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  1. So it sounds like this problem isn't necessarily an isolated incident, but an ongoing one. That's disappointing to hear that so many others have had to struggled with similar issues. 


    At the end of the day, we're all pretty lucky to be taking wonderful vacations. It's easy to get lost in these frustrations, but as long as a solution is reached the destination and experience should be worth it.

  2. Fellow Cruisers,


    I would strongly recommend you go online and check your NCL account.


    We are 16 days away from our sailing on the PoA. Yesterday, I made a dining reservation using one of my three Specialty Dining credits, but when they sent me my confirmation email, it said my account balance was $1,813. Even though I paid everything off back in February. I checked my online NCL account again, and it was asking me to pay for my Free Airfare. So I thought, that's weird it's a glitch and it will surely fall off my account. Kind of like when NCL double charged me for a shore excursion and it took a week for that charge to disappear. I waited until this morning and thought it was concerning, but then I noticed all my other perks had disappeared too. No more 3-Specialty Dining Meals or Beverage Package, and actually charging me for my Free Airfare. I decided it was time to call.


    The first person I spoke with did not understand my issue at all. They told me that it looked like I had added airfare myself and simply needed to pay. I explained Free Airfare was an included perk when I booked online, along with 3 Specialty Dining, and the Beverage Package. They didn't see any of those perks in my account, which is what I told them when I called.  Hence, why I was calling. They had the nerve to ask me if I was sure those perks were included because some times when you book online you think you're getting the perks, but you aren't...


    I couldn't believe it! I'm 16 days from sailing and they're trying to tell me I lost all my perks and now am being charged for airfare. Thankfully, I've kept every email NCL has sent me about this cruise. I explained to them that I could see from my original booking receipt all the promo codes I received.  After a few minutes of circling back to the same issues, they added all my perks back to my account. However, they couldn't take away the $72 charge for my first dining reservation, which I made back in February. Even though, it's apart of my included perks! They transferred me to Guest Services, who immediately wondered why I was calling them since I haven't sailed yet and I needed to talk to Reservations. I literally had to ask them to wait and hear me out, since I was just transferred from Reservations. Thankfully, they kept me on the line!


    After 45 minutes on the phone, they stated that when they recently did an update to their online system it caused an error, and I was affected by the error. They said, sorry and played off the fact that through no fault of mine, and only through my persistence, everything was straightened out.


    Imagine if you weren't persistent, or if you questioned whether you actually booked all those perks, didn't save your emails/receipts, and ended up paying for something that was included. Unbelievable! 


    Check your accounts folks, cross your fingers the "error" didn't get you too!



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  3. I've been keeping an eye on the closures on the north side and they're supposedly going to be done by the time we arrive in late June. However, situations like this are always changing and delays should be expected. I'm planning a nice day for either way we decide to go and we will probably have to wait to see which route is available once we're closer to the cruise.


    On 5/26/2019 at 6:03 PM, Wltodream said:

    I have lived on Kauai.   If I had only one day I would do Waimea canyon.    Head a bit further west as you will see beautiful shorelines, be careful and do as the posted signs regarding safe water conditions.   A few hidden treasures.   Sunsets are perfect in Poipu.  

    Weather is always perfect in Poipu.   Glass Beach, only the locals know of, yet you can search and collect colored glass pieces.   FYI all beaches are open to public, getting to some might take a bit of imagination.     Just past spouting horn, a few blocks, a small trail on the left will lead you to a spectacular ocean viewing sight.     Dolphins often can be seen swimming by.  If you are driving along and you see a few cars parked along the road yet nothing is in view, your locals surfing.   Well I could write a book, you only have one day.   FYI.  Hilo Hattie is great to stop in but Walmart will have a lot of  standard souvenirs.  Coffee a must to take home, on that subject you can stop in before or after Waimea for free to a coffee plantation.    Good luck and Aloha 


    Thanks so much for the great info!

  5. Trying to decide what to do for our only full day in Kauai off the PoA in June. We have a rental car booked for the day and we're currently debating whether the drive up to Waimea Canyon is worth taking up the day, versus heading up the North Shore towards Princeville. 


    Has anyone done both and have any suggestion as to which would be a better use of the day?



  6. Have standard rentals booked thru Enterprise for Maui - $95, Hilo - $65 (Halekauila St. not the airport), and Kauai - $101. In Maui and Hilo they'll pick us up, but in Kauai we'll need to just take a Lyft each way. 

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