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  1. Advised today that my refund has been received by my TA. Deposit paid NZ$3324. Full refund with TA being transferred to my bank account now. Cruise was cancelled by myself on 25th March and later cancelled by Princess. 100 days total wait time for refund. Regal Princess sailing from Southampton on 7th October to Sydney. For those keeping track this is a Friday here in New Zealand.
  2. Hi nini, Welcome from New Zealand 🙂 Sadly I don't feel you will be cruising New Zealand for some time to come. Our PM has stated many times that until a reliable vaccine is in place International travel is off the cards both for us travelling and for visitors arriving. We currently have 13 days without a case of Covid here in New Zealand and hopefully next week will be returning to a Level 1 situation here. Basically normal life but with strict border control. Talk here is of a possible trans Tasman bubble opening in September but not any sooner, this of co
  3. In New Zealand we are being told our borders will remain closed until a reliable vaccine is available, the best guess is for at least the next year/18 months so I can't see any cruising being allowed here before that happens. We as citizens are being told no international travel for this year for sure. Sadly I cannot see you being able to cruise here in the near future. Hope this video helps you to see what we have here and we will see you in the future.
  4. So do you know for a fact that the correct health information was given to authorities on docking of the Ruby Princess in Napier? We sure don't know that for a fact here and that is why legal advice is being sort. Under reporting of health issues is the issue here nothing else.
  5. We are not the same political system as is elsewhere in the world, you are also accusing ministers here of lying or of withholding information but you will not accept that possibly Ruby Princess staff (Medical Officer /Captain) did the same? Deflecting this into a political argument is wrong as I stated this is not about politics it is about under reporting of health issues on board the ship.
  6. Think what you will about politicians that is not what the problem is here. Under reporting of health issues on board the ship is the issue not politics.
  7. I understand your total belief in Princess as a cruise line but in reality we have to accept that some under reporting has been done. New Zealand only knew about what they were told was happening on board the Ruby Princess. What was reported in Wellington was investigated. Do you seriously believe that PM Arden would be looking at this from a legal point of view if she thought there was not a possible case to answer? You are well aware of our bio security rules and reporting of health issues here. Maybe they thought they were clear but was it their call to make? Shouldn't we have
  8. PM Arden here stated this afternoon that New Zealand is taking legal advice regarding the Ruby Princess visit to Napier where we have a cluster of cases of Covid 19 directly linked to interaction with passengers from the Ruby Princess. The legal advice being sort is with regard to total disclosure by the cruise ship operator of any illness on board at the time of docking. Whether they knew they had Covid 19 or not is not in dispute but they did not report illness on board which is clearly not the case. This stop was after Wellington and Ruby Princess left NZ waters immediately after this visit
  9. Thanks for the information it will be interesting as Australia has banned all cruise ships as well as NZ. I did see the Ruby leave and also heading back over the ditch. Information to hand is the test was negative.
  10. David posted on His Book of Face after that..they are being taken to a hostel he is not happy and I don't blame him. David Abel 1 hr · 4pm 18th: Frankly i think this is a setup! We are NOT being taken to a hospital but a hostel. That’s where partners are sent waiting out there quarantine. No phone, no wi-fi and no medical facilities. I really am smelling a very big rat here! Waiting for the transfer now. xx
  11. Sadly they are not going to hospital they are being taken to a hostel, no wifi, no phone and no medical on site. They are not currently showing any symptoms.
  12. I have no doubt they have tested positive but Japan has run out of hospital beds and only those who are ill are being hospitalized. This could also explain why the vents to their room were taped over earlier today as David reported in his video. I am hoping his family can now create a lot of noise to get them better treatment, I have a real worry for David and his required diet.
  13. The information I read but can't find the link was that 18 of the DP passengers are classed as serious in hospital there are currently no critical let's all hope it stays that way. Thoughts are with all those affected wishing you all a speedy recovery.
  14. I think Japan cannot handle this many positives and are using the hospital spaces for those who are unwell.
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