except for port taxes and fees- which she estimated to be around $ 34 more per person (estimating to be about $ 100 more per cabin for 2022). She told me it would take about 24 hours to receive my new cruise vacation receipt because of the FCC. The following morning I received the receipt via email and it was appx. $ 600 more per cabin. I called RC and the rep c
  14. Thanks- so I looked more closely at the itinerary and the Inside Passage Cruising is on the same day as Juneau (which is a 1200 port arrival). So cruising of the Inside Passage will be a limited experience and/or early morning hours. I also noticed this particular cruise is entitled ALASKA EXPERIENCE CRUISE where all the others are called ALASKA GLACIER CRUISE- think I'm going to go with the GLACIER option
  15. Basically deciding between July 29 and August 5- both have 3 ports (plus Victoria) but one is Inside Passage and one is Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier
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